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I'm a Good Girl & I'm Gonna Get Aw Bedder...

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Ewbrey Day Sums Suffs Changes!

September 10th 2009 8:33 am
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HiYo, Diawry & Ours Fwiends- Aw wight, this is tha news 2day! Tha Cornell peopwes makeded tha telfone ringing 2day morning. Thems tewed Mommie I has 2B thewe on tha Mun day! Mommie sayed it's aw wight. We WIW B thewe! Mommie & me wiw dwive tha House-On-Tha-Wheews to thewe on Sunny Day. Then we wiw Night-Night (& pway Piyyo Hog) tiw my has 2 C Doccor Center @ 9 & a haff time in tha mowning. Barney wiw get bored (I'm sure!) @ the Yorka-Kennel hewe while we B away. Mommie says I has 2B berry berry calm & no Yorkie games wiv Barnes affer tha op-e-a-shun. I wiw miss he. He wiw B a berry good boy, tho. We wiw get 2 get Barnes Man in 1 or 2 days affer we gets back 2 home. My sissy wiw come 2 C me soon yike her gets aw done wiv hers class & dwives to tha hos-pitiful! Sowwy 2 make so many muches of 'stakes wiv tha news, but thems has 2 makes sums changes sums times. Pease U wiw Pause 2 Paws-Together ewbrey times 4 tha Doccors & uses. Mommie wiw clowse tha store's doors 4 1 week 4 my op-e-a-shun. Her says thewe's no time to make sums packages affer Satterdays. Pwobably thewe wiw be no fun-raiser finished on Dogster B4 we weave. Maybe we wiw B able 2 give 'em sums of tha dollyers affer my wake up! Mommie says Pwayers R tha Best. Thankda-U 4 sums BIG Paws-Togethers & YUVS! Kisses, Kiara & Mines Famiyee


I Has 2 Wait 1 Extras Day...

September 9th 2009 1:50 pm
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HiYo Diawry- I has 2 tews U sumsthing. We wiw has 2 go 2 the big hos-pitifuls on 15 day of Septembers now. There was sums pwobwems wiv gettin' 2 there. The Doccor wiw sees me at noon times on Tuesdays now. Mommie says we has 2B safes, so we wiw has my big sis wiv uses. Her wiw hang out wiv Mommie when I am sweepin' in my op-e-a-shun. I didn't want 2 leave Mommie aw 'lone! Now we R aw set 2 get 2 thewe! Pease U wiw 'member sums swecials Paws-Together at my 'pointment time. Gues what, diawry...I has fwiends on Dogsters. Thems Paws-Together 4 me ewbrey! Night Night, diawry. I Yuv-a U...and aw my fwiends, 2!


Gettin' Nervous. Not Sure Why.

September 6th 2009 3:21 pm
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HiYo Ewbrey- My date is gettin' berry berry close. Mommis is gettin' berry nervous! Her says that Cornell University (That's where my Yiver-n-Onions Doccor is) has a bunch of Swine Flu twoubles. Her sended sums emails fwom the YapTop to that pwace to asks 'bout if it's safe 4 me to has my 'pointment. But I'm not a swine! (My sissy says I act like one when I walk around wiv my li'l snotter to the ground, tho!) Any sums ways, Mommie is gettin' my house-on-the-wheels aw ready 4 the trip. I get to sweep ewbrey wheres I want in there!! :) I YUV the couch...but not if Mommie goes to the bed! We play pillow hog games ewbrey nites! I awways win!! :) I don't unnersand why Mommie gets aw nervous! My special Yiver-n-Onions Doccor is SOOO nice! Maybe it's cause her dwinks coff-ee! Her says "No. Kiara!" ewbrey times I sniffs the cup! I dunno why her yikes that suff, any sums ways...It smews yukky! Mommie buyed me more bwankies for affer the op-e-a-shun. What a big deal this is! At least I gets new bwankies & my peedie bed & sums new peedie shirts to wears! I peeked in the cabinet when Mommie opened it. There R new soft, fuzzy toys for me in there! (OK, I'll share with Barney...maybe one or two!) I eben gots new fuzzy steps, but thems R still in the box. I know, I know...for after the op-e-a-shun! Thems telled me "No Jumping" last time. I think this time is WAY more 'portant, though. Mommie keeps gettin' aw softs suffs 4 me to has affer this one. Pwease U wiw Paws-Together 4 aw my Doccors & my Famiyee & Me! That's so 'portant! I wiw keeps takin' my (yukkie) med'cines & my (Yummy) treats to stay strong & ready 4 my big trip! It's in just 1 more week now! :?) THANKDA-U AW 4 SUMS PAWS-TOGETHER & SUMS YUVS! I YUV-A U GUYS & GEERLS! Slurps, Kiara


