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The Princess Diaries.

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The quest for power.

March 2nd 2010 3:50 pm
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There are a lot of people in this world who think that a dog is just a dog, and maybe to a majority of people we are just that.
However, what other animal on the planet is named GOD backwards!

My mama was the leader of our doggy family. She didn't rule with an iron paw as my grandma had before her. My mama was a more gentle pack leader.
When my mommy and daddy learned that my mama had left us for the Rainbow Bridge 4 mornings ago their instant thoughts went to us doggies who were still here and the Quest for Power as pack leader that would take place as we all live and run together when not in our individual dog runs.

Mommy and daddy know of dog breeders in the exact same situation that have had dogs literally rip each other apart in the struggle to establish the new pecking order in a doggy family.
So with baited breath they decided that whatever was the in the future for our doggy pack they would try and get it sorted out as quickly as possible.
They were very relieved the morning mama left us when we elected Holly as our new pack leader after 5 minutes running together in the pasture beside our house.

Holly since then has had a dramatic personality change in that she wants to be just like mama was. She even wants to wear her purple feather boa all the time! Holly has become daddy's shadow, when she was only ever mommy's girl. She doesn't even want to spend her days sleeping in the house on mommy and daddy's big four poster bed anymore - she's got a new spot on the deck beside the swimming pool, or just in front of mama's kennel (none of us will go in there now out of respect of mama). Holly has suddenly decided to become the obedience star of our family in the short space of 4 days and daddy is totally blown away by this change! She has also suddenly left mommy and decided that daddy is her person now.

While this is a good result in that we have a new pack leader, it has also meant that Crystal and I have been battling it out for second place in our pack. We have been constantly fighting and vying for mommy's attention, where we sit and sleep etc.....
Things got really, really bad last night and mommy and daddy had to intervene several times when we were all together in the back yard.
Finally when mommy and daddy were inside eating their dinner Crystal and I launched at each other in the most horrendous manner and I pushed Crystal fair into the swimming pool!
Now Crystal isn't a stupid dog, she's actually very intelligent and I think she decided when I wouldn't let her climb out of the swimming pool that I was officially the second in charge of our doggy pack.

So, now I'm officially "Xena second in charge." We've even changed our dog bed postions inside the house of our own accord, in that Holly now lies and sleeps where mama used to lie, and I now sleep right beside mommy in the exact same spot that Holly used to lie in.
Daddy says that no one would believe it unless they had seen it for themselves!

Last night mommy let me sleep in the bedroom with her daddy and Holly.
Holly doesn't sleep at the bottom of the bed on mommy's side anymore now - she sleeps on the floor in the exact same spot that our mama used to sleep.
As for me, well I walked into the bedroom with mommy and jumped up onto the bed and curled up in a ball in the exact same spot where Holly used to sleep!

One might assume that my days and nights of sleeping on my kennel roof out in all kinds of weather are over now. Although I don't think they are.
Mommy says I'm still too naughty to leave in the house during the day, and I can jump over the yard's six foot high fence with the greatest of ease - I get my jumping ability off my mama who jumped out of our 8 foot high runs on a regular basis when the mood took her!

So, the quest for power is over and it's all official now - I'm Xena, second in charge.


Egg bobbing!!!!!!!!

March 4th 2010 12:14 am
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Hmmmmm, my furiend Saphira had her second birthday yesterday, and I was sooooo happy fur her. I hope that she got lots of love, hugs, pawresents and treats from her fabulous family.
There was also another celebration in our house tonight when the phone rang and mommy learned that Crystal's gorgeous German Shepherd furiend from puppy days CC aka Heathcote Cool Chick won Intermediate in Show at the German Shepherd Specialist Show way down south from us this last weekend - GO CC - we are all cheering for you:)

Anyway as I'm lying here at mommy's feet under the "puter" I'm getting distracted from my original thoughts.
On wishing Saphira a very happy birthday our mutual furiend Takoda congratulated her on reaching the "MAGICAL" age of 2yrs old, which mommy says is like some sort of "rite of passage" for our breed. When our breed becomes 2yrs old, it's like the heavens open before us and we suddenly reach maturity.
Saphira was confused a little by this statement of Takoda's, but our family knows that this is absolutely correct.

It seems like my 2yr old birthday is a VERY LONG way away, and despite trying sooooo hard to be a perfect example of my breed, trying so very hard to be good, that "naughty puppy thing" seems to creep into my life quite frequently.
Last night was a perfect example of this!

