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They don't call me Silly Millie for nothing!

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Vote for me and help pitties!!!

September 3rd 2010 7:09 pm
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Mom has entered me a contest through Badrap called "My Dog is Family".
Badrap is a wonderful pittie rescue organization that helps to educate peeps about pitbulls. They have many wonderful events to help spread the word. They even helped with the Michael Vick dogs!
So...a measly couple votes for me benefits pitbulls everywhere! ;)
Mom has been kinda like a pageant mom about this..."Millie, don't get your snout dirty" "Millie, let's get your nails done" "Ollie, stop biting your sister...she's a star!" BOL
Anyhoo...if you'd love to vote for me please go to...

Vote for Millie

Thank you all for reading....
Oh...I forgot to tell you that the votes are $1 each and you have to purchase a minimum of $5


Tagged by the beautiful Wrinkles

July 21st 2010 7:38 pm
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First I would like to say to Wrinkles that I LOVE you and will be saying a prayer for you tonight!!!

1. Do you ever wake your parent up in the night?
Yes...when I need everyone to move ;)

2. Do you ever tear up things?
Nothing important but, I love paper!

3. What is your favorite treat?
Fast takes me for burgers when we ride around.

4. Can you fetch something when asked to do so?
Well...if I could see I might! BOL Mom kicks a big red jolly ball for me and as long as it stays close to my face I chase it.

5. Have you ever lived any place other than where you live now?
I lived with someone who didn't want me because I couldn't see very well! Thankfully I was very little and only remember my family who loves me!!!

OK You know what to do, so copy this and fill out your answers and send to 5 pups!


I got a baby brother!

July 15th 2010 1:47 pm
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Mom and dad have been talking for a while now about adopting a young pup who will play with me since all my furblings are old and lazy. When we fostered Reese recently the peeps were amazed at how well I played with her and enjoyed it.
They weren't really sure though and were worried that another girl pup may not work as we both got older. Sooo...Mom saw this little hound boy at the shelter and she and dad talked it over. They decided a younger, male, hound pup would be a good fit. Hounds are generally really laid back ;) I have outgrown my dislike of long as they aren't too noisy!
My new brother's name is Opey and he is a silly fella! We have been playing and wrestling! Mom said she is really proud of how well I am behaving! When I don't feel like playing I grrr a little to let him know. That's what my big brother Murphy does to me and mom says it's the perfect response.
The peeps said I have grown up to be a very good girl...well, DUH!!


Home in Indiana

May 31st 2010 2:28 pm
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It has come to my attention (Thanks Doo) ;) that I have not updated my diary in like....FUR-EVER!!! goes...
1. My family I have moved from Florida to Indiana!
2. I love it here!
3. There is a cow, a goat and some chickens in the yard behind us!
4. I get to ride all over the place when Mommy runs errands as long as she doesn't have to leave the car.
5. I have been a very good girl and have been nice to everyone I have met! Well, except the cow ;) He looks like a big black blob to me so I bark at him and he moos at me! Oh and the 3 little Boston Terriers next door are pretty yappy.
6. Mom and I went to check out the Greene Sullivan State Forest today! It was really pretty and had lots of lakes. And...we had a hamburger from Dairy Queen! Yummy!!
7. Mom bought us a little kiddie pool today! I will in that thing tomorrow!!!
8. Last but, not least I have been feeling good and not acting strange anymore.
Love and Hugs....Millie



April 12th 2010 1:29 pm
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Well, I have been acting MUCH better today!!! No hiding and I've been playing and running around with everyone all day. Mom slept in the living room with me last night and she moved the coffee table that she put in there. It wasn't there for a while so, she thought maybe it was making me nervous too.
Mom has been trying to spend a lot of time with me and it seems to be working!
We'll see how it goes and make sure I'm better's off to the vet...yikes!!


I got a question...

April 11th 2010 7:18 am
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Some of youn's might remember that I had to go to the vet and have a nail removed. The put me under to do that and it was very traumatic for me. I was not my self for 2 days! Anyhoo...since that day I have split or broken 3 more nails!!!
Mom has been able to remove them herself cuz they kind of tore off.
Anyhoo...we called the vet and he didn't know why my nails would be splitting or breaking and said it "could" be a type of autoimmune disorder or something. I "could" come in and have a dewclaw removed and sent away for tests!!!
To top it off I have been acting very strange the last few days. I have been hiding and staying away from Mom and just keeping to myself. I went behind the couch a couple times and slept in a crate by the back door last night. I've been laying under the fallen tree in the back yard all by myself and won't come inside.
Mom is thinking of taking me to the vet but, she doesn't know what to tell them to check for.
A couple things that happened recently is that brother Patrick moved out Wed and on Friday Mom took Josephine in the car and not me.
I just don't know if I'm sick or traumatized.
Any ideas???shrug


Hoppy Easter Every Bunny!!

April 4th 2010 10:10 am
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Jsst want to say that I hope everyone out there in Dogsterland has a wonderful sunny day!!! Oh...and gets lots of goodies too! ;)


I have a booboo :(

March 19th 2010 4:56 pm
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Oh my...I didn't even know I was hurt until Mom dragged to me to the dogter and they hurt me :(
I had a split toenail that went up to the quick so Mom took me to have it removed. Dr. Nagy gave me a shot with a really long needle so I would sleep for a minute cuz I wouldn't even let her look at my toes and I sure wasn't going to let her take my toenail off!!!
Well after I fell asleep she stole my toenail and put a big ball of bandages on my foot!!!
AND THEN......she gave me ANOTHER shot to make me wake up!!! I woke up and Mom said I acted like I was drunk. My feet kept sliding out and I had trouble standing up and walking with the bandage on!
Finally I got to go home and Mom put me in her bed to rest so guess what...I peed in her bed and didn't wake up until it was too late!
I've been all out of whack since I got home and got to eat dinner twice. I ate once in a different room than I usually eat and then I forgot and went to my regular spot and sat down like always waiting for my dinner...BOL Mom felt so bad for me she fed me again! I also got a big bully stick to help me feel better!!!
I hope I feel better tomorrow cuz today sure was not my favorite day....ever!!!


Thank you!!!

March 12th 2010 3:10 pm
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To everypup who sent me gifties and well wishes on my "Official" Ludwig status!!!
You all have made me feel so special!!!


Congrats to OSO!!!

March 12th 2010 4:58 am
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My friend Oso

is Dog of the Day today!!! He is such a sweet pup...he should DOD everyday!!!
Love you Oso!!!

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