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A New Beginning

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I Went To The Vets

November 11th 2009 12:04 pm
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I thought things were strange this morning. Mom got up earlier than usual to take me for my morning walk. The morning routine started off normal, but I was a bit confused when I didn't get breakfast. The cats got to eat! Next thing I knew, mom had my harness on and me, mom and dad were in the car. The vet is only down the street. It takes about 2 minutes to drive there. We went inside and I knew where I was. I started to shake and got nervous. Everyone was very nice to me. I didn't want to go out back into the hospital area. Mom and dad both went with me, because I statued in the waiting room. The vet technician gave me my lyme vaccine and took blood for my yearly heartworm/tick panel. I was glad to leave and come back home. Mom gave me breakfast and a treat she picked up at the vet. At noon we went for a long walk down Winter Street. All was well until the phone rang. It was the vet with my blood work results. Thankfully my heartworm was negative. My other results were not so good. It seems that somewhere at sometime, I got bit by a tick. Mom and dad have both been very careful all Summer. I am on Frontline every month, was given the lyme vaccine and inspected for ticks. Daddy did find 2 in the house, but they were on him and crawling on the wall. They didn't have any blood in them or anything. The Doctor said I was infected with lyme disease and also something called Anaplasmosis. I have to go on antibiotics. Mom and dad are picking up my prescription at Walmart this weekend (It is only $10 there!). After my antibiotics, they will do something called a CBC- which means complete blood count. The vet said I could have picked this up anywhere, including while I was at the race track. She also said that I may never have any symptoms and might be fine for the rest of my life. The antibiotics won't hurt me, and could help me. Mom is upset. She called daddy and told him at work. Mom shouldn't blame herself. She takes very good care of me. Besides, I feel fine!


I'm An Advertising Model!

November 10th 2009 9:49 am
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As you probably know from my last few diary entries, I won the 2009 Monster Bark Pet Halloween Contest at the pet store near my house. Troy and Oscar's mom gets the stores monthly newsletter. She sent a link to my mom telling her that she might be interested in seeing it. Mom clicked on the link and there I was in the newsletter! Not only was I on there for winning the contest, but I was also on a coupon advertising 25% off food bowls and place mats! Mom and dad couldn't believe it. Check out my photos. Mom posted both pictures from the newsletter on my page.


Meet And Greet At Petco

November 8th 2009 3:39 pm
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It was a quiet week. Mom took me for several long walks down Winter Street. Her ankle is still very sore from when she sprained it. She has a hard time taking me to the Enchanted Forest. Tuesday, on our walk , mom noticed that there was some exercise equipment out on the road for people to take for free. There was an old bench and a bar with some old cement filled weight plates. The bar was exactly what mom was looking for. (mom has lifted weights for 25 years and we have a mini gym in our house) Mom took the weights off, grabbed the bar and carried it home. She carried it almost a mile! It weighed 15 pounds.

We went to the pet store on Friday. I used one of my gift certificates to buy food for me and the cats. I also bought a special toy for myself. It is a racoon with squeakies in it. It isn't stuffed though. It is just long fake fur cloth. I really love it. I was playing with it, shaking it and making it squeak. I also got my cookie. I still have a $25 gift certificate left, so mom is going to use it to buy dry kibble.

Saturday was real quiet because daddy had to run a table tennis tournament. It was just me and mom. We did go for a long walk but that was all we really did. Today was more fun. After mom and dad got home from church, we jumped into the car and headed for Petco. Greyhound Friends was the featured adoption shelter at Petco this month. People checking out could make donations to the shelter. I like going to meet and greets and it helps my fellow greyhounds who are looking for homes. My friend Gill was there!! I really like Gill. Mom said he would make a nice boyfriend for me. I also met a new greyhound named Noodle. She was black like me.

Next weekend will be very exciting! I am have a birthday party! I turn 3 on November 16th. Gill is coming to my party too! It should be a lot of fun!


Happy HOWL-A-WEEN!!!!!

