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Sleepless in Seattle.

January 18th 2010 9:11 pm
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Bonjour. Cutter here.

A scary thing happened this weekend. MsLouann stopped by and we were all happy to see her. Even I as shy as I am can be happy to see MsLouann. Misty and Scooter went out the front door and that is where the scary part starts.

We all got in the car. All of us, meaning me too. I was in the crate because I don't travel well. Even though Mom had her fingers through the side of the crate, MsLouann's car was the scene of yet another barfing. Mine was contained to the corner of the crate, unlike MzThang's episode. Or so I've been told.

We got to this strange house which Mom told me is where MsLouann and the Teenager lived. Misty, Scooter and Pepper walked right in and had no issue with some dog named Booger. I didn't actually either, what I really had to do was take a dump. So I did. Right next to the Teenager playing his video game.

I was nervous, what can I say? Well sorry MsLouann seems appropriate.

The reason all 4 dogs went on this trip was because we were staying the night. I had no idea what that meant until the very next day after having spent the night. I might have had a few minutes of sleep at all. Very few minutes.

Dinner was shared, and I have it on good authority from Scooter that it was fresh from Montana. Scooter told me about cattle, so when those scraps of SNACKS hit our lips we were living the Big Sky Country life.

Mom and MsLouann got a little loopy from their cocktails, which was I hear from Misty had been planned from the beginning. No driving allowed. It was now a Sleep Over. MsLouann being a little loopy, and me being in a corner and all, scooped me up. I was very close to squirming when out of the corner of my eye I saw Mom give me the "look at me" sign. I did, and MsLouann never knew I was being good just because Mom was making sure I had special signs to make me feel ok. Well MsLouann figured it out, but only after she had put me down and I'd sniffed her that I was ok with it all.

Booger and the Teenager headed off to bed. Booger was kicked out for being a whiner and told never to come back. Booger didn't seem offended by the Teenager since he'd barge right back into the room to be kicked out yet again.

Mom grabbed the couch saying it wasn't worth disturbing the cats in the spare bedroom. What? Is that what I've been smelling?

MsLouann headed off to bed. Misty, Scooter and Pepper tell me it was a wonderful bed that had plenty of room. I wouldn't know.

I was not leaving the only human I knew for any comfortable bed. I was sticking with Mom. In fact instead of sleeping down on her feet like I usually do, I will sleep on her head. There is no way she can slip out and leave me here if I wrap my body around the top of her head and down an arm.

If I stare at her all night long I know she can't leave me. Ask me how she knows, cuz she'd tell you it is creepy~sweet.

In the morning with human heads and eyes hanging lower than a Bloodhounds, we were back at home. Upset stomach and vomit included. *Mom note - the humans had the bloodshot eyes, the dog was the sick one*

I crawled up on my couch knowing I had peed on the Teenager's chair before we'd left MsLouann's. Sleep is needed. And I don't want any human attached to me for a while.

Mnsr. Cutter.


Dog Test: Adventurer

January 2nd 2010 6:52 pm
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Bonjour Mnsr. Cutter.

I just took this online test and can you believe I am considered a "adventurer"?

Here's what they say about me:

Your dog is a Spontaneous, Beta and High Activity type which we call the Adventurer. The Adventurer regularly challenges the social order, routine and environmental orderliness. It constantly searches for new social and environmental standards. It is highly competitive with plenty of energy and a playful spirit but not great at group activities.

Take your own test here.

Adieu Mnsr. Cutter.


Who Are You Strange Woman?

January 1st 2010 8:53 pm
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Mnsr Cutter here.

She left.
She returned.

She smelled different.
She smelled familiar.

She left.
She returned.

She had the same stuff she left with.
She had all new smells on it too.

She left.
She returned.

She thought I would remember.
She was right, I remembered.

She left.
She returned.

She remembered me.
She remembered where I liked my scratches.

She left.
She returned.

She loves me.
She knows I love her as well.

She left.
She returned.

She returned just for me. I know ~ she told me.

She's the BEST!

Mnsr Cutter has voted as such.


Returning the Favor.

December 16th 2009 8:45 pm
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Bonjour ~Mnsr Cutter~

Scooter was catching up on his friend Oliver Louis tonight and told me I had to be the voice of this topic.

We read Oliver Louis diary entry and we must say he puts it better than we could have.

I'm a rescue dog myself and still have my hang ups. I am ever so glad that I have a great house to live in and am now not a puppy mill dog. We also have family members that have served their country both home and overseas.

Times are tough and many cupboards are bare all over. Help you can give to k9soldiers these k9's in need a paw.

Thanks for at least the look see if you go.

Adieu ~Mnsr Cutter~


Darkness and Sleepiness.

