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A New Beginning

International Day!

August 10th 2013 4:26 pm
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Two weeks ago, mom's granddaughter came to stay with us. I am usually afraid of kids but I like this one! Her name is Davina. I slept in her room every night. During the day, all the humans went off doing things. I had my new pet sitter come and let me out so I could do my duty. At first I was a little shy as I didn't know her very well. By the end of the week, I was looking forward to her visit. Now that Davina is gone back home, I kind of miss her. She was very gentle with me.

Today was International Day at Greyhound Friends. We left early this morning in order to get there on time. There was a big tent set up so we would stay cool. It was a beautiful day! In fact it was just about perfect except it was a bit windy. Things did blow around a bit. Mom was surprised and delighted to see that Linda Evans had come. No, not the actress. She is a greyhound artist that puts hidden greyhounds in her pictures. We have two of her prints in the living room. When we were socializing before the speakers, a whole bunch of people seemed to know me! They are friends with me on Facebook!! I felt almost famous. They kept coming up to me saying "I know Isis from Facebook!" Mom and dad got a kick out of it. We listened to all the speakers. They were all very interesting.They had speakers from Ireland and Spain as well the United States. Happy to say things are slowly improving for us all over the world. We did have one nice long break for lunch. I got to socialize with the other greyhounds that were there. During the second half of the day a huge gust of wind knocked over Linda Evan's tent! Her husband ran to rescue it. I don't think anything was damaged. I hope not! It was a wonderful day. On the way home we stopped at Petco. Mom is starting to teach me about colors! Dogs can see blue and yellow. She bought me two identical toys- one is blue and one is yellow. She is using the touch command which I already know. I can only distinguish the two toys by color (mom bought them at the same store at the same time and is keeping them in the same place so there is no difference in smell) I did very well for my first time. I'm tired now! It was a long day!


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