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Here Comes Trouble

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Verdict on Paisley

January 20th 2011 9:35 pm
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Guity of being fun and annoying!

Outside she is fun to play with but when Ruby and I are getting serious she is trying to jump us from behind...not a good idea. That get's my hackles up and Momma has to come and calm us down.
It doesn't take much. All Momma has to do is rub her hand ov'r my hackles and they go down and I calm down...Pretty simple, huh!

In the house, Paisley has dubbed the spot in the middle of the 'L' shaped couch "Her Spot" so if Ruby or I come by Momma laying on the couch in the middle she does a light little forward lunge and makes a deep "woo" noise. This is not a growl but Momma makes her stop and makes us continue toward her. As much as she likes Paisley being in love with her she doesn't want this to turn into guarding issues...with "her spot" or with Momma.
As much as Paisley acted like she knew "sit" or "lay down" when she got here the first night we found out she knows NO Commands. Which is okay but we are teaching her. She gets "Sit" about 40% of the time and "Down" about 25% of the time. 99.9% of the time she won't "Stay" to save her life.
Also, she does not know her name yet. Her breeders eventually started calling her Rosey because she was with them so long. Momma tried that name a few times one day to see if there was a reaction to it but no. So, changing her name won't have any adverse affects on her training.

She is just a puppy so we are taking everything slowly. All in all she is a good sister though.

That's my story an' I'm Stickin' to it,


Paisley's got a new Guestbook.

January 26th 2011 12:12 pm
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Stop by her page and sign it.

You could also sign mine and Ruby's too if you haven't already or wanna again.

Paisley's Page:


Timber Wolf

February 1st 2011 10:56 am
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Momma and Pops are trying for a hu-pup.
Pops likes normal names. Momma likes weird, original names.
Momma thought of this name yesterday on her drive home from work
She thinks Pops will hate it.
But I like it.
Timber Wolf Wilcox
Sounds good to me.
That way Pops can call him Tim or, Dog Forbid, Timmy if he's afraid to call "Wolf" in public
She already told him she wanted to name her son Wolf and Pops said no way....He did tell her it was okay for a middle name though.
He may be putting his foot in his mouth in the not too distant future, BOL!

Barking Mad,

Or to give it a GSD flair they could name him Timber Wolf von Haus Wilcox.
Meaning: "Timber Wolf from the house of Wilcox" like an AKC Registration Name, BOL! That's just me being goofy.


Snow Drifts

February 2nd 2011 8:38 pm
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Our snow drifts are so tall.
They were well over 7 ft before we pounded parts of them down climbing all over them.
I was contemplating jumping our 6 foot wood fence which was more like a 3 foot fence with the 3 foot high snow and even shorter with the larger drifts.
Momma could just read it in my body language.
I'm a thinker and my thoughts are almost transparent to my folks.
I just sat ontop of the snow hill staring upward toward the sky above the fence.
Momma told Pops they've got to keep an eye on me.
They should know that I'm not much of a jumper.


Found Lost German Shepherd Dog - Looking for Her Family!!!

February 7th 2011 6:05 pm
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Please Copy this message into your Dogster Page ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN OR AROUND ILLINOIS!!! 883.html

During the Snow Storm Today I found a Female GSD near Harpo Studios -The Oprah Show. Specifically 2 blocks down at Carpenter and Lake.
She is a black & Tan - slightly grizzled but NOT sable. Wearing a Collar with no tags. I drove for an hour and a half through the traffic caused by the storm to my house and during that time I called out every name I could think of. I got no reaction to any name except Heidi - she picked up her head and moved toward the driver's seat from the back of my SUV for a head scratch. So, that's what I've been calling her.

The vet said she is at least 3 years old and she does not have a micro chip.

I'm told she's looks like she's been out for over a week.

She is dog friendly and cat friendly because I have 3 German Shepherd Dogs and a cat and she reacted well to seeing all of them.
She is very sweet and curious. If we lived in a city that didn't have a pet limit we might be considering keeping her if her owners are not found. But unfortunately this cannot be the case. So we need to find he owners ASAP or we'll have to turn her over to someone.

Here are some Photos posted on the Craigslist advertisement that we took really quickly before giving her the bath. She looks a little nervous in them but she's not a nervous dog. She was very curious and couldn't stop sniffing and investigating to take a good photo. We know her family is searching for her.

Please call or Contact us through Heidi's page on Dogster

or Facebook 65214113?v=wall#!/photo.php?fbid=187591024608217&set=o.11510 0465214113

Look at the Sadness in her Eyes! Your Dog misses you.


