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To My Sweet Girl Missy-We will NEVER FORGET YOU!1994-2007

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Four years that you have been gone

December 19th 2012 6:08 am
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My sweet darling Missy, it has been four years since I was able to hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you, give you sweet kisses. I just can not describe how my heart still aches and yearns to be able to do just that again. I miss you so much my sweet girl. Mommy can tell you that she will Never Ever forget you not in a million trillion years. I know in my heart that one day I will see you again. I wish that I could have some dreams about you, but seems that they never come any more either. I have your pictures out in my bedroom and in the kitchen. So I look at your sweet little face every day. I miss our walks together, our cuddle times. I miss the smell of you and how you would always spend every minute with me and only me while I was home. You were a wonderful companion for your mommy and that hurts me the most, that we are not together any more. I have your sisters Sugar, Sami and Morgan I love them very much also. I can not hardly stand the thought of one day parting with them too. Sugar is getting old too now. She just turned 12 and it hurts my heart to know that I have such a limited time left with her. I know that when she go's you will be happy to have her with you and Buttons. Just know Missy that we will all together again one day and that mommy loves you very much. Till we see you again hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy...



May 31st 2012 7:32 am
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Happy Birthday little girl, oh how I wish that you were here so I could give you a big kiss and a treat for being the best little girl EVER... I know in my heart that one day I will see you again and that will be a happy time for us all. Some really nice Dogster people are sending their birthday wishes to you today and letting your mommy remember all of the good times we had together. I will always love you Missy and will NEVER EVER forget you for as long as I live. You were such a special little girl, my little shadow. Your sister Morgan has taken your place following mommy every where she go's around the house. She reminds me so much of you. What a sweet soul... Happy Birthday Honey Mommy and Daddy still love you and miss you VERY VERY MUCH.....


Another Year Without You To Hold... WE MISS YOU MISSY

December 20th 2011 5:00 pm
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It has now been 3 long years since your mom and dad were able to hold you and give you kisses and get them in return. We miss you so much little girl, there is not a day that go's by that I do not think about you. I would give anything to be able to give you a big hug and kiss your little soft cheek. You will never ever be forgotten my sweet girl, mommy Loves You. Your sisters are getting older now too and it makes me think even more about you, for I know that one day they will be joining you at the Rainbow Bridge then my heart will be aching even more missing all of you... You were the best little girl mom ever had and I want you to know that mommy will think about you always and forever till I can see you again one day... I LOVE YOU MISSY AND MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY...



May 31st 2011 4:15 pm
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My dear sweet little angel dog, your mom was thinking about you all day today. I think about you every day but more so missing you on this day that would have been your birthday. I love you little girl and miss you more than words can ever say. You are my little angel now and I know you are there with good company. I know that you welcomed little Crissy Edweena to the bridge and showed her around. I know you are having a good time, running and playing painfree and care free. I will see you one day again, but until then, thank you for loving your mom and dad and being the best little girl a mommy could ever have. You are still in my heart now and forever. I LOVE YOU MISSY, MOMMY MISSES YOU SOMETHING TERRIBLE STILL....... Lots of Birthday kisses for you from your mommy and daddy and sisters, Sugar, Sami, Morgan...Happy Birthday Missy....


Missy Your Mommy Still is Missing YOU...

December 21st 2010 5:46 pm
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My darling little girl, your mommy did not write on your page on the anniversary of you leaving me. It still is very hard for mommy to see your page, for I miss you soo much. I can still feel that last little kiss you gave me on my nose when I told you good bye. It was one of the worst days in my life to let you go. I want you to know though that I will never ever forget you for as long as I live. You will always be in my heart and in my memories. Your sisters Sugar, Sami and Morgan make your mommy so happy, but they can and will never tak your place in my heart. I love you Missy and always will MISSING YOU......Your mommy FOREVER.....


It is come close sweet girl

November 22nd 2009 5:59 pm
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Mommy has been thinking about you so much little girl, it is coming close to be 3 years since you left your mommys arms. I still miss you so much that it hurts. I see so many things in your little sister though that you used to do that it is almost like a part of you was left in her. That really gives me so much joy to have her with me and see her do things that you used to do. I will say to your daddy look what Morgan is doing and he will say back yep just like our little Missy used to do. She will never be you though, sweet girl you were the love of my life, and I promise you this, your mommy will never ever forget you for as long as I take a breath. You will always stay in my heart. I love you Missy... I wish you were here right now, so mommy could hold you and tell you how much I love you. Love from your mommy- you are my little girl forever Missy


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl*******

May 31st 2009 5:21 pm
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This has been a sad day for your mommy little girl, thinking of how had you still been here with us you would have turned 15 human years old now. I know that is really old in doggie years, you would have had more aches and pains to deal with and I sure would not have wanted my baby girl to be in pain. Honey my arms really ache for you right now but I know that you live on in your little sister Morgan and that gives me so much joy and comfort. She really does a lot of things just like you did. She is mommys little shadow like you were and so many other things to name are just like you. You trained her well I have to say. Today little girl I just want to remember all of the good wonderful years that we had together and think of how much joy you brought us in your life. I thank God every single day that he gave you to me. You were a blessing to me in every way. So Happy Birthday my sweet angel, you go run and play now with all of the other doggie angels there like Angel Lynn and Katie and just know that your mommy and daddy will NEVER EVER forget you, we still talk about you all the time and mistake your sisters sometimes by calling them by your name instead of theirs. We LOVE YOU Sweetie now and forever....


