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Pepper Power Activated!

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Ancient Dog Saying.

February 4th 2010 11:41 pm
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Pepper Power here.

Ancient Dog Saying:

"Bowl only half empty until nose stuck in makes it all full again".

Word to the oh-so-wise Misty.

Just saying.

Pepper Power Out


Da Bomb

January 18th 2010 8:17 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Yesterday Mom brought us home some tasty dog bones from the pet store. I must say I do like those bones. I take the biggest for myself of course, cuz a gal has to take care of herself in this world you know. That keeps me happy for a good while, but I can see the bone that Scooter is sleeping next to on the couch. My dog eyes do not lie to me and I can tell he has hardly a gnaw mark on it yet. I've learned that Scooter has a desire to age his SNACKS like a vintner does to wine. It boggles this Papillons mind for sure.

Deciding to do a stroll by Scooter to test if he really was sleeping or just faking it. He's a very good sleep faker, typical male. Or is that fake sleeper? You'd think I was digressing, but he was in fact a sleep faker/fake sleeper. He's that good.

Well, what is this? Cutter left his bone thinking mine would be better, which of course it was. Until I got all the good stuff off of it. I snag Cutter's bone, he's none the wiser and keep Scooter's in mind for a mid afternoon SNACK.

Eventually I ended up putting my finishing touches on all those bones. Tasty stuff like that sure makes for digestive challenges. Very thirsty as well. Those 2 combined and I had many girl trips to the outhouse. I had a super duper bonus for Mom right as she was getting ready to mess up the bed (making it) before she left for work. Yep I'd left tracks on the sheets.

I may or may not have barfed a couple times as well while she was at work on the mattress pad while the bedding was being washed. I may or may not have.

Tonight while Mom is cleaning up the house, picking up dog toys and putting the bed back together how she likes I make sure to follow her around. She's sniffed the air. She's looked at the bottom of her feet. She's had the flashlight out looking in corners. She inspects every dogs rear end, visually and with the sniff test.

Still that awful smell keeps following her around the house. That awful, awful smell. That funk. That odor.

Then I was caught crop dusting the room as I walked by. My propeller wasn't on silent mode even though the smoke engine was still fluffing the vent out. When the gaseous cloud hit the upper regions of Mom's nose the gig was up. I was the stink bomb culprit following her around the house.

For tonight, I am Da Bomb!

Pepper Power Out.

PS - I did get Scooter's SNACK, but no pup would have expected different.



Smarter than a baby gate

January 7th 2010 4:53 pm
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Pepper Power here

Know how smart I am? Smarter than a baby gate that’s for sure. Mom has one set up keeping us all out of the back bathroom so we don’t eat the cat food. Tasty as it is, we aren’t supposed to eat any. I haven’t figured out why the cats get better tasting food than the dogs do, but I have this problem under control. If Mom is lazy and doesn’t make sure the bottom is hooked I shove my nose down there and squeeze my body through. I am now on the other side of the baby gate and able to eat cat food until my belly blows up. Tasty!

Pepper Power Out.


Dog Test: Defender

January 2nd 2010 6:47 pm
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I just took this online test and can you believe I am considered a "defender"?

Here's what they say about me:

Your dog is an Organized, Alpha and High Activity type which we call the Defender. The Defender's social position is ambiguous due its Beta (B) nature and it may appear to be a leader or a follower at various times. Defenders are flexible about social structure but their Organised (O) factor means that environmental order and clear rules are preferred. In the 'original wolf pack' Defenders could easily fill any positions vacated due to illness or accident.

Take your own test here.

Pepper Power Out.


Random Papillon Ponderings ~ by Pepper

December 17th 2009 8:17 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Here are things that have been on my Papillon mind lately.

~When I get hiccups, are they called Papiccups?

~I do indeed believe that when you come through the garage door with something in your hands it involves a SNACK.

~Thank you for putting a rug outside the kitchen door. It crumples up just right to lay in and trip you on your walk to the bathroom.

~I'm not sure why Mom makes the bed every morning. By the time her hair is dry I have it remade to my specifications. Then she ruins it.

~I'm also not sure why she remakes it again. And yet again.

~See above 3 points - Mom needs more training.

~That stuff Mom calls "rain" - did you know it came in so many varieties? I'm new to this neck of the woods. There is stuff that just gets your fringes wet, but if you run through the bushes you are soaked. Rain that just plops down occasionally and no big deal. Then there is the rain that slashes down and has the wind and trees howling. No pup likes that stuff.