October 31st 2009 11:55 am
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Mom and I had quite the day. After my morning walk and breakfast mom did something very strange! I was relaxing on the rug, digesting my food when mom came over and put paper towels under my front paws. She had a little bottle with her. She opened the bottle and it didn't smell that good. Mom got down on her hands and knees and started to paint my toe nails purple!! That was a new one for me. I never can quite figure out humans. It didn't hurt or anything, so I patiently let her do all my nails- front and back. Next she put a beaded necklace on me. I had worn that before but I knew something was up. After my nails dried, mom finished dressing me. She put on purple and black stipped tights. It had a hole cut out for my tail. Then she put on a black cape over my harness. Next we got into the car. She drove me to Especially For Pets. Other dogs were there too and they were dressed funny. We got out of the car and mom put a silly purple wizard hat on my head. I didn't want to wear the hat and kept trying to dodge mom's attempts. Mom had brought along daddy's contact juggling ball to use as a crystal ball for a prop. The ball was in a bag on the trunk of mom's car. Well, some how the ball rolled out of the bag, and off the trunk. Mom heard it fall but she was still trying to get me to wear the hat. She finally succeeded and we spent the next 10 minutes looking for the ball! No luck!! Mom gave up and said that daddy was going to "be very mad at her". We went into the store and entered the contest. They took my picture and then we went shopping for dog and cat food and of course my cookie. Mom put the groceries in the trunk, me in the car, and set out to try to find the ball again. This time mom said a little prayer to her angels. A minute later, she found the ball!! We drove home and mom said we could take a break. She took the costume off. I thought that would be the end, but -NO! Mom had me entered in another contest!! Back into the costume I went! This contest was at Pet Source, which is the pet store near our house. They had a whole Halloween fair going on. It was called "Monster Bark". Mom went and I went into the store and entered me. We went back outside and I got to socialize with all the other poor dogs who were dressed in silly costumes. None of the dogs were too happy about it! Mom got free samples. I was entry number 4. They called my name and number and we had to go up in front of everyone. The announcer told everyone my name and who I was dressed as. I was Isis of course- Goddess of Magic. Some people thought I was a witch but mom corrected them. Mom got a few raffle tickets for entering me. They had contests for kids too. then they drew the raffle winners. I won a grooming brush!! That was cool. Mom can use it on me and the cats too. Then we all got togther for a group picture. I didn't like all those people close to me. I did OK though. After the picture we had a parade around the shopping center. My silly hat kept falling off and mom kept fixing it. After the parade they did another raffle for kids prizes. Since mom and I didn't have any kids with us, mom put all her free samples in the car and we headed back to the store to get a few things- like a bone and another cookie! Mom knew I was uncomfortable so she took the costume off. What a relief!! We were at the cash register when a lady from the pet store came up to mom and told her that I had WON!!! I won a $25 gift certificate to the store!! I couldn't believe it!!! Mom was very happy too. I am going to use it to buy a large bag of dog food. Since my birthday is coming soon, I know I will get some toys from that. I am glad to be home though. Mom said we might have kids coming over tonight and they will be dressed up funny too. Daddy wasn't with us today. He went to a vegetarian food festival in Boston. They are having the festival again tomorrow so mom stayed with me today and we had a girls day out- strange as it was!!! She will go with daddy to it tomorrow.

Well I was relaxing, thinking that all the excitement was over with for today when the phone rang. Mom answered it. It was the pet store where I won the contest. They said that they had made a mistake and that I had actually won $75 total!! Mom and I went back to the store and we got another $50 gift certificate to go with the $25 one!! I think I will get a toy after all!! Maybe, just maybe, I'll buy something for the cats.


The Enchanted Forest!

October 24th 2009 6:29 am
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I was the one who found it!! The best part is that it literally right next door!! I found it on Thursday!! Here's the story- I was on my morning walk with mom. We were heading back home so I could get my breakfast when I felt I needed to use the restroom. I am a very private dog and I don't like to "go" in front of people. There is a lawn that I really like, but every time I got ready to go, a car would go by or a person would come out of their house. Mom was getting frustrated so she took me to an overgrown area near the lawn I like. In the Summer time you really can't get in there because the grass is too high and there are raspberry bushes and other plants. Now that Fall is here it had died off quite a bit. So I went in the bushes and tall grass and kept walking into it. All of a suuden- there it was. The grass area opened up into a large enchanted forest! Mom was really surprised and so was I. It doesn't look like anyone owns the land. Other people do know about it because we found some trash in there- not much though. Anyway, I have been visiting the Enchanted Forest everyday now. Daddy still hasn't seen it. It is a rainy day today, but I want to show daddy when he gets home from teaching skating.

Daddy came home and I took him there. He liked it! Daddy also put my latest video on my Dogster Page. I very rarely bark but sometimes the mood just strikes me. Daddy video taped me barking! Check it out!
After lunch, we went to the pet store-Especially For Pets. They are having a Halloween Costume Contest too! Looks like I am going to be entered in two contests next Saturday. Mom is all excited. If it makes mom happy, I will do it. I got my cookie and a new raw hide bone. When we got home, mom took me for a walk. You guessed it, back to the Enchanted Forest I went! Then mom took my bed apart! She said she had to wash it. Personally I think it smelled great!! Mom said we are having a pot luck at our house tomorrow, so she wanted to clean everything. Humans!!


