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Dear Diary...

A week in my new home...

May 18th 2009 6:32 pm
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Wow!! What a busy week I've had! When my breeder mom told me I'd be getting a new family I didn't think there would be so many changes.

It all started with that bath... I knew something was up when my breeder mom put me in that big tub and got me all wet (didn't like that too much).

My new mommy showed up just as I was getting my coat towel dried (now that is heaven !!)

Mommy was so excited to see me I couldn't help but join in!!

She put me in this crate and off we went to my new home.

So many new smells... new rules... new friends... how can I contain myself.

This past week has been so much fun... 3 daily walks in the forest leaves me pooped by bedtime!!

Not too sure I like the crate yet... but I guess it's not the worse thing ever... I guess.

My mommy teaches me new tricks everyday and she seems impressed by how smart I am (what does she expect... I'm perfect... well almost).

I learned real fast that she doesn't like me doing my business in the house... I don't like the "Ahh Ahh" I think it means no. She watches me like a hawk! So I just ring that little bell at the door to tell her I have to go out. What a great idea that was!! Good job mom!!

I like that mommy doesn't work too far... she comes to visit me on all her breaks... I think I'm spoiled. She keeps telling me I won't have to be in that crate during the day for too much longer. She's off work in the summer... I can't wait for that!!

Oxi my cat doesn't seem to like me yet... but I'll win her over... just you wait and see!


A visit with my new family...

May 4th 2009 1:45 pm
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Yesterday my new family came to visit me at the farm... I was kind of shy at first and let my brothers and sister greet them first. I kinda like to watch before I dive right in.

My new mommy came up and sat right beside me... she smelled real nice so I gave her some kisses right away. I let her rub my big belly. That was my favourite part of the day!

Mommy says my Daddy can't wait to meet me... I hope he is as fun as my new sister! She seems really busy... she moves really fast and is much smaller than my new mommy. She giggles a lot and wants to bring all of us puppies home!

All her energy made me sleepy... *yawn

Nap time!!

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