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Confessions of a Barkaholic

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I got a visitor and now I'm waiting for summer

April 14th 2010 7:53 pm
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So my momma's momma came to come see ME (and my momma too I guess). We all had so much fun - I didn't have to go to my crate when momma when to class and I got hang out with my momma's momma who I love so much. I had so much fun with her - we all got to go on some walks and that was really fun. But she left to go back home to Finley. I was so sad, I was howling and looking out the window at the driveway waiting for her to come back but I don't think she is coming back for a couple weeks until me and my momma get to go home to Texas for the summer. I'm sure looking forward to that. No offense to pups from anywhere else, but I sure do love the way that Texas air smells. I get so excited, I huff the air in the car. There are videos of me doing it on my page because my momma thinks it is so funny. And there is my pool in Texas to play pool ball in which is also a favorite thing of mine. And all those extra people and Jezebel and Finley to play with. I'm looking forward to the summer!



April 6th 2010 8:15 pm
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So my momma was saying I am gonna get a surprise tomorrow. I have got no clue what it is - maybe it is a steak? I don't really think so but it never hurts to hope. Hmm, maybe it is a new toy. I love new toys and can't get enough of them. Momma gathered up all my toys this weekend and put them in the toy basket (which is overflowing by the ways - BOL!). I don't know why she did that but she was doing all kinds of crazy cleaning, like messing with that purple monster. I tried to kill it some more, but this monster is giving me a hard time. I hate that it goes around sucking up my hairs and my dirt - I'm afraid it's gonna suck up me.

Maybe I'll get to go to school with mom tomorrow. I don't think that is it though because school doesn't allow dogs, even though they've got a building named Pound there. At least not the 4-legged kind with tails - BOL! Maybe it's a car ride? I haven't gotten one of those in a while and I love car rides.

If any of you pups have any ideas of what my surprise is, please let me know because I am such a curious pup it is driving me crazy.


Hoppy Easter

April 4th 2010 12:50 pm
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Happy Easter everyfur! I hope the Easter bunny leaves you all delicious yummy treats. Mommy and I went on a walk today and we didn't see no bunnies but we did see some squirrels. I got real close to one and almost got him, I missed him by like 2 inches. I thought that would have been a good Easter treat but I missed out. I wore my Easter bandana and I thought I looked real cute. I'm tired now from all the walking so I'm gonna go nap.


Daily Diary Pick!!!

April 1st 2010 7:19 am
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Yea!!! I am a daily diary pick today. I'm hoping this is not some kind of April Fool's Joke of Dogster's.

Hmmm pup's I am going to have to celebrate big. Maybe I can con mom out of some extra food today since I'm a diary pick?? Do you guys think that would work? I sure hope so, I love getting extra food.

Anyways, I've got to go plan my celebrations of ME, so I hope you pup's have an excellent Whitley Diary Pick Day! What, mom, you think it's appropriate they'd pick me on a day dedicated to fools??? Well, that's not too polite, but I'm gonna let it slide since you're the one who's gonna go make eggs. I sure love egg plates.


Mom needs to buy a boat

March 30th 2010 5:29 pm
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I'm thinking mom needs to buy a boat because of all this rain we are having. It's crazy. It's a good thing I like to swim so much because that is what I am having to do when I go outside to do my business. Well, ok, not exactly, but it is pretty close to that. All that rain is making momma's hair look hilarious. It is all standing out and curly curly from all the rain and humidity. Even my hair is getting curly too - I think we look pretty cute but I think momma doesn't like what that rain does to her hair.

Last night when I went out to do my business, I actually went quickly and in my own yard. When you are in a monsoon, there is no time to worry about the design of your yard art. It's kinda like just throwing some paint on a canvas real quick and hoping it turns out ok. A wet canvas, that is.

Anyways pups, mom keeps waking up early early for her school. I don't though. I lie in the bed and look cute. Usually I sleep on the foot of the bed when mom is in there to be on guard against intruders. But when she gets out of bed, I move over to middle of the bed. Today she caught me curled up on her satin pillow when she made me get up. I don't know why she wouldn't let me stay, that pillow was pretty comfortable, but who knows why mommas do anything.


Coughing mommies are no fun

March 28th 2010 8:03 pm
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Coughing mommies are no fun. I'm just a little pup - with little puppy hopes and dreams. Hopes and dreams like long walks and catching squirrels and ripping them up. And some more doggy clothes so I retain my title as Cambridge's Most Fashionable Pup. And maybe a rib-eye steak or two. Anyways, pups, my desires are simple. But lately, I am not getting my walks that I so desire, and therefore I'm also missing out on the opportunity to chase squirrels and tear them apart. And I am not getting this because mommy won't stop coughing and being sick. I don't know if she has a cold or allergies but I am ready for it to end so we can get back to my walks around the Harvard campus and chasing delicious squirrels (the four-legged kind - some of the two-legged ones around there do not look too delicious).

