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I'm a Pepper!

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I like my spider!

October 31st 2009 5:55 pm
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This is my 2nd Halloween. Last year I was 4 months old. I got dressed up with skeleton things. There were skulls on my paws and I had a bandana with skeletons on them. Mommy, cheapskate that she is, was thinking about putting those things on me again. But she couldn't find them in the Halloween box. Mom loses things.

Anyway, we were at the pet store the other day and their costumes were on sale. (Did I tell you mommy is cheap?) Well, she bought me a weird black and yellow spider that goes around my neck. I like this spider. I would like to play with it. I would like to tear off its 6 legs. Didn't I tell you it was weird? What spider has 6 legs and is colored like a bee?

Well, my joy with this spider started a whole round of "leave it" lessons. So now I am not trying to eat the spider. But we'll see about that later, he he.

We're about to go into our little town and walk a little bit with the kiddies. My boy is helping with a haunted house so we're going to pick him up. I wonder if I can go in the haunted house? Mom thinks it is too scary for me, so I doubt she will let me. Although I would like to!



October 27th 2009 10:27 pm
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Bow wow wow wow & yip yip yippieeee!!!

Passed the CGC test today! Not that I even know what that is. Mom is pretty happy about it though. And she keeps telling me we'll do more fun stuff like fly ball or rally. Whatever those things are!!??!!

Actually on Saturday, which is spooky Halloween, there is a doggy event in our area. Something about dock diving. Mom is not too familiar with that but thinks it sounds right up my alley. So we'll go check it out. Should be fun with lots of doggy activities and other doggies.

Well it's pretty late now and I'm pretty sleepy. My doggy bed is calling to me. But mom wanted to make sure we get this diary entry in today. She's going to tuck me in now along with my fun new spooky spider toy.


Not a CGC...yet!

October 17th 2009 4:46 pm
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Pepper and I (mom) took the CGC test today and passed 9 out of 10, which is actually pretty good! I have to admit I am a little disappointed to come so close and not quite make it. The slip up was on the reaction to another dog. I realize I need to be more aware of Pepper's position to me before making the approach. We'll work on that. Also the sitting for a pet was a bit weak. So we have another month or so to work on those items.

She was so relaxed during the visual and auditory distractions, I would almost be worried she is deaf or something. But I know she's not, as she can hear a tennis ball bounce from a mile away. Sigh.


Wish me luck

October 8th 2009 8:26 pm
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Better yet wish me focus! I've been studying very hard this week for CGC. We have a prep test coming up this Saturday.

We've been working a lot on the loose leash walking and mom says I am doing very well. Although I do still get so very excited when someone wants to pet me! It is sooo hard to sit still for that!

Oh! Is someone going into the tennis ball closet? Gotta go check it out! See ya!


Time is mine!

September 13th 2009 2:05 pm
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These are the life and times of Miss Peppercorn. That's me. At 14 months old, I am young and vibrant and have much of my life in front of me. But, alas, time goes by fast, especially for us dogaloos.

This past summer I went to lots of places. My family has a house that can move! We first went to Reno, Nevada. My pop's brother lives there. My uncle has 3 dogs! They weren't real sure what to make of me and my tennis ball obsession. One of them peed in my frisbee :(

Next we went to Wyoming and saw Yellowstone Park. I liked running next to pop's bike. The bison were big and scary. I did NOT bark at them. Mom thinks I am pretty smart.

Then we went to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore. This was mom's request on the trip. Quite a diversion from the rest of the route. I did not get to go close to Mt. Rushmore, but I did see it from the parking lot.

From SD we pretty much passed almost all the way through Colorado to see Mesa Verde. Not much for me to do here. I got a few walks but spent some time waiting for my people to come back to the moving house. They came back pretty excited about seeing some cliff dwellings. Why didn't I get to go?!

Onward, ho! to Lake Powell in Utah. THIS was my favorite place. In the early morning before most other people were about we would walk down to the lake. My folks would let me off leash a bit (this is a secret) and throw balls in the water for me. I did NOT ever want to leave that place. We stayed for 4 days. It was great.

But leave we had to, on to Bryce Canyon and Zion were we. I think Bryce was pretty neat for my people. They talked about hoodoos. Whatever those are. On my walks I saw weird tall, skinny rocky things. It was kind of hot here. No water to play in. NOT my favorite place.

Zion, Zion. Nice place. There was a big creek I got to splash in. My boy and my dad got sunburned while floating down the river on donut looking things. My boy forgot to put sunscreen on his feet and dad, well, he didn't put on any sunscreen. Mom was fine as she stayed with me in the shade while they did their float. I was very happy to see them when they finally floated down creek to us.

Finally we headed home by going through Las Vegas. Boy there were lots of lights here. We stayed at a place called Circus, Circus. They had a dog area for me to be off leash. Mom was a little uncomfortable with it. She felt like it was a big kitty box with all the dusty wood chips around. I went to get a drink of water. It looked good. But it was HOT water! I changed my mind about drinking that. I am used to nice, cool water in my home town of Boulder Creek, California. And that, my friends, is where we ended up. Back home. I was not sure if we were ever coming back but we did.

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