December 15th 2009 7:12 pm
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Bonjour ~Mnsr Cutter~

What I have come to know as Winter is very odd. It is dark in the morning when we go out, and dark in the evening when we go out. Where did the daylight go all of a sudden? Not to mention it has this wet stuff called "rain" that is gross! Last week was below freezing every day which isn't too tough if you run around the yard and come inside when you get a chill.

On the weekends we all have our favorite places to sleep when Mom stays home.

Misty pretty much likes her pillow on the bed and unless the door opens or food is out, she will hang there.

Scooter loves to sleep on the recliner chair we all call the Captains Chair.

Pepper sleeps on any rug or blanket closest to Mom. If there isn't one close and she needs one, she just moves one herself.

I, Cutter, enjoy either couch in either room. Sometimes the front room where I can hang by myself, and sometimes the family room to keep an eye on stuff.

Mom says this darkness will last for another 2 months and then the next thing you will know is that the birds will be chirping at 4:30 a.m. Mom has mentioned things about Looney Tunes and wishing she had a shotgun. Also things about not being able to call in noise disturbance on birds to Mother Nature.

Adieu ~Mnsr. Cutter~


Tagged by a gal named Doo

December 1st 2009 8:41 pm
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Bonjour ~Mnsr. Cutter~

I was tagged by gal pal Doo and said I'd give it a whirl.

Here goes:

I'm supposed to 7 facts about me and then tag some of my friends and have them tell some things about themselves too.

1. I'm super shy.
2. Until there is food around.
3. I can run like the wind.
4. I'm kind of afraid of the dark in the back yard.
5. I hate the dog in the back yard that is really mean. He's punched another hole in the fence barking at us.
6. I hardly wag my tail - it just quivers when I'm happy.
7. I have really long whiskers. SEXY!

I won't tag anypup since I'm so shy, but feel free to play along.

Merci ~Mnsr. Cutter~


Wet Stuff!

November 18th 2009 7:41 pm
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Mnsr Cutter here.


What is with the wet stuff that falls from the sky? It is super yucky! Not only does it make the top of you wet, but that stuff comes up under your toes after a while as well.

I learned that the normal dog leg stretching route this morning had a serious water obstacle going on. Is no other dog concerned that overnight a whole pond appeared in the back yard?

Or was every other dog laughing at me when I ran straight into it and stopped in shock, only to find myself stuck. Stuck in the middle of the puddle. Ummm, what do I do now? It's wet from the top and now from the bottom and I'm not sure which is worse.

I'm here to tell you that wet is wet! From the sky or from the earth, wet is still wet. Either way - I hate that wet stuff.

Bluch to the wet stuff!! Go away!

Adieu ~ Mnsr Cutter~


It's Wonderful.

October 25th 2009 9:00 pm
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Mnsr. Cutter.

I learned this weekend that you can lay on the couch next to your human and it just like sleeping in bed - only better. Your human is awake to scratch your chin every once in a while.

I had no idea that was why all the other pups always jumped up on the couch so soon when Mom sat down.

I'm now the first one up there to stake out my chin scratching spot. Mom says it's a tight fit, butt (hee hee) we have a 5 butt couch if need be.

Mnsr. Cutter out.


Me Again

October 20th 2009 9:28 pm
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Mnsr Cutter here.

Perhaps it is ze European thing?? No, that iz too insulting

I did it ~ I the puppy mill dog ~ hid a couple piles in the back corner. Well 3 different ones to be exact.

Are you sure there are no artistic points for layering it on the edge of the wall?

I have no excuse since I had been out at least 5 times already to bark and run across the yard.

Mnsr. Cutter out


Do I See Double?

October 14th 2009 9:43 pm
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Bon Jour ~ Mnsr Cutter~

I've seen that black cat they call Lucy on our WALKS - but I'm pretty sure I just saw her walk around out in the garage when the door was open.

I saw Indy Kitty out there which is what made me bark, but Mom was holding that other cat Lucy and talking to her. She fed her that good smelling food. I just know if the door hadn't been closed on us we'd have seen even more cats out there for sure. Who knows how many are allowed in the garage - I've rarely been out there. I do however see Indy Kitty, Misty and Scooter go through this hole in the door I do actually look through, so I know what the garage looks like. How you get into it - Pepper and I have not figured out yet.

Still I am sure I saw Mom bring in Lucy to the back bathroom after Indy Kitty came in. So sure I barked really LOUD - just once.

Enough to chase that Lucy cat out of the house! Yea for me.

Not sure why Mom is grumbling at me to stop BARKING and that she was making good progress on getting Lucy into the house. I'm still pretty proud of my defense of the house if even I was the ONLY dog that cared if another cat was allowed in the house.

Not so proud when I see that Mom has a big ol fat cat scratch down her arm and across the back of her hand from the rapid Lucy exit.

She shouldn't be so proud of those words she said. If my dog to human speak is working correctly. BOL.

Adieu ~Mnsr Cutter~

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