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Mulder and Me

They love me! They really love me!

July 31st 2009 6:08 pm
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So today was a great day at the park!!

I didn't get my usual morning walk... it was raining, and mother knows how much I hate getting my paws wet (she says I'm a diva... I say how about YOU walk around in the rain without shoes on, and see how you like it!)

We normally don't ever go out in the late afternoon. Aside from the morning, that's when its the coolest here, and apparently all the crazies like to come out and take advantage of the nice temperature. The last time we went so late, a crazy OFF LEASH Golden Retriever tried to maul me... and her owners LAUGHED about it! Can you believe that?! Mom was NOT happy, and thus refused to go back at this time ever again.

But today we did. It was an all-around pleasant walk, not too many people, but the part I REALLY loved is when this nice group having a cook-out commented on how pretty I am! Mommy of course walked over, and invited them to say hello to me. First a woman came up, and gave me lots of pets. She was such a doll! Then her little girl came up, and asked if I bite... but mommy reassured her that I am indeed a very gentlemanly dog, and would never do such a thing to such a nice little girl. She gave me some pets, and went back to her family. I then proceeded to sniff all around this big square box that humans apparently cook food in... obviously they had prepared all that yummy food just for me, but I couldn't seem to find any of it!

Anyway, the last person to gush over me was very tall, but very friendly man. He commented that he'd never seen an all-black GSD before, so mom gave him a very brief summery about how us East German dogs tend to come in the all-black variety. He seemed very interested, and asked lots of questions about this, which of course mom was very eager to answer! She just loves to brag about me... and honestly, I can't blame her!

But all that talking got boring after a while. Eventually I decided that the football the man had in his hand was WAY cooler than sitting around an listening to mom jabber on. I tried like the dickens to get it from him,but he laughed and seemed to enjoy my playfulness. Eventually he did let me have it, but it was getting late and we had to finish our walk. We said goodbye, and went on our way.

I love days like this! When people actually come up and want to meet me, instead of running the other way!


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