Weird Weather

October 20th 2009 6:34 pm
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Daddy had Friday off again. He took it as a personal day. That meant that I got to walk with Dakoda again. He is a very friendly guy, but he is still a puppy and needs to learn some manners. He kept jumping in my face. I was very tolerant. despite all that, we had a nice walk. It was the last time I will be walking with him too. His mom isn't getting along with one of her roomates and they are moving back to New Hampshire this coming weekend. Mom is a bit upset because now she has to find another regular dog walking client. I know she will find a new client very soon.

Saturday morning was quiet. Daddy is teaching skating again so it was just me and mom hanging out. When daddy got home we went for a nice long walk down Winter Street. We went down the trail and walked down to the bridge. I really enjoyed that. After the walk, mom and dad went to meet a friend for lunch. I wish dogs were allowed! Mom and dad made up for it though because they took me on another long walk through our town. We went to the little park again near where the Farmer's Market used to be. Mom said the market is gone until next summer. Mom closed the gate and daddy let me off the leash. I got to run and play. I really had fun. We left the park and mom and dad tried to get me on that elevator thing again!! No way!!! Did they think that I had forgotten about that? I went into statue mode and refused to budge. I got my way and we walked up the hill and through the garage. It was a quiet day, but I got some good exercise.

Sunday was when the weird weather came. It got really cold. It is only mid October and the trees around here still have most of their leaves. The temperature is supposed to be in the 60's this time of year. Well, it went down in the 30's and it was snowing out!! Daddy video taped it! It was strange to see all the fall trees with snow coming down. I had to wear my new winter coat. It was supposed to be given to me on my birthday but mom had to give it to me early. I was nice and warm with it. Later in the afternoon I got to go to the pet store for food, bones and my cookie.


I Was Blessed!

October 10th 2009 7:44 pm
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Not much happened last weekend so mom didn't add an entry. It rained all day Saturday. Our town of Maynard had it's annual Oktoberfest street fair. Mom was there for her dog training business and she was also there for MayDOG (Maynard Dog Owner's Group). The rain really affected things and not many people came. Mom was a bit disappointed. Sunday was a bit better. The weather had cleared. I got to go to the pet store and I went on a MayDOG walk with my friend Kiera. We went down the trail across the street from my house. Kiera's mom gave me a dog coat, but it didn't fit. It was way too small. Mom ordered me a special greyhound winter coat so I will be toasty warm when the cold weather hits.

Friday, daddy took the day off of work. He had a dentist appointment. He got home early enough so Daddy and I went with mom when she went to walk a dog client. Mom walks 2 dogs as part of her business. This dog was named Dakoda. He is a long haired German Shepard. He is still young and acts like a big puppy. We got along fine and we had a nice long walk together. That was fun. Daddy walked me and mom walked Dakoda. He really wanted to play with me. When we got home, the mail had arrived. My new coat was in the mail delivery! Mom opened it to try it on me. It fit great! It has a gortex outer shell which is water proof and a polar fleece lining. It also has a neck warmer and snood. Mom says she is going to wrap it up because it is my birthday present. Mom bought a purple coat because I look really good in purple. By some strange coincidence, it is also mom's favorite color!