Meeting the dog without a home

February 8th 2011 7:20 am
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Last night Momma brought home our new friend, Heidi.
This is not necessarily her name but she answers to it so it's a start.
Heidi is a Black & Tan German Shepherd Dog with Grizzled markings on her back. She almost looks Sable in some areas but Momma says she is definately not a sable GSD and she would know, BOL!
Momma and Pops did Not want us going nose to nose with her the first night. Because they do not know her background.
We had other ideas.
At 9pm when Momma had us shut in the bedroom with a sleeping Pops she took the lost Heidi out to use the bathroom.
Like any smart GSD we had a plan to get what we wanted.
Ruby started barking really obnoxiously in the bedroom while Momma was bringing Heidi up the basement stairs to the sliding glass door leading to the backyard.
She took her out and Ruby continued and with Paisley on the bed I'm sure she contributed, although I was not watching, in Pop's awakening.
Then he stubornly opened the door because he cannot resist an annoying pup when he's sleeping. He doesn't have Momma's will power in that aspect.
Once we were in the main house it only took a minute for me to walk over to the sliding glass door and let us all out to meet the new comer.
Momma was in the far corner of the house where we usually don't go because Heidi brought her there to sniff. She could hear searching doggies in the yard. She slowly trudged through the snow to see who was out - knowing all too clear that we all were sniffing the backyard in search of the new comer.
Then Ruby sounds the "I found 'em - GO GIT 'EM BOYS" call as I like to call it.
Ruby hangs back and we all practically charge to greet her.
Momma keeps us back and calls for Pops. She is quite mad because he told her he wouldn't let the dogs out.
She didn't find out until later that he didn't.
Heidi was very good she completely dealt with our charging her. She was too good.
Momma was surprised. Even when she had enough - Momma had been telling us to back off for a while but we were not in the mood to listen - all Heidi did was lift one part of her lip showing one canine. Like a Elvis lip curl.
She did not bark, growl, or lunge.
Momma told us to back off again...because as she put it, "For Goodness sake, you've got her cornered."
I know she should have bit us. Put us in our place or something but she is a very nice Shepherd.

We didn't listen too well when Momma yelled at us to go inside and Pops was call'n us from the top of the porch still in his underwear and therefore unable to wrangle us inside.
But we eventually got there. Paisley being the most stubborn of all.

Feel Free to Visit FOUND LOST DOG - Heidi's Page.
I'm sure she would love the support of the group in finding her way home.
I was lost once...okay trapped by some people and forced not to return home and it was a bit nerve rackin'


First Things First

February 13th 2011 4:14 am
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A good kitty chase First thing in the morning is a good way to get the ol' ticker a-pumpin'


Home Again!!!

February 16th 2011 8:09 am
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Thanks Dogster and all our friends for your help. Heidi's family came forth to claim her. Her owners came to pick her up Sunday night (2-13-11)! Her real name is Cookie that's why she answered to Heidi - The "Y" sound is very pronounced in both. Her Mate Fonzi is still missing. So anyone in Chicagoland if you come accross a black and red male GSD let us know. We've still got their phone number if anything turns up.

There was also a foster family that was lined up to take her the same day. They drove for an hour and a half to our house to meet her. The foster home brought their female dog Miley over for a play date to meet the GSD at that time called Heidi. We felt really bad because she was only 20 minutes away when we got the phone call that Cookie's possible owners were looking for her. We called the foster family and found out how close they were and still offered for them to continue the drive and worse comes to worse Miley could have a nice time playing with us. We had an even better time playing than we expected it was so fun playing in the yard together.

We took a couple pictures which are on Facebook right now.!/album.php?aid=23539&i d=100001765827635

We were all happy she didn't have to get re-adjusted at a new home before finding her family. The foster family obviously wanted to keep her if her family wouldn't have come forth so we had drawn up a very extensive pet contract stating that she wasn't ours and they would be taking care of her until her family came forth.
Luckily everything worked itself out!

We still felt bad that the Foster family had to drive home empty handed but they told us it was fine and they had a great time.

Their pups & kitties are now on Dogster and Catster too. So we obviously did some good in the Hood - BOL!


Daily Diary Pick for 2-23-2011

February 24th 2011 7:45 am
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Thank you, Dogster, for making me a diary pick.
This honor is always appreciated.
Lots of love and licks,


Joker Face

March 24th 2011 8:12 pm
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Momma had to move the ki-ki's cage off of mine.
The kitty has a dog crate with her litter box in it so we don't get midnight cravings for kitty crunchies and indulge.
Well I liked the ki-ki crate on my my room. I would stare at her all the time she was in it.
Sometimes with my face pinned along the top part of my room's metal bar ceiling.
I would be transfixed and meditating so long that I wouldn't think to pull my face away from the bars.
It would rub and rub and then when Momma came home from work it wasn't Duke in my room but a scarred up version of me.
The left side of my face looks like the Joker from Batman's "The Dark Knight" movie.
It is healing but not pretty. Momma has to wash it every day because the scabbing itches and I rub it in the dirt, and on the side of the bed, and on the floor...pretty much where ever I can find a good surface to get a good scratch.
Momma hopes it heals fast.

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