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The Princess Diaries.

Going on a road trip.

September 29th 2012 9:24 pm
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Mmmmmmm, I just finished licking out the cupcake baking bowl and I was extremely impressed with the taste of the cake batter.
I'm sorry I haven't been around much the past week, but things have been really hectic at our house because it's the big National Dog Show this coming week, and some of us doggies are entered.
I'm not entered cause I was meant to have had a family of puppies by now, but Howard Jr, Georgi, Georgi's baby Angie, Freddie the S/Vallhund and our boarder doggy Nixxy are all entered.

Mommy and daddy have both been extremely busy with the preparations, and today has been no exception.
Mommy cancelled our accommodation a month ago because of my puppies, and those of us doggies entered were just going to fly up and back for the days we were showing.
Now daddy has decided we're going on a road trip to the National Show which means that as all the accommodation is booked out we're going to be staying with relatives that live up in the north island.

My sister Holly is going to be staying home with our housesitter Michelle, and so will our rescue GSD girl Maggie. Georgi's baby Tia is staying with one of mommy's workmates, and they sent mommy a text last night saying they think Tia's so sweet they're not going to let her come home to us again!

As we are leaving early tomorrow morning today was bathing and baking day.
Mommy always likes to take home baking when we stay with relatives and daddy and I have been fighting over who licks the baking bowls out all day. Daddy has been given all the chocolate baking bowls and I have enjoyed the others - daddy laughing at me as he thinks I have developed an extremely sweet tooth since I got pregnant with my puppies!
I must confess I used to think Holly was a little simple for liking sweet things, but now I have changed. I have decided I even love jellybeans apart from the black ones:( and when mommy gave me a tiny piece off the end of the lolly cake when she was cutting it up - I dribbled!

When the others got bathed today I had the priviledge of standing in the bathroom doorway and seeing the expression of displeasure on Howard Jr's face - hehe! I don't think he liked mommy giving him not one, but two shampoos because he ran through the mud the other day.
Baby Angie was extremely good and loves being bathed like me, Holly and our boarder Nixxy, but Freddie the S/Vallhund just stood in the tub with his ears flat back on his head and a frown on his face the whole time he was being washed.
Freddie also wasn't at all impressed when mommy blow dried him with the hair dryer. He jumped off the grooming board when mommy reached for the grooming spray, and ran away to hide in the kitchen pantry - hehe!
Last time I saw him he was hiding behind a vegetable rack, and mommy was going to ice a chocolate cake on the kitchen sink bench.

Hmmm, the hair dryer is still out and so is the grooming spray, so I think when mommy catches Freddie later he'll be going back there. :)

Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

September 29th 2012 at 10:53 pm

Have a safe journey!!

Please tell Mum I will willingly "look after " any spare GSD 's ....grinsss.

Enjoy the Spring air and the pretty days..and the wonderful baking.!!

Barked by: ♫Xena ♫ (Dogster Member)

September 29th 2012 at 10:56 pm

Thank you Flicka.
It seems mommy's workmates don't want to let Tia come home cause they just love her. :)


♫Xena ♫


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