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I'm a Good Girl & I'm Gonna Get Aw Bedder...

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Good Mornin Ewbrey!

April 30th 2009 6:58 am
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HiYo Ewbrey Pups & Peopwes! 2Day is a nice day! Barnes & Mi r sweepin' in ours Yorka-beds. (Mi just has 2 uses da yaptop 4 ones minutes...whiwe Barnes is sweepin!) We has beed ewbrey stresseded out & dinnint makes peddie notes 2 ours fwiends hewe 4 sums days. Sowry! 2day we's r just hangin' out & 'laxin'! We wiw get 2 pway in da outside pwaypen 4 a yiddle whiwe 2 day, 2! Mi hopes Mommie isn't bwinging home 1 of dose yiddle screamin baby peopwes! Hers washin lots of baby bwankies! Her says dey're 4 my bed affer mi gets op-e-a-ted. Ok, if dey're 4 mi! Barnes & Mi want to hang out in da house on da wheews, but Mommie says hers 2 busy cweanin' in it & startin' 2 pack suffs. Her says we wiw be aw weady when the Doccors say it's time 2 go! We wiw takes our ewbrey fwiend's pixures wiv us & da yaptop, 2! Hey...guess pweddie face is the pixure on da yaptop screen when nuffins ewse is goin' on dere! Mi YUV-A sit om Mommie's yap & hewp hers do yaptop suffs! Sumstimes mi just yuv-a sees sums pweddie faces dere! Mi ams bery bery happy 2day! 'Gots 2 back 2 night-night now. It's awmost enuf times affer medcines 2 gets bekkist! Wew, Barnes & Mi Yuv-a U's guys & geerls! Makes sums nice day!



April 29th 2009 12:06 pm
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HiYo Ewbrey--- Dis is a peddie sads day 4 uses. Mommie goed 2 see my Yorkie Doccor...again; cause he called her...again. Her was peddie 'pset. Mi wented 2 stay dere on Saturday for 2 tests. Mi gotted da pinchy bwood test, but they sayed mi wouldn't let 'em has sums wee-wee. They gave mi back 2 Mommie after her gived 'em sum cwedit cawd. Mi went back on Monday 2 stay again. They telled Mommie mi wouldn't let 'em has sums wee-wees...again. Mommie gived 'em sum cwedit cawd...again...& brought mi home...again. Her was rainin' cause her onows dat the nummers from dat test wiw say when mi can get op-0e-a-ted. At least them gived Mommie 2 syringes @ the end of dat day...and tewed she 2 twy it! Mommie was rainin' & angwy 2! Yesterday my mjade "good girl" on a upside down puppy pad & Mommmie runned to s'ringe it up! (Peddie silly!) Her writed my name & da time & suffs on a yabel & zoomed to the Doccor's office wiv it. More times wiv the cwedit cawd, cause the "good girl" suffs had 2 go to a lab. (like we're peddie sure my bwood 'ready did) Thems didn't yook @ my chawt & were yappin 'bout what was 2 do wiv da suffs. Mommie tewed 'em...Culture @ the constacting lab. The doccor calleded Mommie this morning & her was weally angayee! Him tewed Momie dat his people wasted the good girl...and another day...cause they had the wrong test done! They sayed the lab messeded up, but eben the doccor knew dat they didn't be truthin'. We did the fwesh good girl pad fwipped over thing AGAIN...and Mommie labeled it AGAIN...and her takeded off zoom 2 da doccor's pwace. He tewed Mommie dat sumsones dere was "stupid!" Mommie says dat we has to meets sums new Yorkie Doccor berry much soon! Her's scawed dat dey wiw not bees cawful enuf wiv me affer I get tha op-e-a-shun. Her's berry berry sad 'bout dis suffs. Ewbrey ammimal in ours famiyee has goed to dis Doccor pwace for 25 years! Dem useded 2B so dif'rent. My weally Weally own Yorkie Doccor dewe is in a Famiyee 'Mergency since yast week. Mi misses he! Him wud neber yet my tests get messeded up! Pwease U wiw Pause 2 "Paws-Together" 4 he's famiyee. My needs he 2B 0k, 2! Mommie says U's peoples HAVE TO STAY ON TOP OF WHAT GOES ON @ YER FURRY/FEATHERY/SCALEY BABIE'S DOCCOR! U's Has @B Ours ADVOCATES...PWEASE!


I'm @ The Yorkie Doccor's Right Now!

April 25th 2009 10:55 am
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HiYo Ewbrey Yuvs! Mi has 2B QUICK! Mommie bringeded mi here this mornin' for my before the op-e-a-shun tests. Mi just figured out how 2 use the Doccor's YapTop, so I can make a Yuvs Notes 2 ewbrey Pup & Peopwes! PWEASE U WIW FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER...CAUSE I LEARNED HOW TO TWEET...JUST LIKE MY SISSY BIRD, NIKKO! PWEASE U WIW LOOK FOR KiarasHope ON TWITTER! I wiw bees home yater 2day! Mommie wiw yap with my Yorkie Doccor in early nexts week 4 the words & numbers. Then we wiw know when the Liver'nOnions Doccor wiw fix my t'tum! Uh, oh...hew comeses the nurse! Gotta go! Yuv-a U!