And another thing, my momma is trying to make me do my business too quick when I go out. She gets frustrated just because I want to take 20 minutes at one or two in the morning. Mommy says I could learn to do my "business" faster and not insist on a walk up and down the street late at night when it's thirty-something degrees. And that I don't need 10 or 15 minutes of sniffing to find the perfect spot. I don't think she understands the science and skill involved in creating a yard art masterpiece. Oh well, I don't know how to make my momma understand that you cannot rush brilliance.


Delicious Kleenexes

March 25th 2010 6:49 pm
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So my mommy is a little sick, something like a cold I think. I don't know why she is cold now, it seemed much colder to me a couple of months ago, but she has "the cold" now. She still feels pretty warm when I sit next to her so I'm not sure what she is talking about. Anyways, this "cold" involves her using lots of kleenexes. And I love kleenexes. I take them out of the trash where she puts them and tear them up into little pieces all over the floor. Mommy tells me "GROSS!" and to try to be a good dog. I think mommy doesn't know what she is missing!! Do any of you other pups love kleenexes like me? If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend them. They get five tail wags from me!


Back in Boston

March 23rd 2010 10:54 pm
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So I had such a fun Spring Break. Walks with Finley and I had tons of fun playing with her and trying to steal her toys. I got a really cute new St. Patrick's Day dress - I love it so much. Most days were really nice and I got to spend some quality time in the backyard by the pool. But no pool ball for me this time because it was too cold. I didn't think it was too cold, that was a decision the humans made. I kept waiting for them to put my pool float in the pool but they never did. Then it actually did get too cold, like snow cold. Seriously, there was a lot of snow. In late March. In Texas. Which is pretty crazy. I got those snow balls clumps all over my fur when they took me out my last morning there. I thought I had left those things behind in Boston, but I guess they followed me. Anyways it was tons of fun. But me and mom had to stop having fun and come back here. Mom told me it was because they were getting rid of me because I was barking too much at everything. I don't think I believe her - she likes to tease a lot and is always saying silly things. Besides, if they got rid of me for barking, they'd get rid of her for talking since she does more of that than I do of the barking. I think the real reason had something to do with her school. Anyways, I was a really good dog on the plane. So quiet and nice - no barking there! But the security people at DFW didn't pet me. I like it when they pet me - I was looking at them like "pet me, I'm ADORABLE" but it didn't work. Cranks. Mom had to run through the Houston airport so we could get on our second plane on time. And she had to do it with me on her back. Hee hee. Anyways, we are back and mom is back going to school. I wish she would just stay at home with me, that would be way more funner.


Spring Break

March 15th 2010 7:38 pm
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It is Spring Break and I am back in Texas with my BFF Finley and it is so much fun. Ok, riding on subways and buses and then planes for hours was not too fun. And neither was being stuck in the Houston airport for three hours. But eventually, I got to get home. I was so happy to be back in Texas I was huffing the air with excitement and howling with anticipation on the car ride home. I've been playing with Finley a lot, getting extra treats, going on walks, and spending time out by the pool while mom works on her tan. I tried to get someone to play pool ball but they were saying the sixties was too cold to play pool ball. I'm hoping it warms up soon or I may have to wait until May! Anyways, I love being with Finley, Jezebel the cat, mom's little sister, mom's parents, and ok, sometimes even mom.


The Weekend

March 8th 2010 7:14 pm
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So, this weekend was so good. I got to go on TWO long walks since the weather was good. It was warmer and sunny so mom was happy to take me on my long walks. So warm she even got to wear shorts. I wore my Texas t-shirt one day and Valentine's Day dress the other day. The first day no one petted me on my walk. What is wrong with all these people?? But I got lots of attention the other day. They were having admitted students weekend at my mom's law school and all these admitted students wanted to pet me. I love being the center of attention. And I looked so good in my dress that when we were walking on the busy street, some guys leaned out of their car and yelled "woo hoo!" at me. My mom told me it probably wasn't meant for me, but probably her because she was wearing short shorts but my mom is silly. I know everyone was just thinking I am cute. And I had lots of fun playing with my toys and keeping mom company while she read and stuff. And no grooming this weekend! Which meant no bath, which I was kind of disappointed about since I love baths and water, but I'll take no stripping any day of the week. A package came today, and I could smell my people all over it but there was nothing in there for me. Hmph! Nothing for the dog. Life sometimes is just not fair.

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