We all love it when daddy takes one of us out to feed our chickens at night - it's sort of a privilege thing - I've been really good today, so I get to help feed the chickens. Daddy opens the door of the chicken house and the one of us who is privileged enough to be chosen for chicken duty sits obediently in the open doorway while daddy feeds them, makes sure their automatic water bowl is working and that all is well in chickenland. Daddy collects the eggs and then we trot happily back to the house with him in complete knowledge that one of those eggs he has just collected is going to be beaten up and fed to us with our breakfast in the morning.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm egg, egg, egg.

We each LOVE having a beaten raw egg with our breakfast every morning. In fact if any of my family had to choose which was our favoritest food it would be the beaten egg we each receive individually at the start of our day.
When daddy takes the eggs inside he fills the egg bucket with water, lets them soak for about 20 minutes and then takes them out of the water, wipes them dry and puts them in the egg trays in the pantry.
Now things have been a little sad around here since my mama went to the Rainbow Bridge less than a week ago, and last night daddy just felt so sad he left the eggs in the bucket of water in the bottom of the pantry.

Hmmmmmm, when I discovered that in the cool of the evening my ears pricked and my eyes widened.
A whole lot started to go on in my puppy brain, and always at the back of my mind was the Noblest of Canine's, my German Shepherd, Schutzhund 3 graded protection and law enforcement ancestors calling out to me - "Xena don't do it!"
I don't know how long I sat there looking at the bucket of water with the eggs at the bottom of it, but I had Holly on one side of me and Crystal on the other.

"Don't be naughty," Holly kept saying. "Mama is looking down from heaven at you, and she would never STEAL eggs."

"No one will ever know," Crystal kept telling me. "There's so many eggs in that bucket of water, no one will ever know if one is missing."

Finally I just couldn't resist the temptation anymore. I thrust my nose and my whole face almost up to my ears under the water and grabbed a delicious egg in my mouth, running outside onto the deck where I proceeded to eat it, shell and all.
"You'll get in trouble now," Holly gasped as she ran and hid in the safety of her dog bed in the living room with her back turned to me.
"Get me an egg," Crystal pleaded - too scared to put her nose and head under the water. "Get me one. Please get me an egg Xena."
So, I went bobbing for eggs again, and again and again. They tasted so succulent and delicious as only a raw egg could ever taste, especially the egg yolk. Crystal was so happy that I was getting her eggs.
We sat on the outside deck lapping and crunching them up while Holly sat as pious as a nun inside the house on her dog bed.
"Just you wait until daddy discovers what you're doing," she told us (Holly has suddenly become the fun police since mama left for the Bridge).
Crystal and I didn't care one little bit, until mommy came back!

Hmmmm, I guess you can all sort of visualize the scene that followed when mommy walked out onto the deck and caught Crystal and I with egg yolk around our lips and egg shell stuck around our teeth!

OH NO, I blew it yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Video's of my beautiful pawrents.

March 5th 2010 2:43 am
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Well, as my beautiful angel mama is Dog of The Day for the whole of Dogster today, I thought that I would put a couple of the video's that I have of her on my page so that all my furiend's can get some small idea of what my beautiful mama was like. They are taken from our 2008 National Dog Show where my papa won Best Dog of Breed along with Best of Breed and mama won Best Bitch of Breed and Reserve Best of Breed behind papa.

The 2008 National Dog Show was actually a little bit of a family affair with my Aunty Crystal winning Best NZ Bred Bitch of Breed, and Holly winning 2nd place in the baby puppy class.

The top video shows my papa in front and my mama behind when they were running off against each other for Best of Breed.
The bottom video shows my mama competing in The Open Bitch class.

I wasn't born when this all happened, but if you look at my papa really carefully you just might see a little twinkle in the corner of his eye - that twinkle was me!

If you want to get some idea of what Holly and I are both like (as we are full sisters from different litters), Mommy and Daddy both say that Holly is very like my mama and I am an extremely feminine version of my papa.


The trouble with water!!!

March 6th 2010 2:06 pm
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I just love water. I love swimming, and whenever I feel hot I put my whole face in my automatic water bowl right up to my ears.
I also love it when mommy gives me a bath and washes me all over with our special doggy washing brush ------ mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm:):):):):):):)

However I never realized that water could actually get a pup into trouble, but it did this morning. I thought that anything to do with water was good, not bad!

It all started early this morning when mommy was sleeping in and daddy opened the doors to our wooden deck. Holly, Crystal and I all ran outside to play after he gave us each a beaten egg and some kibble for our breakfast.
Daddy went and sat at the dining table which is in this big window that overlooks where the paved area is in the yard.

