A New Beginning

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Spring Has Sprung!

March 21st 2010 11:43 am
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Mom said that yesterday was officially the first day of Spring. It has been nice weather all week. Yesterday it was over 70 degrees. Cooler today, but still very nice. Mom and dad took me on a long walk down the trail across the street both yesterday and today. We went to the bridge and back. I like sniffing all the new smells. On Friday mom and I even saw a butterfly!! Yesterday, after the walk we went to the pet store.Then mom and dad did a strange thing. Mom tied 3 leashes together. We all went in the back yard and mom tied me to the satellite pole so I could be outside with them. Mom and dad started digging all the plants up and dad took the satellite dish off the pole. Mom told me that a man is coming over on March 30th to give them an estimate on a fence. They are going to fence in the yard for me! They are taking all the plants out to give me more room to run.They are going to plant grass for me too. I will have an "L" shaped yard/run when they are finished. It will be small but it will be all mine and I will be able to run around a bit. Today we are going to the hardware store to buy grass seeds. Mom wants to get something durable because I really dig into the ground when I run.Mom and dad are also going to remove the pole. Mom really hated the dish. She said it was ugly. We have Fios now any way so we don't need the dish or the pole any more. Next weekend, Kiera's mom is going to help mom and dad dig up the small pine trees in the yard. Mom is going to donate the trees to the town's Spring plant sale to help the community. I can't wait to get my yard. As soon as it is ready, daddy will take a picture of me in my yard and I will post it here on Dogster so everyone can see it.


A Walk In The Woods

March 2nd 2010 12:53 pm
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It has been a long wet winter. I don't like the rain or the snow- at least when it is falling. When there is a storm outside, I do my business and come right back inside where it is warm and toasty. Finally the weather is getting a bit warmer and the days are getting longer. Mom and dad took me to a special adventure on Sunday. First we made our usual trip to the pet store. I got my cookie. From the pet store we drove for a little bit and stopped at a dirt parking lot that I had never been to before. It had a lot of good smells and lots of other dogs had been there. We walked up a wooded path. There were 2 humans and a dog with very short little legs. Mom calls them Corgi's. We greeted and continued to walk on the trails. There were lots of trails and woods. I had a fun time sniffing around. Some of the trails still had ice on them, so we couldn't go on them. We still found a lot of paths that we could walk. Mom and dad said they will take me back there and we can explore more once all the snow and ice is gone. On our way back to car we met another nice dog and his people. It was fun. We came back home and rested a bit. Then mom and dad put my harness on and we went to my friend, Oscar's house. I hadn't seen Oscar since I hurt my foot. It felt good to run in his back yard. I ran and ran and ran. Poor Oscar tries to chase me, but he will never catch me!! We played a game around the shed- around and around it we ran. I had a lot of fun. Today it was in the 50's. I didn't have to wear my fleece when I went on my noon walk with mom. It felt good not to have to wear it!! I'm looking forward to Spring!


One Year Anniversary!!

February 8th 2010 8:41 am
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Yesterday was my one year anniversary that I came to live with mom and dad! I have come a long way in one year! I was very shy and timid and wouldn't even leave my crate at first. I would only walk up and down in front of the house on my street. Now I can say I have been in a parade!! Wow!! I have traveled to other states, had a birthday party, been on play dates, meet and greets, pet fairs and even won a Halloween Costume Contest. I also go on long walks with mom and dad wherever they want to go. Mom and dad say they are very proud of me. I think I have left my old life behind now. I like being part of a family.

Yesterday we went to a meet and greet. I saw Troy, Johnny B, Sonie and met a couple of new friends. One couple came to a meet and greet a couple of weeks ago. They said they were seriously thinking about adopting a greyhound. Well, they stopped by yesterday---- with their new greyhound!! He was a big handsome brindle boy!! I was so happy!! Mom and dad bought me a special cookie for my anniversary. I also got some special venison treats. It was a nice day.


Back to Horn Pond

January 31st 2010 7:55 am
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It has been a long cold Winter so far. Not much going on for doggie activities. I have been going for my regular walks and trips to the pet store. I even went to the hardware store with mom and dad last week. They needed my help in buying a light bulb. Sometimes I don't know how they managed all those years without me. last week it was snowing so daddy drove mom to work. Mom hates driving in the snow. She is scared. I went along just for the ride. Last Sunday was a bit more exciting. Greyhound Adventures had a walk at Horn Pond. Mom and dad took me. It was fun. Once again, because of the snow and ice, we weren't able to do the whole walk. We had to turn around and go back the way we came. I am looking forward to Spring. Mom says I have a meet and greet next weekend. That is something to look foward too.


