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Diary of a happily rescued doggie...

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Closing in on 3000 views!

November 5th 2011 10:55 am
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C'mon paw pals and Dogster buddies...I gotta catch up with my pack sis Ellie...

I alreaady got more paw pals than she does but I'm trailing in views!


No costume contest this year!!!

October 28th 2011 6:28 pm
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Oh yay oh yay, all paws raised in praise...

Cindy entered a golf tournament...not realizing it was gonna be same time as Petco's Halloween costume contest this year.



Kittens in the garage!!! On purpose!!!

October 12th 2011 4:18 pm
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Oh my what? About three weeks ago, Cindy came home with one of her cat-traps with kittens in it. Boy was she upset, too...she goes out trapping kitties every couple of weeks as part of a Trap/Neuter/Release program on Oahu, so she can get them spayed or neutered...but this time...kittens. Maybe four weeks old. She put them in MY varikennel, which is fine, I'm not using it or anything, out in the garage and then she started pacing...and thinking...

Turns out, these guys are way too little for surgery. She said if she was to just let them go, they'd go back into the colony and get big and have kittens of their own, and maybe never ever go in a trap again once it had happened to them. So she's keeping them...she said temporarily...til they get big, and also til they get healthier. These guys must've had it rough man...fleas, worms, ear mites...ringworm...ICK.

Well, fine...they live out in the garage in the cat cave Cindy made, we never ever cross paths, and there's been no change in the routine for me n' Ellie at all. Just hard to believe cats are living just the other side of the wall, you know?

I guess I'm just not sure they'll really want to go back to being feral after all this...I know they miss their momma and the other kittens, but they sure look better now...


Mongoose on the loose!

August 3rd 2011 11:38 pm
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How DARE they invade our neighborhood? Those fuzzy vermin run right across the street next to our house and lurk around in the high grass and brush...oooooooooooooooh sseing those weasel looking critters just makes my terrier blood BOIL I tell you!

I know I could get one if Cindy would just give me a chance, but no, she puts a death grip on the leash as soon as we see one...sigh...

By the way, what's a cobra??? Cindy says mongoose can kill those...should I worry?


Mililani Dog Park

July 25th 2011 2:00 pm
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Sigh...Mama Cindy took me and Ellie to this dog park again yesterday. I wish there were some way that she would understand how much I HATE dog parks...I think she actually knows that, it's pretty clear from my demeanor while we're there. I guess she thinks that if we keep going maybe it will be easier or better for me. Not a chance though...too many bad memories of big doggies running over the top of me and "rolling" me while we were at the shelter. As soon as we arrive at the dog park, there's all these big dogs lurking at the gate and I can just seem them stampeding...of course, Cindy doesn't let that happen, we always get through it and she finds a nice quiet corner of the park where she and I can sit and chill while Diva Dog Ellie cavorts, plays, is my curse to live with a dog sister who thrives at a dog I guess I have to endure this a bit more. At least I get to sit on a bench with Cindy and get tummy rubs.

I wish we'd go sometime when no one else was there, that would be nice.


Search Dogs heading for Joplin

May 25th 2011 12:28 am
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Oh just got back from least this trip is closer to home, I mean, at least in the U.S.

All that tornado damage...all that rubble...

Watch yourselves guys...may heaven watch over you...


For the dog heroes of Search Dog Foundation

May 22nd 2011 12:55 pm
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Blogging for my favorite dog heroes...the teams have had an awfully busy year, and the SDF is trying to strengthen by adding more teams...

Please check out their campaign: x.html


Dogster Dog of the Day? Me? Oh wowzer bow wowzer...

December 6th 2010 6:08 pm
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I am so is quite a long way from that dog shelter in L.A....who knew...

And you can bet your paw I'm gonna flaunt this to Ellie!


I may need more hedgehogs...

August 30th 2010 6:46 pm
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K, so Cindy went to the people vet last week...and I guess they had some not so good stuff to tell her cuz she came home and hugged me and Ellie really hard and said "they found another lump..."...and I remember last time this happened...Cindy went to the people vet an awful lot in a kinda short time...and she came home smelling like a vet's clinic...all mediciny and stuff...twice...

But then she was okay. But I guess we're gonna have to go through that again, and she's going to be kinda slowed down and woozy again...and stressed.

So me n Ellie are jumping all over this. We're gonna keep her spirits up and get her to laugh and make sure, very sure, that she plays more. And longer walks and lotsa time looking at sunrises and stars at night.

We got this.

But I might wear my hedgehog out, he's looking really beat up already.


Big day at the dog park

April 25th 2010 10:42 pm
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Never thought I'd be able to do this...but you know...with Cindy and Ellie's help, I actually ENJOYED a day at the dog park in Mililani.

Cindy n me n Ellie arrived and there were lots of doggies, all shapes and sizes, running around. I kept thinking back to the days in the dog "shelter" (why do they call it that?) when I was in that pen with all the big dogs who kinda ran over me and rolled me over...

I was kinda scared to be honest. And of course, we got met at the gate by all these doggies trying to do all this dog posturing stuff. But we got through. Then Cindy let Ellie go running off free, but kept me on leash with her.

That was fine with me. I didn't want anyone in my face or bugging me. So me n' Cindy walked all the way around the edge of the park. One or two kinda nice dog dudes came over to say hi, they were cool. No one else bothered me...and Ellie was having a ton of fun...then, to my surprise, Cindy unsnapped my leash.

"Good luck Barney, me n' Ellie are here for you."

I stood there a minute...wondering...and then went for it.

I ran around and met other doggies, sometimes ran back to Cindy...but it was okay.

And then this one big black dog came running really fast...I tried not to panic...just stood right by Cindy...then, from nowhere, Ellie cut him off...nice like and all, no growling or anything, she just cut him off and gave him one sniff and a big ole Keesie grin. I could hear her telling him "my bro doesn't like big dogs running right at him, so be cool, okay?"

And he was. He didn't run right at me ever again. Ellie set him straight.

Wow...I never knew she cared that much about me.

Way cool day. I'd still rather have the dog park to myself but it was okay. We had fun.

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