Now there's this thing at the end of the yard called a tap that water comes out of. Daddy uses it to put more water in the swimming pool and mommy uses it to water the garden in the yard. It normally has a hose attached to it, but this morning it was GONE!
Crystal, Holly and I just sat there looking at the tap, and our doggy conversation sort of went like this;

"Where's that long hose thing?" I asked.
"Dunno," Crystal replied.
"Daddy took it away last night," Holly replied. "I saw him put it over the yard fence."

As I sat there looking at it I thought up a very intellectual mathematical equation;


"I wonder if I can turn it on," I said as I went over to it and bit it tightly with my strong teeth.
"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Holly told me very sternly. - Honestly, she is no fun anymore since she's become the leader of our pack! She even growled at me yesterday morning when I noticed no one was looking and tried to steal an egg out of the pantry! Crystal and I have decided that Holly's official title is now "Holly the Fun Police!"
"Come on Xena, you can do it," Crystal wuffed quietly as she glanced in the direction of the house where we could see daddy sitting at the table.
I bit the tap and turned and turned it in my mouth until finally - EUREKA, the water started to trickle out of it! Not content with just a trickle though I grabbed it in my mouth and kept turning it until the water was gushing out in a torrent.
Crystal and I were so excited as we played in the water, trying to catch it in our mouths, jumping under it and mushing the garden underneath with our paws - we were making MUD! Making mud has to be one of the most exciting naughty things a pup can do!

Holly (the Fun Police) was absolutely horrified with Crystal and I making mud. I don't know whether it was her running into the house and telling daddy tales, or whether it was Crystal's and my extremely excited barking, but daddy came rushing out of the house and I don't think I need to go into any great detail about what transpired after that!

"YOU NAUGHTY GIRLS!" Tap turned off REALLY tightly! Crystal and I both dragged into bathroom by scruff of neck and put in shower!

Now mommy's up and we're lying on our dog beds in the livingroom, apart from Holly who is lying in pride of place on the sofa exactly where mama used to lie when she was here.
The crickets are chirping really loudly out in the trees in the front of and behind our yard, and it's starting to get really hot. I keep thinking about the tap and how much I wished I could go back out there and turn it on so I could play in the cool water.
However, it's turned off so tightly now I think daddy will have to get a wrench out of his tool box to turn it on next time he wants to!
You may well ask how I know this - I sneaked outside when I thought no one was looking and tried to turn it on again, but daddy was watching me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh no, my teddy is in the washing machine!

March 7th 2010 2:53 pm
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I wreally love my teddy (even if it is wreally a wrabbit). My teddy is the most special thing to me and I lovingly lick it and play with it several times a day.

I love my teddy so much I try and take it with me wherever I go - to shows, to my doggy bed, into mommy and daddy's bedroom at night etc.....
However there is one very strict rule in our house - no teddies are ever to be taken outside.

Well, this morning I was running out the doors that were open onto our deck with teddy in my mouth, cause I'd just been playing with him, and I dropped him as per normal just inside the door and then ran outside.
I was sitting in the sun with Holly thinking about what a lovely summer day it was when I saw teddy lying on the floor just inside the door. Teddy looked very sad and alone lying there to my way of thinking, so I ran back into the house and got teddy.

When I got teddy outside I wondered what sort of outside games teddies might like to play. I thought that I would find teddy the best game to play of all, so I dropped teddy in the swimming pool. Teddy sort of floated around enjoying the water for a bit before I took him out, and then I lay on the deck playing and licking him.

The first thing mommy said when she saw that teddy was outside with me was - "oh, yuk teddy!"
Now as you can imagine, I was a little horrified by this statement as there seemed to be nothing about teddy to indicate that he was anything less than the perfect doggy teddy, albeit a little wet and dirty.
Mommy sadly came and took him from me though, and I followed her into the laundry where teddy was promptly put into the washing machine along with all that clean smelling fragrant powder and liquid!

Now I'm just lying half asleep on the living room floor, waiting for teddy to come out of the washing machine again.


St Patricks Day tag game.

March 9th 2010 11:38 pm
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Saphira said she'd tag Holly with this game, but Holly doesn't keep a diary really, so I'm going to do it for my family.

Here goes;

Q.-Are you Irish?
A. No - I'm GERMAN!

Q.-Do you and /or your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
A.- Only minimally.

Q.- How?
A. - Corned beef for dinner and a few other things like playing Riverdance.