Happy New Year

January 9th 2010 12:22 pm
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I hope everyone of my Dogster Pals had a safe and happy holiday season! Wishing you all the best in 2010.
Things have been quiet for me these past few weeks. It has been cold and snowing a lot. I have been going on my normal walks with mom and dad. I get the usual sniffing in but nothing too exciting. Last night I met Copley and his mom when we were taking our walk. Once the weather gets nice again, I will be able to go over his house to play. I was sad when we went our separate ways. He is a nice dog.
Today I had a Meet and Greet at the pet store near my house. Troy and his mom came. We both got our nails trimmed. I let most of the people pet me. Mom says I am an ambassador for my breed. My fellow greyhounds really need help right now. A lot of the race tracks are closing down and many dogs need homes. Greyhound Friends took in over 50 dogs last week. I am glad the tracks are all closing, but I am also concerned that a lot of my brothers and sisters are homeless. We met some people today who are serious about adopting. I hope they do. Mom says I have another meet and greet next weekend. She said that Gil would be there. I am excited about that.


Winter Wonderland

December 25th 2009 12:42 pm
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Mom got behind in my diary again. She has been busy so I guess I will excuse her... This Time!

Last weekend we got something called a blizzard! It happened over night- literally. Everything was fine when I went for my last evening walk. When I woke up the next morning, the whole world had changed!! It was still snowing when mom and I went for my morning walk. I was jumping and leaping around in the snow. Later, I watched daddy as he shoveled the driveway. The snow was light and fluffy and mom and dad didn't want to go far, so daddy called Oscar's mom and I got a play date with him in the snow! They don't live far away from us and mom has a car that is good in the snow. This was the first time that I had got to run since my bandage came off. Mom and dad felt it would be OK because the snow was soft. I ran and ran in the snow. Oscar couldn't even begin to keep up with me. It felt so good to stretch my muscles. One time I actually stuck my entire head in the snow. I looked funny when I pulled it out! I shook it all off. It was fun. Well, I over did it again and I opened up a small tear near my original wound! Luckily it was any thing serious, but I had to stop running. Mom just cleaned it with the antiseptic solution the vet had giver me. I am fine. Daddy says I have to slow down and not run so hard. That is difficult for me. Daddy took a video of me running. I asked him to put it on my Dogster page and he said he will later.

Today is something called Christmas Day. Mom took me for a special walk down Winter Street. I met a couple of nice dogs. Mom put my special holiday collar on. Mom is going to get me a special extra large raw hide bone at the pet store tomorrow. I got extra bones and cookies today too. It was nice.
Happy Holidays to all my Dogster pals.


Holiday Party

December 13th 2009 3:53 pm
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I made a new friend last Thursday. Daddy was taking me for my evening walk down Winter Street. I was having a heck of a time trying to find a place to go to the bathroom. We got snow on Wednesday! Now there is snow everywhere! I can't find any leaves or plants to go on! I was frantically searching when I saw another dog. It was a greyhound! I was so excited! His name is Copley and he lives right on Winter Street! Daddy and I walked with him and his new parents. He just came to live there. Daddy asked where he came from and the his new dad said Greyhound Friends! Daddy told him that we volunteer for them. When the weather gets good again, I will have a play date with Copley. I finally did find a place to go!

On Friday I had a vet check for my foot. I am all better! No more antibiotics! Yippee!! Daddy had the day off so we went to the pet store. I got this really cool cookie. It looked like a white snow flake. The best part was that it had sprinkle stuff on top. Mom enjoyed watching me eat it. I licked all the good stuff off before I ate the cookie. Mom said that is how a lot of humans eat cookies too. Guess we aren't all that different!

Saturday was quiet. Daddy was in a skating show at Boston College. I couldn't go. Today was a lot of fun! I went to a holiday party at Greyhound Friends with mom and dad. Mom said I was a social butterfly! I actually went up to people to get petted. Gill was there!! I was so happy to see him. I kept an eye on him to make sure he didn't flirt with any of the other girl greyhound there. I wore my holiday bandanna that I wore in the parade last weekend. I looked festive. It is raining out now. Mom says it's better than snow.


Maynard Holiday Parade

December 6th 2009 3:24 pm
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I went back to the vets on Wednesday. She took my bandage off. My foot is feeling much better. I still have to be on antibiotics for a few more days, but the wound is healing fine. I will be seeing the vet one more time this Wednesday just to make sure I am all healed.

Yesterday was Saturday. Mom gave her class on how to pick a puppy. She held the class at the Maynard library. Quite a few people came and mom did a good job. I couldn't go because for some reason, dogs can't go to into the library. Mom did show everyone a picture of me though and there was a picture of me and mom in the newspaper! The paper interviewed mom for the class. When mom and dad came home, they took me to the pet store. We bought food, toy mice for Charlie, a new rawhide bone and a special holiday cookie. When we went out for our evening walk it was snowing!!! It has been a long time since I saw snow. Mom and dad adopted me when there was snow on the ground. I wanted to play in it. I like snow. Mom doesn't.