Today was Saturday. We all got up very early. After breakfast we got into the car and drove a long way. We ended up at Mill Pond in Newbury, MA. There is a recreational park and pond there. Mom's old church was having a pet blessing and mom wanted me to be blessed. Mom really misses her old church but it is too far away from where we live now. The church is called Unity On The River and is in Amesbury, MA. Mom and dad go to another Unity church closer to our house in Cambridge. Anyway, we walked down to the pond but no one was there. Someone told us that we had to go back to the parking lot because all the pets walked in a parade down to the pond. We turned around and started to head back to the parking lot. We went half way back when mom saw her old minister, Shipley. If mom had a tail it would have been wagging! Mom and Shipley were so happy to see each other. Shipley gave mom a big hug and they chatted back down to the pond. We went back and met another couple with their dog. We waited but no one was coming. A kid ran down and said there were people waiting in the parking lot. Rev. Shipley told us to wait at the pond and she walked back to get the other people. Not too many people came. We all stood in a circle and the humans held hands. They prayed for all the animals everywhere. After that, each dog there got an individual blessing. I got 2 bones and a blessing certificate!
After the blessing, we got back in the car and drove to NH. We stopped at a pet store called Little Critters. Mom said she used to work there. One of the people she worked with was still there. Mom had fun talking to her. We walked all around the pet store. I got some food, a new rawhide bone and a great cookie. After the pet store, mom and dad stopped at a small health food store called the Blue Moon. It was a cool day so they left me in the car for a few minutes to order food to go. Mom came back after a few minutes and stayed with me while daddy waited for the food. Next we went to grampy's house. Mom and dad ate their food there. I got to run in grampy's back yard. The yard is fenced in and I could go from the yard, into the garage and into the porch. I pretty much stayed with mom and dad though. I had fun at grampy's. Grampy had to go to his church, so we said our goodbyes and headed to grammy's house. Daddy wanted to stop at another health food store to get cookies. Mom stayed with me in the car. We arrived at grammy's and her neighbors invited me to play with their dog, Casey. I was kind of tired, but I ran around a bit. I took one of Casey's bones and started to chew on it. The neighbor said I could keep it! We visited with grammy awhile and then she had to leave to go to church!! I don't know what all this church stuff is!!! I fell asleep in the car on the ride home. What a busy day it was today! I am going to sleep well tonight.


I Rode In An Elevator!

October 1st 2009 2:48 pm
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Mom is behind again in my diary. She has been working very hard to get her business going as well as work full time at her old job. After next week she will be cutting her hours down at the other job to 2 days per week. She just got a new client today!

Last Saturday we went to the Farmer's Market like usual. We took the car because daddy had to go to the bank after. It was a beautiful day so after mom and dad shopped, they put the food in the trunk of the car and took me for a walk by the river. There is a little park near the river and where the Farmer's Market is. To get to the park you have to walk through a parking garage. I was fine with the garage, but daddy wanted me to walk down some stairs. I planted myself firmly on all four legs and refuse to move. Mom and dad encouraged me, but there was no way I was going down those stairs. Daddy finally gave up and we had to walk around through the garage to get to the park. It is a small park but it is fenced in. I got to go off my lash for a bit while mom and dad sat on the bench. On the way back to the car mom and dad tried to get me to walk up the stairs! Humans just don't learn. I don't do stairs!!! Then mom suggested we take the elevator! I had no idea what an elevator was. Mom pushed a button and the door opened. Daddy led me into a very small room and then the door closed. Mom pushed another button inside and the darndest thing happened! The whole room started to move! I could feel the floor move under my paws! I wasn't scared exactly, but I was a bit confused. The room stopped moving and then a door on the opposite wall where we entered opened. I was in another place! Talk about strange.
Later in the day we went to Especially For Pets to buy food and cookies. They were having some kind of dog fair! Mom and dad had no idea they were having a fair that day. We just sort of stumbled upon it. A dog was coming out of the store and flipped out on his owner. A lady from the store helped him to calm down. Mom and dad kept me far away from the dog. I did get some free cans of dog food and some yummy bison treats. That was good. Mom also bought me this incredible cookie and the biggest raw hide bone I had ever had. It took me 4 days to finish it!! After the pet store, mom and dad took me for a nice long walk. It was a very fun day- except maybe the elevator- I'm still not quite sure what happened.

Sunday was wet and rainy. Greyhound Adventures was cancelled and it was too far away any way. Mom and dad went to something called church instead. When they got back, they started cooking in the kitchen. Sure enough, shortly after people started to come to the house. Everyone brought food. Mom called it a "pot luck". 11 people including mom and dad were there. The humans went around the room and introduced themselves. Mom introduced me to everyone like I was a human too. Some of the humans sat near my bed and petted me. I liked that. I wasn't too stressed out by it all and actually fell asleep.

Today, mom had off from her other job. She only had one dog walking client, so we went for a long walk down the river trail across the street. It was a nice, cool, Fall day and we didn't see or meet anyone else. I enjoyed my time with mom. Mom said that once she cuts down her time at the other job, we will have more time together. That will be nice.


Mommy Got Hurt!