No Needles Today!

April 24th 2009 11:41 am
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HiYo Ewbrey Pups & Persons!
My didn't get sums bwoods & stuffs taken 2day. My Mommie keeps sums spare car parts in her backie & her felt rusty 2day. Yukkie! My Doccor wiw has mi ewbrey hours 2morrows, though. My swecials Doccors are waitin' for the stuffs 2 gets faxeded 2 'em. Pwobably mi wiw has to gets sums biotics b4 my go 2 see the op-e-atin' pwace @ Cornell. After my bwood pinches & sums 1 takes sums stuffs from my t'tum for tests, we wiw know 4 sure! Mommie gots 2 gets the ol' house on da wheews aw weady to dwives me 2 my op-e-a-shun, 2! Hers gonna go out there in minutes. Barnes & me Love our House On Da Wheews! Mommie says we can't goes in it 'tiw it's aw not 'fected from the winter. Hers has 2 get it aw weady! Hey...mi got a berry new bed for bein recoverin'! It's peddy! My Yuv-a has it! Mommie wiw goes to the only 1 dollar store 2 buys me a tons of new baby bwankies, too! They wiw has to get taked away & washeded ewbrey minutes when my has 'titches...again! Barney wiw get a few 2 mi thinks! Oh, Boy! More peddie stuffs! Well...mi gets 2 go back out in da sunshine in my playpen now! Barney's awready out dere. Mi just pattered in 2 makes U a note & tews ewbreybody Yuvs! Thankda-U for the Yuvs U sended mi, 2! Yap Yap, Slurps & pawpwints on ya! Yuvs, ~Kiara~



April 23rd 2009 8:56 am
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HiYo Again, Ewbrey Pups & Peoples!
Mi has BIG BIG NEWS!!!!!
I wiw go 2 see my Yorkie Doccor tomorrow & spend the day wiv he! (Him's not a stranger, so Mommie says it's ok!) He JUST called to tell Mommie & me aw the stuffs my far away Yiver Doccor said. Mommie is raining again! I wiw has my lab tests 2morrow. Those mean mi has 2 has a needle pinch & sums other stuffs. That's yukky! But...they has 2 know if mi has any 'fections or stuff. OK, mi wiw has 2 do it! Mowstly, us shunt kids gets 'fections & has to get medicines to knock 'em out. That's ok. I get my piwls in a treat! When mi has no 'fections, my Yiver Doccor wiw tie up my extra stuffs a much as her can & takes out the rock that grew in my yiddle Yorkie bladder. (Mi don't know what is a bladder; just that it hurts mi sumstimes!) Any sums ways, mi wiw get to aw better!!!
AWSO: MI AM NOW ON TWITTER! YOUS CAN PWEASE FOLLOWS ME 4 AW THE NEWS! MY TWITTER NAME IS Kiara'sHope! You wiw see my peedy picture there...just like here! PWEASE CHECK OUT MY PWOFILE & NEWS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! MOMMIE WIW KEEP TWEETING THERE ('Cause her JUST learned!) WHIWE MI GET WEADY & WHIWE MI SWEEPINGS IN MY OP-E-A-SHUN! (When her's not rainin' 2 much!) HER WIW TAKES THE "YAP-TOP" WIV US ON THE BIG OP-E-A-SHUN TRIP! PWEASE U WIW MAKE GOOD THOUGHTS & PRAYERS 4 AW OF US. Mommie has 2 dwive the house on the wheels aw the way 2 Ithica, NY, so mi wiw bees comfybul. Her wiw stay there wiv Barney & my people sissy, Kristen, tiw mi am weady 2 snuggle & trabel home in my house on the wheels!


MI ams Awmusht @ My B'say #3 & I Wiw Pease YUV-A Has- Pixsures Ov Fwiends!

March 30th 2009 3:40 pm
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I am awmusht 3 years new!!!!! Apwil # 10 is my B'say!!!!!!!
My Mommie & I wiw YUVA has a pixsures of ewbreybody fur sums fun stuffs! Moms wiw pwint ewvrey pixsure 'n werds 'n' stuffs & makes a 'peciawls books 4 me! Pease, you will send us yer pix & say it "OK" 2 Moms 2 coppies it for MI 'pecial book!? Mi wiw takes it 'pecial pixsures book wiv usses 2 far away & gets my op-e-a-shun peddie soons! (Moms & Barnes wiws go rweadin' it whiwes MI sweepin', 2! )
We wiw YUV-A HAS a HAPPY Pug Mug, a Doodle from A Poodle, Sums kinda creashun fwom a dalmation, Pixsures UV-a Yorkie from the Storkie, A Pit Bull Lookin Really Full (MI HOPES!), A Bull Dog - Lookin' like a Tractor Pullin Dog, Sums Nose 2 Da Grounds Hounds, Pwenty Uv Hines 57s, 58s,59s, ... eben wivs yers not pups sissers & brudders & fwiends! Mi & Barnes gots a Kid-A-Kat BIG Brudder & a coupwe o' Kid-A Kat Cousins @! We gots a bird-brained sissy & a twurtwles, 2! We YUV-A has Yots-A Famees & fwiends! We wiws has a "Yorkie's Eye Level Gallerie of Da Pixsures ons 1 waws, 2! Wanna bees wiv us? We wiw YUV-A Has U! Thankda-U 4 rweadins sums werds froms MI!