**********I HAVES A DATE !!!!!**********

August 27th 2009 1:23 pm
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Dear Diawry- Mommie yipped & yapped wiv the BIG Hos-Pitiful peopwes 2day. They telled Mommie 2 B there wiv me on 14 SEPTEMBER! (No Yummie Foods affer Suppies on Sunday, tho! Oh, Dear!!) Mommie is rainin' but awso happy. Go figure! Those humans fowks R peedie strange! I am a brave li'l giwl! Mommie tews ewbrey that!!! :) Her yubba-me dubba-me! Any sums ways, we wiw aw B Paws-Together 4 Dr. C & the surgical team to do aw the good things. I AWWAYS wants 2 tewl my York-a-Doccor THANKDA-U! I YUV-A HE!! He is Dr. Kellner @ East Fishkill Animal Hosp...AND HE'S THE VERY BEST ALL-KINDS DOCCOR EWBREY! Dr. Center @ Cornell wiw B my Berry Swecialists Yiver Doccor...again...@ Cornell Companion Animal Hosp. Her YUVS Yorkies & takes care uf us wiv Yiver Shunts just yike we R hers own babies! Our store is hewping a yiddle. Dogster sent Mommie papers (NOT potty papers!) for sumsthing called fun-raising. Pease U wiw watch 4 that when it is aw set! If U wiw join us in Paws-Together, the God one wiw know how 'portant I am 2 this world. Pease U wiw do that! It costes NOo sums! THANKDA-U AW 4 PAWS-TOGETHER 4 MY BEDDER LIFE! I wiw 'member aw my fwiends when I get 2 scawed & suffs. Mommie & Barney & Mitter-Pitter & my Sissy wiw, 2! R hearts R filled wiv YUVS 4 U aw! Kisses, Kiara...& Mommie,2



August 18th 2009 5:31 pm
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Hi-Yo Ewbrey! I has sums 'citing news!!! My York-a-Doccor barked sums nummers @ my Mommie 2day. It's aw 'bout my B4 op-e-a-shun tests. Gues what! Gues What! He telled my Mommie I wiw B able 2 has my HUGE OP-E-A-SHUN NOW!!!!! He wiw bark & yip wiv my most specialest Yorkie Yiver Doccor tomorrow 2 make the plan! My Mommie is rainin' again. I think her's scared a yiddle or sum lot. I am a brave yiddle girl, though. I'm not rainin' or any sums thing! I just give Mommie my Ewbrey Kisses...ewbrew minute...and take away her rains. Mommie says I'm a GOOD GIRL. Her Yuvs-a me BIG! Sissy & Mommie & me wiw go 2 sums pwace tomorrow in my house on the wheels. My York-a-Doccor wiw yip 'n'stuff wiv Mommie wiv the yiddle phone. He wiw tells us when is going 2 B the op-e-a-shun! We wiw B back in only sum few days. Mommie says maybe we wiw get to travel 2 the big Yorkie hosp-pitiful soon...maybe even next week! I has NO 'FECTIONS IN MY YIDDLE BODY!!! Mommie says it's 'cause I'm such a good girl & takes aw mymed'cines ewbrey time her tews me 2! Mommie tews aw suffs 2 the God one. Her tews Him Thankda-U and Pwease 'bout me ewbrey minutes. Her is paws-together aw the times. Barney & me do that, 2. (When we R not pwayin' or sweepin') WIW U PWEASE JOIN US IN PAWS-TOGETHER? We wiw 'preciate it ewbrey muches! THANKDA-U 2 WREAD MY SUMS WORDS...AND TO KEEP US IN YER PAWS-TOGETHER TIMES, TOO! I YUVA-U GUYS & GIWLS! Mommie & Barney do, 2. Thems just don't make such good typing! Mommie says Bless You All. Caring makes us ewbrey yike a famiyee! Yuvs, Kiara


Pease U Wiw Paws-2gether. BIG Test Day 2day!