You are always in my thoughts every day....

March 14th 2009 7:31 am
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My sweet girl, your mommys arms ache to hold you again. You are in my thoughts every day. When I see certain things that remind me of you I smile now because I am so happy that I had you with me even though it was such a short time.
I am so thankful for each day that you were here with us. You are such a good girl Missy and we will love you always. I put this new song on your page for you and it really makes me cry sometimes because it fits how I feel about you so perfectly.
Oh how I miss the mornings with you sweet girl. Your insistant cry till I get you your treat for the day ( your gluecosomine) You did not know that it was good for you, you only knew that it tastes good and that you wanted one.
I miss having you go for a walk with me around the yard to check out how things are growing and while I would pull some weeds out of the the gardens. (Now I pull them away from where you lay sweet girl, it pains my heart so!)
Mommy's long time friend Linda is going through such a hard time right now because she lost her little girl Katie. She was way too young to leave her mommy and daddy. Some mean man posioned her with anti-freeze.( How can some people be so cruel??)
Katie is with you and her big sister Angel Lynn now, so please take care of her for her mommy and daddy. She was a sweet, special little girl. She did not deserve to be posioned, she never did anything to anyone.
We got some snow here on the very first day of March, I thought of you right away and how you loved to go out and run and play in the snow. When you were young then when we were living in Minnesota where we had lots of snow. You were so cute running back to me with your little face full of snow. Mommy would put little boots on you when it was really cold so that your little feet would not get too cold. I made sure that you did not stay out to long so you would not get too cold.
I miss looking out for you sweet girl, it was never a chore for me it was my pleasure to make sure that you were always taken care of.
I just want you to know that your mommy and daddy still miss you and will always miss you. I wish that I could hold you right now and kiss the top of your sweet little head. I loved the way you smelled and having your warm little body fold into my arms. Like mommy said before my arms ache for you.
I love you always Missy you are my sweet little mistletoe, my tee tee bear, my little tyebear and all of the other pet names mommy could think of to call you. You would come to them all.
Till we see each other again Missy kisses to you every day.......


One Year Ago Today Sweet Girl

December 19th 2008 6:44 pm
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Missy my sweet girl mommy just does not know where to begin this entry in your diary. It is such a hard day for me for it was a year ago today that you left me and your daddy and sisters and went to the Rainbow Bridge. I just can not tell you how much I hurt today, my heart aches for you so bad. I miss you so much it seems like just yesterday that you were here with me. I will never forget the night when you got sick and could barely walk, I grabbed you up and took you to the emergency vet and I promised you all the way there and while we sat waiting for the doctor to see you that they would help you and make you feel better. I feel like I let you down because sweetie you never did get better, I just hope that your pain was eased to where you could stand it. All I know is that when you came out to me after they did the X-ray you could still barely walk to me and it made me so sad. I had to leave you there that night and I just cried and cried the whole night long, worrying about you and missing you so much.Little did I know that the very next day I would have to make the choice to send you home to the angels. That was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. You were the light of my life little girl and I will miss you forever and ever. Mommy has had a really rough day today missing you. I found myself crying alot and hugging your sisters close to me. I just don't know what I would do with out them they give me so much love and comfort. I love them all so much too. I smile though when I think of some of the things that you used to do. So insistant on getting your gluecosomine first thing in the morning. You were relentless till your mommy got it for you. The way you used to follow me around the house every where I went, you did not want to lose track of where I was ever! You would still run and get me one of your babies even in your old age and want mommy to play with you. My sweet girl there will never be a time when I will forget you even when I am so old, you were that special to me. Maybe though next year when this day comes around your mommy won't hurt so much from missing your sweet little face. I only want to have happy thoughts of you not the vivid ones that I still have of your last days with me. So Sleep My Sweet Angel in Peace and in Gods loving arms, know that your mommy will love you and miss you always. I LOVE YOU MISSY


Stockings are hung

December 10th 2008 12:16 pm
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My sweet little girl Christmas is almost here again, and it will be another one that we have to share without you. You are here though, mommy has hung your stocking along with those of your sisters, she will always hang your stocking up. Mommy has not gone out to buy any treats for the sisters yet, but she will do that with a heavy heart this year. I miss you so much and I just can not believe that you have been gone almost a whole year now. There is such an ache in my heart right now that I just don't seem to know how to sooth. I am so happy that I had you for 13 and a half years, I would not trade one single moment ever of knowing you and loving you little girl. Did I tell you that you are being honored this week at the Rainbow Bridge Angel Babies group? I am so proud and happy that you got picked for this. There are so many nice pups and mommys and daddys out there that are missing their babies too, having them leave special messages and little gifts on your page and signing your guest book makes me so happy. Oh My for just one more kiss from you one more soft caress of your long beautiful ears and to smell your sweet little body. I miss you so much Missy I love you. Merry Christmas little Angel of mine. I will never ever forget you.

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