Q.-Will you wear Green?
A.- Mommy is going to put some green food coloring in my fur for me.

Q.- What?
A.- Same as previous question.

Q.-Do you like Corned Beef and Cabbage?
A. -I love Corned Beef, but mommy won't let us eat cabbage at all.

Q.-Do you believe in leprechauns?
A.-I've never seen one so I don't know if they are real, but then you can't see electricity and it's real!

A.- I guess I have an open doggy mind on such things.

Q.-What would you like to find at the end of the rainbow?
A.- A big bowl of freshly beaten raw egg with chucks of cheese floating in it.

Now I'm going to tag five furiends;

Harley Diva Girl
Brownie Maeve


I won the St Patrick's Day contest.

March 18th 2010 3:15 am
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OMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I won the St Patrick's Day hat contest at The Kit Kat Club, and now I'm just leaping out of my skin.
Thankyou so very much to all my wonderful furiends who voted to me.
I love you all:)

Wufs and happy tailwags, Xena.


A special visitor.

March 18th 2010 9:09 pm
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We had a very special visitor at our house last night. She came while mommy and daddy were sitting outside having dinner and we were all very obediently sitting and staying where we had been told to.
Once the special visitor arrived our manners sort of deteriorated because we could smell our Aunty Abigail all over her clothes!
Mmmmmmmm Aunty Abigail lives way out in the country where there are sheep, cows, goats and even pigs!

There's a huge beach just over the road from where Aunty Abigail lives and when we go to her house we can smell the seaspray and hear the waves thundering down onto the stoney beach. We're not allowed at that beach though because it's a dangerous beach that is very deep right up close to the shore and there are very strong undercurrents.
Aunty Abigail's house is a wonderful doggy playground with huge old hedges that have puppy tunnels in them where a pup can play hide and seek, or take a bone there to chew it in peace.

I haven't been to Aunty Abigail's house for about 4 months now, and Aunty Abigail's mommy hasn't really seen me during that time. She walked out of the house, down from the deck to the table that was sitting on the pavers in the shade of an elm tree and stared at me.

"Xena, you have grown so much!" she gasped as I ran up to her with Holly for a pat. "You are just soooooooooooo cute," she added. "You are even cuter in real life than you actually are on Dogster, and you are soooo beautiful."
Well, I liked hearing that as she rubbed behind my ears.
Next it was Holly's turn for the compliments with Aunty Abigail's mommy proclaiming that Holly just has to be the most exquisitely pretty German Shepherd that she has ever seen. She said that she's so used to looking at our Dogster pages that she forgets just how beautiful we all really are in the flesh, and Crystal certainly wasn't left out of the compliments either.

As mommy and daddy both say quite often, that if Crystal was the only beautiful girl they ever bred in their whole lives, they'd be real proud of her. However, mommy and daddy have been exceptionally blessed with a whole lot of very beautiful girls, me, Holly, Crystal, my mama and grandma.


Another visitor.

March 24th 2010 1:37 am
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We seem to have had a lot of visitors the past week, and today we had another one come to see us. It was our mommy's mommy.

The moment she saw me she gave me lots of pats and said I was real cute. However Holly was her favorite. She said that Holly just has to be the prettiest German Shepherd girl she's ever seen with her very pretty face and her gorgeous eyes.
I really don't mind her saying that about Holly though, cause she said that I am cute and have a very plush coat.
I guess it was sort of like the game we play in the groups we belong too - I'm the cutest. So, I'll sign out tonight as Xena the cutest pup here at my house.


Growing up is so hard to do.

April 3rd 2010 9:28 pm
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Growing up is so hard to do for each and everyone of us.
As we grow we continually test the boundaries that have been set by our families, until one day we wake up on our kennel roof and find that we are and have finally become our own furson in our own right.

In the real world I'm still striving for that goal, and hope that when I reappear on the show scene in September I will establish myself as a uniquely beautiful individual in my own right just like my extremely beautiful mama was.

Here on Dogster - well it's not quite so simple. Everyone wants me to stay the sweet, cute little button that I was - cause I was just sooooooooooooooo cute!

So, unlike a lot of baby Dogster pups I'm taking the very brave step of growing up when a whole lot don't want me to - cause they just love me as a a sweet, cute puppy.

I sure hope that I won't cause any of my Dogster pals to lose their faith and admiration in me as I grow up, cause I want to grow up to be the finest ever Dogster lady just like my exceptionally elegant mama and my extremely beautiful sister Holly.

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