Thank You ... From The Bottom Of The Liver In My L'il Pink- T'tum!

March 21st 2009 8:00 pm
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"Thankda -U" can't even begin to 'splain! There's more Yuvs here than a Precious Little Girl can see past! 'Can't bewieve ya' Yuvs Me yike dat! We gots a long wroard & we're gonna be dog tired, but there's not gonna be any sum givin' up! Wee are berry berry Blest! So, Thankda-U 4 gettin' me Hewps & Hopes while my yiddle yibber needs a gets aw bedder. Ewbry soon as my t'tum gets aw fixeded, my moms & Barnes & I wiw be workin' our paws to hewps sum pups who needs it 2! U guys (geeirls) are Rockin' ours hearts! THANKDA-U!


Guess What I Got Today!

March 17th 2009 8:21 pm
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I got a package in the mailbox today!!!! I YUV A get stuff that's special for me! My Mommy & I just opened it. There are MILLIONS (I tink! I got sleepy & stopped counting!) of yiddle cards. Every one has...a picture...of me! Barney didn't get any some wiv his pic on 'em! Just Me did!! Maybe I'll give Barnes one for his hatch day! (I think he came from an egg! He must have. He's a boy!) I want ta paste 'em all over the walls, but Mommy says they're business cards. She said we can give one to ewbrybody. Yipes! I don't know why. I just don't unner sand why I have to give my pretties away! They tell about My Store. Mommy works for me, u no! Hers gettin' people dwesses and matching neck scawves for us l'il Angels & Pwincesses maked, 2! Hers always doin' sumpin' ewse when I need night-night time on hers yap! Her aways tews me we're gonna get thewre, but my don't know whewe we're goin. Ebrey time Mommy puts stuff in a big envelope she says it will help me get my op-e-a-shun. I don't unner sand that, eben a smalie bit! So I got my new pretties, but now I habs to gib 'em all away. (Except the first one...Mommy is going ta fwame that one!) She won't let me eat any sum of 'em, tho! could want one! I will yet U acause U are nice! Pease bark a yiddle if u want one. Don't barks 2 much, or u will go 2 twoubwes! Thank d'you 4 ewbrey yuvs note! Mommy cries some minutes when we read the drippy nice wuns! Well...back 2 countin' cards! Yuv Y'all! ~Kiara~


THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 11th 2009 12:49 pm
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OK, so My Mommy doesn't quite get everything that goes on here @ Dogster yet. I'M TRYING TO TRAIN HER, I PROMISE!! By the way...if anyone could recomment a kind & effective Human Trainer, I'm all ears! (Hey...not every Yorkie's ears are willing to stand up! Mine are Yazee!) I'm a little embarrassed. SO MANY OF YOU...OUR NEW PALS...HAVE BEEN SUPER KIND TO BARNES & ME. Here's a bone for you! I'm sending y'all Kiara kisses with every word! We haven't caught up on our "Wuv U's" for everyone's kindness. That may take a while! Mommy doesn't type very fast. I'm a little embarrased by that! I thought that was a pretty basic trick for humans :) Apparently, not! 'Any word on that human trainer yet? (At least she doesn't have frequent accidents on the floor!)
Mommy & I are so very Grateful for all the Prayers & Kind messages, as well as the really cool bones & gifts for Barnes & Me.
A couple of our new Pals have also come to eBay to visit & shop in "MY" store. Thank You, so very much! It's not nice to be pushy or beg. (I don't get treats, anyway! Once my op-e-a-shun is done, though...Look Out...I'll be all over those treats!) Oh, right...I'm not begging now. 'No magic links here. That'd be a naughty dog thing to do. I just want to invite you guys & your people to visit & checkit out. By the way, it's all a college fund (whatever that is), only it's for my Op-e-a-shun fund. We work really hard there. Maybe you would like A Bargain In Kiara's Korner. We hope so! 'Wuv You ~Kiara~



March 9th 2009 2:12 pm
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"C.J." & Her Family Have Touched Our Hearts Deeply.

May Her Love & Many Wonderful Memories Help To Heal Their Hearts & Bring Them Many Smiles. GOD BLESS YOU, "AUNTIE EMMA"

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