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Diary of a happily rescued doggie...

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DNA testing?

December 4th 2012 6:34 pm
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Well apparently my Auntie Helena musta been feeling inspired or something...she went and had DNA testing done on her two dogs and I guess the results were kinda fascinating...they have a colorful past...anyway she convinced Cindy we should do it on me.

But you only goes back to my grandparents. I think maybe my past is kinda complicated cuz no one can figure out my unique combination of traits...BOL.

My Auntie Linda came up with a whole new breed name for me...G.O.K....God Only Knows...I kinda like that!

And Auntie Pat calls me a Legless Wonder cuz I can walk faster than three Keeshonds! (including my pack sis Ellie).

BOL...I like the names my Aunties make up!

But Cindy swabbed my cheeks with those mini pipe cleaner things and mailed them off to the vet lab today.

Guess we hear something in about three weeks. Better not mess with my Happy New Year...


Stormy days are ok!!

December 3rd 2012 10:53 am
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Hey, that wasn't so bad...we were out for a car ride for many hours yesterday, we got to go walkies at the big mall under the covered parking lot, and we even got to go to Petco. Cindy bought all kindsa emergency stuff too...and then we got home and had the power on again!

Bow wow wow...that was funny.


Thank you to our veteran dogs!

November 12th 2012 8:12 pm
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To all the military working dogs out there fighting for us, fighting to protect us, to help their soldier handlers...thank you. You are strong and brave and a true inspiration to human and dog. 21 Bark Salute!!!


Time changed!

November 6th 2012 6:32 am
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This whole changing the clock thing kinda puzzles me...and honestly I don't think the humans deal with it real well, but I do like having the sun come up earlier and having more light for our morning walk.


Note to dogself

October 9th 2012 10:12 am
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Remember that Cindy's using glue cards to catch the mousies BEFORE you pounce on them.

Dog muzzle + glue board = bad


Mouse in the house!!1

October 9th 2012 6:59 am
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OMD...when Cindy went on vacation, and me n' Ellie went to Miz Cathy's for our doggie sleepover, MOUSIES got in our house! So now me n' Ellie are on max alert. We is both really good vermin dogs and sometimes we kinda get in each other's way cuz we are both after the same mouse, but we get em. And Cindy puts glue traps down where we can not go but we ALWAYS, ALWAYS let her know when she's got one. It is a total team effort now and we have declared war on the vermin. Cindy was even talking about getting a cat but we think we got it covered. In two weeks we have gotten over 10 mousies. And I am even patrolling outside too. This would never have happened if we coulda stayed home while she was gone. Oh well, now we have fun hunting to do!


Life as a ranch doggie

October 6th 2012 7:45 am
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Well we been here at the ranch by Calero Lake for four months now...and I still can not get these big ole livestock kinda guys to respect me. The Alpaca and the Llama literally look DOWN at me...Bid Daddy, the ram from the sheep flock, tries to head butt me through the fence! Even Mr. Cluck the rooster tries to get in my face...

I tell you what, it will wear a doggie out laying down the paw law with all these critters...but they gonna learn I am the boss!

Okay, so I'm 25 lbs and the llama's probably about 800....but I'm a terrier, I can handle this!!


Survived the Keeshond club picnic...barely

September 5th 2012 10:05 pm
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You know there are days when I really wonder what Cindy is thinking...this past Sunday, we all jumped into the Subaru and I thought we were off for a wonderful car ride...Sure enough, much later we were up in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, at a house with this lovely enclosed yard, and a patio, chairs all over in the shade...
AND A ZILLION KEESHONDS! Okay, so maybe it was more like 12 or so...but all that silver and black fuzz. Cindy said some other smaller dogs were gonna be there too...but no. A bunch of Keeshonden and me. Boy, wore out showing them who was boss too. Living with Ellie of course I am not the least intimidated by those fuzz-butts. A couple of the bigger ones thought they could push me around but they quickly learned not to mess with me. Ellie kept a close eye on me but she knew I could handle myself, she only butted in if she thought the odds were getting a little too lopsided. At the end of the day, when all the humans were going onto the patio for their dinner, I had the very best last laugh. One of the Keesies tried to sneak onto the patio, and Mr. Brad blocked him with his knee, and of course I fit under Mr. Brad's leg perfectly and made a dash for the patio. All the humans let me stay...they said I deserved a break. Now THAT got Ellie's attention and she yipped a few times about me being on the patio and her not...but she was actually cool with it, I got a nice nap and a couple of bites of barbecue chicken and felt refreshed for the ride home. Silly Keesies, thinking they were gonna boss me around.


Thinking of Lennox, and his family

July 13th 2012 11:56 pm
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I am only one small dog, a mixed breed myself, living safe and comfortable with my family...pondering the fate of Lennox, who committed no crimes, injured no one, and was executed because a group of humans were stubborn and unwilling to listen to mercy or reason. In the name of dog, the First Minister of Nothern Ireland even tried reasoning with them but it was useless. What heartlessness.

I am only one small dog, but today I am adding "Friend of Lennox" to my honor his memory and to keep hope alive that somehow, someday SOON, justice may still be realized and to keep him on my mind.

Lennox, I am so sorry you are gone, you were a good dog. I wish you knew the hundreds of thousands of people who fought for you...not all humans are cruel. You were a good dog Lennox.


Frothing at the mouth about a frog...

July 10th 2012 9:45 pm
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Oh YICK. Super double YICK. I caught a frog sneaking around our yard last night, and ran out to catch him before Ellie could, and I got him good...but man oh man what a disaster.

There was this awful taste in my mouth, and then I started frothing, probably cuz he was so yucky, and kinda here comes Cindy running over with bucket and dumps the whole thing into my mouth and face in one big swoosh...I mean seriously, she held my jaw up and dumped this whole bucket at one time. She could've drowned me!!!

Okay, so the taste was gone, the white yucky froth was gone, but I was soaking wet, and coughing cuz some water went up my nose and down my windpipe.

So I went in and jumped on the bed and rolled all over the bedspread to dry off. I have exacted my revenge... be honest though, it was sure nice to get that awful taste and yucky foam out of my mouth. Stupid frog, he should stay in the pond anyway.

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