Today was Sunday. Mom and dad were late taking me for my walk. I was a bit confused. Finally they put me coat on and we left the house. I was expecting to go down Winter Street but mom and dad took me in the opposite direction. Then I thought we were going to the Farmer's Market again because that was the direction we were going . There were a lot of people walking around on the street. Well, we didn't end up at the market. We walked to a large parking lot where there were even more people! Then I saw other dogs! My friend Keira was there and also another greyhound that I had met last summer- at the Farmer's Market. There were about 10 dogs in all and mom's friend, Lisa and her husband, Marc. Lisa gave me a holiday bandanna. Mom put it on me. Things started to get noisy. There was a heliocopter flying around. Santa Claus was in it!! Next thing I knew we were walking! Mom and Lisa were carrying a banner for the MayDog group. We walked downtown and there were people standing on the sidewalks cheering and clapping. Mom and Lisa were waving to everyone. The strange thing was that we were walking right in the middle of the road! Usually I am not allowed to walk there because cars go there. There were no cars today. Some people had dogs standing on the sidewalk watching the parade (That is what mom called it) There were two German Shepherds that I had met before. Keira knew them too and she didn't like them- AT ALL. Next thing I knew, Keira lunged and barked at them and they lunged and barked back! I stayed out of the way. No one got hurt and we continued on. Marc took Keira home. We walked a long way and ended back at the parking lot that we started from. We were on our way back home when we ran into the two German Shepherds. They were very nice to me. I appoligized to them for Kiera's behavior. She gets bossy sometimes. We were almost home when daddy saw the goat was near the fence. We stopped to say "Hi" to the goat. He didn't want to play today and ran away. Daddy says it was because I had "lamb on my breathe". When we got home, mom and dad put up Christmas lights outside on the trees and the front railing. I'm tired! I just want a nap!


Thanksgiving Weekend

November 28th 2009 5:54 pm
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I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving! We sure did! We had dinner at our house this year. Grammy, Auntie Ruth and Cousin Leila came over. Everyone brought food. My parents don't have a traditional Thanksgiving because they don't eat meat or animal products. Everyone who came to dinner were pretty much vegetarian too. Mom likes to call it ThanksLiving. I like that. I am not a vegetarian and neither are my cat brothers, although I do enjoy an occasional vegetarian dinner. Mom had to go over to Troy and Oscar's house to feed them their dinner and let them out for a break. She wasn't gone long though and made it back in plenty of time to have dinner. It was nice and I was much more relaxed with my family there. I had met everyone before. Auntie Ruth thought I was too mellow, but I was just being me.

Friday was a very wet and rainy day. Mom and dad were fed up with my plastic bootie that I have to wear to keep my bandages dry and clean. It kept falling off and to be honest, it wasn't comfortable anyway. Mom remembered seeing booties at the pet store. She told daddy about it and said I could wear them in the winter too when it is really cold and snowy. We all got into the car and went to the pet store. Daddy thought I should get size medium. We bought the booties and dog and cat food. I also got a new raw hide bone and my cookie. When we got home, mommy tried my new bootie on. It was way too big. I needed size small. Even though I am a big dog and weigh 70 pounds, I have very small feet. Mom and dad went back to the store and exchanged them for small ones. They fit me great. They are much more comfortable and I can walk normal with it on. It also stays on my foot. I'm glad to be done with that plastic thing which was actually an IV bag!

Today was a nice day, so we went to NH to visit Grampy. It was nice because we couldn't see him on Thanksgiving. He lives over an hour away and he can't drive that far anymore. I got to go out in the back yard. I played a little and even ran a little bit- not too fast and not too hard- just right. After grampy's we went to the health food store in Portsmouth, NH. I couldn't go in because they sell food there. I had to wait in the car. Mom and dad were quick. Next we went to grammy's house. Mom and dad ate some food. Then we went back home. It was nice seeing family this weekend.


Another Trip To The Vets

November 25th 2009 7:59 am
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I had to have my wound looked at today. My cat brothers, Ben and Charlie had to have their yearly physical. I had to share the back seat of the car with Charlie. Ben was on mom's lap because he knows how to escape from the cat carrier. They weren't too happy about the whole thing and cried the entire ride. Thank goodness he vet is just down the street. Ben saw the vet first and then Charlie. Both cats have to have their teeth cleaned in February. Charlie is also on a diet. He is a bit too chubby. Next it was my turn. The vet cut my old bandage off. My wound was still raw and tender but it is healing. She cleaned it and put a new bandage on. This one is blue. I have to go back in a week. Hopefully the bandage will come off for good. The vet said my nail should grow back in time. I was glad to be home! I am a bit upset because I can't run or play for another whole week!

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