August 13th 2009 2:33 pm
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Hi-Yo, Ewbrey Paws Pals. I am @ my York-a-Doccor's now. Mommie wiw bees here 2 bwing me home berry soon. Today was TEST DAY...AGAIN! I was a Good Girl! They made more pinchies on me & took sums stuffs outta my t'tum wiv a pinchie needle...again. :( If I has NO 'fections ANYWHERE, I wiw go 2 get my op-e-a-shun berry berry soon! Awways I has sums kinds of 'fections when they do these tests 2 me. Mommie & Barney & Mitter-Pitter are @ home wiv Paws-Together that I wiw be compwetewy 'fection-free this time. :) That wiw be a BIG good girl! :) :) I take aw my piws & med'cines ewbrey day. so maybe it wiw work this time! PEASE U WIW PAWS-TOGETHER WIV US! Mommie says I wiw feew yikes a bwand new Yorkie afters my big big op-e-a-shun! :) Maybe I wiw be havin' sums treats then! I 'member treats. I haven't been ok 2 has them for sum long time! We wiw yip & bark wiv my Yorka-Doccor tomorrow & Monday & Tuesday 2 get aw the numbers 4 my tests. They wiw decide when I get 2 go far away 2 see the special yiver Doccor & get aw bedder! Maybe U wiw yike to visit me @ my berry own store. It's aw about the $ for my op-e-a-shun. There's bunches of cool stuff & it hewps me! "A Bargain In Kiara's Korner" is @ the eBay pwace. Thankda-U 4 ewbrey Pwayers & Hewp. Mommie 'preciates ewbrey, 2! Yuv-a U Guys & Giwls! ~Kiara~


A Good Week!

May 18th 2009 9:25 am
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HiYo Ewbrey! My yiddle paws are tired, so this wiw be quick. My first weekend home was a yiddle bit rrrufff, but Mi managed 2 get through it. My yukkie med'cines maked me sick to my t'tum for a couple of days. Mommie learned 2 make mi meatballs. YUM! They hold some crushed up piw stuffs, but it doesn't taste yike it! The squirty stuffs tastes yukkie! Mommie gives mi the treat ball after that one, so we get-r-done! Ewbrey Doccor is workin' on my schedule 4 tha op-e-a-shun now. My job is 2 just take this stuffs & stay strong. I wiw gets tests again in a few weeks. They has 2 makes sure aw stuffs is gone fwom me...then comes the op-e-a-shun! Mi eben pway wiv my toys sumstimes now! That's Y my paws R tired! I YUV-A Y'ALL! THANKDA-U 4 EWBREY PAWS-TOGETHER & NICE WORDS! Mommie says thankda-u 2! Bye 4 now. Nap time again. ~Kiara~


HiYo Ewbrey...Still From Tha Hopspituls...but gettin' Sooo- Bedder!

May 6th 2009 5:38 pm
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HiYo Ewbrey Fwiends! Mi ams stiw at tha hopspitul, but mi wiw bee home in 1 or 2 more days! Guess What.....Mommie bwoughted my faborite bwankie 2day! I YUV-A has bwankie! I YUV-A sees Mommie, 2! I gived hers ewbrey kisses...and then more...and then more! The Doccors taked my leash off my arm & just covered ups tha thing where it 'taches so mi could hang out wiv Mommie! Her takeded pixures of mi. (Her awways takeses pixures of mi!) Her wiw put sums up on my page when hers gets to home. Mi cried & trieded 2 get in Mommie's purse 2 get to home wiv her, but it dinn't work so good! Mommie said Mi wiw get to home tomorrow or 1 more day maybe! Mi smewwed Barney Boy on Mom's jeans 'n' suff. Mi miss him sooo much, 2. Mommie had to gived mi back cause mi got so sweepy & pantin'. Her wiw be back tomowwow, tho. Her pwomised me that! Mommie gived mi kisses & kisses & kisses...and tewed mi sums wer fwom my fwiends @ Dogster! THANKDA-U 4 EWBREY KISSES, PALS! I SIMPWE CAN'T BEWIEVE HOWS MUCHES YUVS YOUS GIVEDED MI! THANKDA- U...THANKDA-U... THANKDA-U! Mi has 2 get sums more sweepies now. This was my fiwst big day fewin' so much bedder! Yous guys & geerls r just tha bestest! Thankda-U 4 aw the Paws-Together times 4 my aw bedder! Kisses & Night-Night. Yuvs, ~Kiara~