~Freezing cold is better than pouring rain, at least for a dog. As long as we are talking about the rain freezing and turning into SNOW.

~Watch out for the deck that freezes and you hit it at a full run. Ask Cutter, he does it every time.

~Smacking your head on the bench after you skid out on the frozen deck hurts. I know.

~Misty, Queen of All She Surveys, wants to play with all of us. I'm not sure she's up to Pepper Power.

~I am in fact the happiest dog in the world. Just ask me.

~In fact you will know that within 5 minutes of knowing me.

~I have healing powers. Well, I'm tested for companion dog. Sit next to me and pet me. I'll prove it.

Those are my random thoughts for the last month.

Pepper Power Out.


Power Out.

November 18th 2009 9:33 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Mom says the power is out. I can see just fine. So the Pepper Power is NOT out!

Guess there is another kind of "power".

Until we paw wrestle for power.

Pepper Power Out.


Learning Curve.

November 5th 2009 10:55 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Yes I have to say there is a learning curve. Not only did I not know, and obviously Cutter had no respect, but this house training thing drags.

Did you know it "rains" in the Pacific Northwest? Cutter and I are both from E of the Rockies (UT & ID) and we agree that this rain stuff is not for going out in. Can you believe that both the ORIGINALS Misty and Scooter actually go out there and make stuff happen? Not for us OTHERS and getting either our paws wet. or eeeek - it might actually "drip" on us. Bluch and shiver.

It is raining and has been since the morning began. We've been out plenty of times, but the front rug by the door nobody uses seems to be fine with Cutter and I.

Pepper Power out.


Suckie Machine.

October 25th 2009 10:39 pm
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Pepper Power Here.

Yikes - does anypup out there how to turn a Mom off? She has been cleaning and telling all us dogs we are pigs. She needs to be rebooted after we shut her down. Or is it the other way? Dogs being compared to bovine - what a backpawed compliment.

That suckie machine was out all day long and got cleaned many times. There are 3 suckie machines she has + one that holds water and cleans the carpets. That is a really loud suckie machine. I was happy to see that one leave the house again - Mom lets it live at other houses for safety reasons. Who knows what that machine would do to a pup if it stayed in the house for more than a day.

If you ask me it isn't much of a suckie machine because my paws are wet after she uses the one with water. Of course she has been known to swab the floor with a wet sponge on a stick and it gives the same wet paw sensation.

Either way - now we are all glared at if we move a fur hair. Do you know how hard that is? Even in sleep that is hard.

I suppose I have my work cut out for me this week making sure there is extra hair left in the most obvious corners.

Is it in bad taste to leave one right next to....well of course is it ~ oops

Pepper Power out.


DSI: Seattle.

October 20th 2009 7:29 pm
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DSI (Dog Sniff Investigation) Agent Pepper Power here.

Seattle unit barking here.

I have a badge - see it right there on my collar.
No - there is no need to get any closer to read it. I just told you what it said! And they say cats don't listen to a thing - try a human! Deaf critters.

As a DSI Agent some of my duties include sniffing for:

Lack of manners in using a napkin and rubbing crumbs off on pants.
Your intercommunication skills in sniffing how many people I smell around your clothes.
Where you have WALKED - is it city smell or country smell?
Loyalty - did you visit any other dogs and why? Yikes - is that CAT I smell? Eww - go take a BATH!
Bringing in food just for humans or SNACKS? Very important skill that one is.
Did you go on an Adventure without us? I can smell when you WALK around the neighborhood without us. Don't think I can't!
Many other duties include sniffing, smelling, snuffling, whuffing, snorking and others I should not share.

This is how the evening greeting goes when Mom comes home. I must know what has been going on. Can't wait to send her off to her first high school prom - BOL! Ha ha - even funnier - it will probably be BINGO at the rate she is going!!

Well either way - I'm still giving her the sniff test and am lead agent for DSI: Seattle.

Pepper Power out.


Will it Always be this Wet?

October 16th 2009 7:16 pm
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Pepper Power here

Just wondering - will it always be this wet in Seattle?

Squishy ground is not fun to find a place to pee.

Wet ear fringe is is about the worst.


Pepper Power going to roll on the carpet to dry out.

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