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Mulder and Me

Dog Dayz of Summer

June 11th 2009 10:09 pm
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I guess it's true what they say... that everyone has their ups and downs in life. Today certainly proved that to me.

So it started out like any other day.... walk in the morning, crash in the evening, then go for another walk later in the evening. Its usually pretty uneventful, and I keep fussing for mother dearest to mix things up a bit, but she argues that there are just so many parks she can take me to. I personally don't see why we can't go into all the fancy-pants buildings around town, but apparently that's a bad idea. Psssh. Humans and their fru-fru rules.

So anyway, about the evening walk.
I've been wearing the doggie backpack again lately, as mom says it wears me out quicker. This is untrue. However, it DOES serve as an effective tool for attracting attention to myself. People like to ask if I'm a service dog... not quite, though I do provide the very important service of carrying mom's keys and cell phone around for her. Where would she be without me? I ASK YOU!

Not all people are quite so interested in me. As we made our way down the walking trail, a man and woman started approaching from behind. The trail is pretty narrow, with one side being a lake, and the other a tree line... mom always tries to be appeasing in such situations, and moved us both over as far as she could so the people could pass. But for some reason this lady didn't seem to practice the same type of courtesy. She was so close when she passed by, that she might as well have been petting me.
Now, I have no problem with this... however, I do demand that in such situations I be allowed to share the same level of intimacy that this lady seemed to have been sharing with me. So I sniffed her butt as she passed. WAS IT SUCH A CRIME? What a hateful look she gave me... and what's worse, mom tugged at my collar and gave a firm "no!" correction. I mean seriously... she invaded my personal space first! I'm not allowed to do the same in return?

But you know how it goes... dog's gotta chase a stick, and if that's where she chose to keep one, then how is that my problem?

Moving right along, things DID get better. As I passed by the playground, a woman and her small son flagged us down. Apparently she'd had GSDs as a kid... or something along those lines... I was more interested in the little boy and his handful of tasty cheesy things. He didn't seem too keen on sharing at first, but something about my devilishly good looks must have turned him around as he did eventually toss a few on the ground... and let me just say, they were NUMMY NUM NUM! And wouldn't you know it, the lady who owned the boy was nice enough to drop a few too! After some pets and complements, we were off yet again to finish our walk.

Too bad things couldn't end on such a high note. As we were walking back across the trail, we encountered yet more people... this time a man and a woman, accompanied by both a fur and non fur kid. Mom could tell by the look on the man's face, who was holding the family hound, that something wasn't totally right about the situation, but the woman seemed very friendly and smiley... so when fido started pulling towards us, I did the same in return... I mean, what pup WOULDN'T want to meet me? And I'm certainly always up to making new friends. Still, though, mom kept her eyes on us. The nice lady asked about my backpack, and just as mom broke her focus on me to answer the question, this strange guy goes on the offensive! I mean out of nowhere he just lunges at me, teeth and all! I was scared furless, and made a hasty retreat back to mom... who apologized, for reasons unknown. The man was all googly eyed and made a retreat of his own from the scene, Cujo in tow, though the lady was polite and apologetic about it. I don't think mom was too phased by it... but I sure was! I mean that dude was scary!

Luckily at the very end of the day I got a playdate with the neighborhood dog down the street. Its always nice to have a pleasant ending to an otherwise hectic day. Overall, I'd say today was a keeper!


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