HiYo Fwom Tha Yorkie Hopspital

May 5th 2009 5:56 pm
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HiYo Ewbrey Pups & Persons. Mi hav'd a rrough weeks end. Mommie & Mi went to tha 'Mergency Clinic on Sunday night. Mommie was worried 'bout me...big. Mi don't 'member 2 much 'bout it, but mi was scawed. The dif'rent Doccor giveded mi suffs in pinchies & we went home to make some night-night. Mi had 2 come to tha Yorkie Hosp. yesserday 2 stay 4 sums days. Mi has IV's now & mi gets med'cines in pinchies, 2. Mi am gettin' bedder, tho! Mi wiw bees able 2 goes home in a couple a days. No op-e-a-shun for sums weeks now. Mi has 2 has aw gone 'fections first. This time was tha worst 1. If U's R l'il Yorkies, PWEASE U WIW ASK YERS MOMMIES & DADDIES 2 GETS U A YIVER FUNCTION TEST! Us yiver shunt babies has 2 go thru sums pweddy ruff suffs. (We call it mi Yiver 'n' Onions!) Mi ams berry berry sweepy. Mi miss my Mommie & Barney & my Kid-E Brudder & My Birdie Sisser & Aw U's guys so much! Mommie wiw comes 2 bisit mi 2morrow. Her bwings mi fav'rite bwankies! Pwease U Wiw Paws-Together. Mi YUV-A HAS PWAYERS, PEASE! THANKDA-U PUPS & PERSONS. U R THA BEST! Night-Night 4 now. Yuvs, Kiara



May 2nd 2009 9:20 pm
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Hello to all of our wonderful Dogster friends! (I promised not to snoop in Kiara's diary! She's just one pooped l'il pup tonight & we need to get her "YUVA-Us Mom gets a turn!) The past week has been a tough one for L'il Miss Kiara. After we finally finished getting all the necessary specimens for pre-op testing on Wednesday, I thought we'd just be awaiting the results. I was so wrong! Kiara had some trouble late Thursday afternoon. She woke from her nap & came into the kitchen for her pre-supper med...limping & hopping pitifully. I was terrified! There was no sign of anything in her paw pads & she hadn't done anything to injure herself. After she took her med, I decided that we'd better get to the Vet before their hours ended. We went, but Kiara started walking on all 4's in the exam room. She didn't exhibit any specific area of pain on examination. Her temp was normal. The Dr. suggested warm moist towels if she had the problem again, but could find nothing wrong. (Kiara can't have anti-inflamitory meds or pain meds unless it's absolutely necessary, due to her liver situation.) I was a bit baffled, but THRILLED that there didn't seem to be anything seriously wrong. (I had feared a blot clot or some other catastrophic situation. Thank God, there was none!) She wasn't able to jump up on the couch that night, but didn't seem to have any strong pain. Friday was worse. She refused most food, barely hobbles & spent the day on the moist heating pad in her bed. Late Friday night was a little scary. This morning was FRIGHTENING. She was mostly unresponsive. There was no choice but to RUSH back to the Dr. HERE'S WHERE THINGS START TO TURN AROUND! WHAT A BLESSING! WE'RE SO VERY GRATEFUL!!! Kiara's own Dr. is back! He examined her & knew exactly what to usua! Kiara's preliminary urine culture results were back & showed an infection. The sensitivity (determination of most effective antibiotic) portion won't be back til Monday. Kiara also had a considerasble fever. Her l'il body was just consumed by it...again. She was given fluids, an antibiotic injection, another blood test & more meds to start @ home. (Antibiotic will be changed if there's a better one on her lab list Monday, but Clavamox is her usual!) She is MUCH more comfortable & closer to her normal self tonight! She's exhausted & needs more sleep than not, but she's safe! The situation indicates that she has to do her "usual" 3 weeks on antibiotics & retest for infection before the surgery can happen. The stones, and therefore infection, are an "expected" part of her present condition. We didn't think there was much chance that we could head to Cornell imediately...but it's in the works now. Kiara is asleep & seems quite comfy now. She actually ran into the kitchen when I came in a little while ago! I am so very Grateful! Thank You All for your Prayers & positive thoughts for Kiara! Please don't give up. It's the best I could ask anyone to do. I am especially Grateful to "her" Dr. Kellner. (I think Kiara may have a bit of a crush. Dr. K's wife must put up with that from all the little girl dogs! She is also a very compassionate Vet & greatly appreciated!) He has both skill & heart. Kiara has found a connection with this Dr. that is truly saving her life! It's time to gather these 2 little bundles of Yorkie Love & get some sleep. Thank God they're here! G'night & Thanks to all of our family's incredible friends.

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