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Our Little Girl Buttons

Hello little Buttons

April 8th 2008 9:14 pm
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I was just looking at all of your pictures tonight that I put on your page you were such a cute little girl. Happy most of the time and loved your dad more than any one else. I remember that photo of you when you were a little baby puppy, with your grandma in the back yard of her house. It was when we first brought you home. Just a sweet little ball of fur you were. You would run and run through the grass as we watched and laughed. What a joy to see a little puppy at play, we love you little Buttons still and we still have all of our good memories of you. Pictures sure can help to keep those memories alive and I am so glad that I have the ones that I do, I just wish that I had more of you. Seems that now with the computer and the digital camera that I have so many more photos of your sisters because I am always taking new ones of them and saving them. Wonder how many hundreds I will have by the time Morgan is old. No telling that is for sure. Well little girl mom just wanted to write a little in your diary, because sweet girl mom will not ever forget you or any of her sweet babies. You will forever be in my thought and in my heart. I love you Sweet Buttons....


my girl mom still remembers you

January 30th 2008 5:31 pm
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It sure don't seem like you have been gone now since 2003, life gos by so fast little girl and it is not the same without all of my sweet babies in it. You are still there baby girl though you had a really hard time of it while you were here you were always the happy little girl... I hope that we gave you the best life that you could have had, we sure tried. We still do miss you litte Buttons. Grandma just told me the other day how she loved her little butta butta... You were her favorite...... Love you Buttons.... your mom


My Tail of Devotion for Buttons-Sweet Girl 1989-03

January 8th 2008 9:30 am
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This is a picture of Buttons on her last day with us, as you can see she shared some time with her sister Missy in her kennel. We took her home to Minnesota so that we could lay her to rest along side our other precious baby Friskie and my brother and sister-in-laws sweet babies. I know they are all with each other now and playing in heaven. This little girl Buttons was waiting for her sister Missy and now on the 19th of December 2007 her sister has joined her by crossing over that Rainbow bridge. I know that she was happy to see her once again...Have fun my sweet babies I will be there with you one day. I Love YOU

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