September 19th 2009 5:24 pm
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We walked to the Farmer's Market this morning. Mom said it is good for my socialization. I don't know why, but everytime I go there, a lot of people want to pet me. All these hands reaching out to me. It scares me. Mom was talking to a whole group of people about me. She tried to keep my stress level down by taking me away from any crowds. I appreciate that. Mom says the more I get out, the more comfortable I will be. I am getting better all the time. Mom says I can go at my own pace and she never forces me to meet people. After the Farmer's Market we went back home to put the food away. Our neighbor was having a yard sale. Mom noticed that she was trying to sell some nice comforters and blankets. She asked our neighbor if she would be willing to donate them to Greyhound Friends in Hopkington. They are always looking for blankets and comforters for bedding in the kennels. Our neighbor said "Yes". Mom put them in the trunk of the car and we got in. We stopped off at the pet store first and got food. I got a cookie and a new rawhide bone! I love going to the pet store. I am totally relaxed there. It is much more fun than the Farmer's Market. After the pet store, we went to Greyhound Friends. Louise Coleman runs it. She is very nice and loves greyhounds. She was very happy to get the blankets and comforters. Daddy asked if I could run in the big fenced in yard they have there. Louise said "Sure!" Daddy asked if there was a greyhound that would like to play with me. Louise brought out Brutus. He was very handsome. We liked each other a lot. We went into the yard and started to play. Mom was walking and watching us. She wasn't paying attention to where she was walking. Her foot fell into a deep hole and she fell down! Mom thought her ankle was broken. Luckily it is only a bad sprain. Daddy had to help her up from the ground. At first she couldn't get up! Brutus and I were just having too much fun to notice. I just thought that Mommy was tired. Mommy hobbled around afterward. She let us finish our play session and Daddy went to get us water. Mommy said she wished we could have taken Brutus home with us. I would have like that too. Mommy said maybe someday I can have a brother or sister. That would be nice. Mommy is resting now. She is wearing an ankle brace and put ice on her foot. Mommy is sorry, but she doesn't think we can go to Greyhound Adventures tomorrow because she can't walk very well. I understand. We can go next week if mom feels better. Daddy took me for my evening walk tonight. Mommy is walking very slowly. I'm happy with my new bone. I have been chewing on it for several hours now.


Pet Rock Festival

September 13th 2009 5:53 pm
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It was a very busy weekend! Mom and dad didn't even get a chance to go to Farmer's Market! Saturday was Greyhound Friends Fall Open House. We were in charge of the Silent Auction table. It was a cool, rainy day. They moved us inside into the conference room. There was a greyhound there in a crate named Colleen. She kept growling and barking at me. I didn't know what her problem was. Mom set me up with my blanket and a water bowl. Daddy took me out for frequent walks. I did meet some nice people and let some of them pet me. Not many people came. We only got a few bids on the auction items. I did get my nails trimmed though. Because of the weather, I never got to enter the costume contest. Mom was a bit disappointed. 3 greyhounds did get adopted so that was nice. I was happy for them. In fact one was named Happy!

Sunday was a much nicer day. Mom put a pretty purple flowered bandana around my neck. We went to the pet store to buy food and a peanut butter cookie! Yummy!! My friend Mollie and her mom and dad came by for a visit. Mom was sad. She told me that I might not be able to see Mollie again! Mollie was leaving to go back to live with her old owner! I am really going to miss her. I'll still have Kiera for a friend. Mollie's mom said that maybe she could talk Mollie's new/old dad to bring her on some of our group walks. I hope he does. After we said a sad goodbye to Mollie, we got into the car. We were on the highway when all the traffic stopped moving. Mom said there was a bad accident up ahead. We were stuck in traffic for about a half an hour. Finally we drove by a car upside down and another that was all smashed up. Daddy read later that no one was seriously hurt. After the traffic jam, we went to the Pet Rock Festival. There were thousands of people and dogs! We went to all the booths and met some more people. I was a bit shy, but I did OK. I got to go in a small swimming pool. That was fun. My friend, Gill was there with his mom, Carla. They were with Greyhound Friends.They had a music concert too. Mom was all excited! The feature band was a band that mom was crazy about when she was a teenager. It had been 30 years since she had seen them. They were called the Bay City Rollers. Actually only one original member was there. His name was Ian. Mom still had a great time. She was singing and dancing and connected with some other ladies who were big fans too. The music was a little too loud for me, so daddy walked around a big field with me. After the concert, mom got Ian's autograph and had her picture taken with him. She was happy.
Mom called grampy when we got home. Grampy had very sad news. His cat, Smokie (I met him last weekend) had something called cancer. Grampy had to put him to sleep. Grampy really misses him. I could tell he was very sick. He couldn't eat anymore and had tumors inside of him. Mom and dad are sad too. I'm glad grampy has his other cat, Blackie to keep him company.
I'm tired now. It was a busy weekend. I still have my bandana on!

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