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***Life As A Simple Dog In A Complicated World***

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Pet Cancer Awareness

November 14th 2009 7:54 pm
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Did you know that November is Pet Cancer Awareness Month?
Learn more about prevention at


Nutro Announces New & Improved Cat Food Line

November 5th 2009 3:19 pm
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NATURAL CHOICE(R) Cat Food Gives Finicky Felines the Ideal Nutrient Balance
Nutro Products Challenges Cat Owners to Switch to NATURAL CHOICE(R) Cat Food to See the Difference

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 2 -- Finicky cats may be a thing of the past - at least when it comes to food. Nutro Products, Inc. has just released a new formula, NATURAL CHOICE® cat food with Ideal Nutrient Balance (INB), to deliver the natural nutritional balance that cats intuitively seek from their diet.

Developed by Waltham, the World's Leading Authority On Pet Care And Nutrition®, Ideal Nutrient Balance is the perfect mix of protein, fat and carbohydrates along with essential vitamins and minerals to give cats balanced nutrition.

"Many people come to me concerned about their cat's health and diet because their cat is overweight or simply doesn't like his food. It is imperative that cats get the right balance of protein, fats and carbs from their diet in order to have the foundation for optimum health," said Director of Health and Nutrition for Nutro Products, Inc., Dr. Tiffany Bierer. "NATURAL CHOICE® cat food with INB provides this balance, which supports cats' healthy immune systems and strong bones along with other important benefits."

NUTRO® NATURAL CHOICE® cat food with INB is available at pet stores nationwide. The NATURAL CHOICE® brand includes Chicken Meal Formula Products in Kitten Original or Indoor, Adult Original or Indoor, Weight Management Original or Indoor, and Senior Original or Indoor. Oceanfish Flavored Products come in Adult Original or Indoor and Weight Management Original or Indoor.

About Nutro Products
Nutro Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of natural pet food products sold exclusively at pet stores. The company has been making "The World's Best Pet Food" for more than 80 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition offering healthful formulas for every pet's life stage, activity level and size. Nutro Products, Inc.'s family of NUTRO® brands includes MAX®, NATURAL CHOICE® and ULTRA(TM) pet food brands. The Greenies Company, a division of Nutro Products, Inc., is a global leader in pet dental chews. For more information, please visit
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Our kitties still have another bag of the old Nutro to eat before they try the new stuff but, I bet I .....I mean they....will like it really well! Don't let Mom know I have been sneaking into the cat food bag lately! I have been doing such a good job of not getting caught lately and I don't want to disappoint my Mom. You know how Mom's are! Gotta love 'em!



October 30th 2009 8:38 pm
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Hey guys! I can't believe its already Howloween time again this year! Mom always dresses us up! This year I am an indian chief, my little brother is a cowboy, and mom is an indian! We entered the Howloween Pet Costume contest at Petco and won 1st place! Mom was super excited and really proud of us! You know how moms are! They can be soooooo embarrassing sometimes! But, I added some pictures that the radio station took of us to my page so you can see!

Mom was also really excited because I got picked for Diary of the day this week! She was bragging about us to all of her friends and it was all I could do to keep from blushing!

Wanted to keep you guys updated on some more Nutro Meet Ups!
There is a Meetup occurring in Toronto for Dachshunds on the 31st! If you live in the area you should go and have some fun!!!


Meet Ups!

October 25th 2009 8:26 pm
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October 24th: Join us at Nutro Meetups in Denver, New York City and Pasedena! Visit for more information.

October 25th: Join us at Nutro Meetups in Los Gatos CA, Bothell WA, and Vancouver! Visit for more information.


Are you looking for something to do this weekend?

October 18th 2009 7:03 am
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Nutro Meetup events this weekend
Hi All,

Check out:
Come and visit! There is guarenteed fun! There will be dogs, and prizes, and food and much much more!

Hope to see you there!


Win Free Food!

October 9th 2009 9:52 pm
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Nutro is having a sweepstakes to win free food for a year!!!!


Happy Fire Pup Day!

October 1st 2009 2:42 pm
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Today is Fire Pup Day celebrating the brave pups that teach fire prevention and awareness! How will you celebrate?

Hey all, just a reminder if you're looking into adopting, October is Adopt-A- Shelter Dog Month and Animal Safety and Protection Month.

Just to let ya know I went back to the vet and am on a once a week injection to see if that helps my joint pain! Mom says she has her fingers crossed whatever in the world that means! Humans and their human talk! BOL!


Making Improvement

September 24th 2009 5:26 pm
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So I am starting to feel SOOOOO much better again! I just hope it is for good this time! After I got the good pain meds in my system I started to feel much better. I am completely off pain medicine now and just on antibiotics. I do have to go back to the vet on Monday just to check my white blood cell count to make sure that everything is improving on track but, other than that I am great! I have a good appetite and Mom says I'm starting to get a little pep back into my step!
Also, Dr. Brocki called when she heard from the oncologist and it was good news. The spot that she was concerned with is where part of my bones were degenerating and good bone is forming to make a bridge under the unstable part! So that is super good news and Mom couldn't be more happy! She says she can't stand it when one of us pups or kats are sick!


I Really Don't Care For Vet Techs With Thermometers.

September 16th 2009 12:56 pm
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So, I went to the Vet and there was this new girl trying to get all friendly and I really just didn't have a good feeling about her. Don't get me wrong, I love humans. They know how to give some good pettings and love to leave food on coffee tables for us, but this girl I was not particularly feeling. The first indication is that she took my temperature...and not under my tongue (lucky humans) or from my ear! Ya, I was not pleased but I did tolerate this! Than she tries to hold my head while the doctor is messing with my hurt legs. Yes, I tried to control myself but, a dog can only take so much! I snapped. I just had to let them know that I am not going to be toyed around with while my legs hurt. Than they took all sorts of x-rays and aspirations and finally they let me go home. Mom keeps giving me all sorts of medicine now and said we have to go back next week, something about sending the x-rays to an oncologist whatever that means. All I know is after the medicine that mom gives me I feel much better and can walk around. I'll keep you posted!


It hurts...

September 14th 2009 6:45 am
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Well, Mom is all up and about and in a huge fuss. She is babying me and freaking out to say the least. My leg is hurting really bad to the point that I can't get around. Mom has a vet appointment scheduled for 3 p.m. today. She is super worried and I can tell even though she is trying her best to act strong, but I know her so well I can tell. It all started when Saturday I started limping. Mom was concerned but, not overly worried because lets be honest here-I'm not the youngest dog on the block. I have had my fair share of hip and joint issues and every winter I seem to start limping. Mom didn't think much of it until last night when I could barely get around and started whining and whimpering because I couldn't get up to go outside and go potty. She really knew something was not right when I didn't get up to greet her at the door...thats when she started crying. I hate it when my human cries. It makes me sad. I don't mean to make her cry but, I can't help it my leg hurts real bad. There is this big lump on my hind leg and it trembles and I flinch every time Mom touches it. She of course got on the internet which is never the smart thing for worried Moms to do. She is praying for the best and keeps assuring me that Dr. Brocki is going to make me all better. I sure hope so because I don't want to be stuck laying down all the time-I like to meet my human at the door. I also think that Mom is more worried than me. Well Mom keeps asking everybody to pray for me so I guess I'll ask you guys to do the same and I'll come back and post after the doctor visit!

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