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A New Beginning

4th Of July Adventures!

July 6th 2011 9:58 am
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I hope all of my pup pals had a fun and safe 4th Of July. I hope the fireworks didn't scare you. I don't like the noise but I don't get scared. Mom and dad are happy about that.

Sunday we all went to a big outdoor picnic/potluck. It was held by the Boston Vegetarian Society. It was at the same place it was last year. The best thing was that dogs were invited too! Mom and dad brought my pen so that I would feel safe with all the activity going on. I like having my own safe place. Mom brought me some dog cookies so I could have something to eat too. There were about 80 people that came and about 10 other dogs. Some of them I recognized from before. Mom and dad took me for several walks because I am very good at not going in my pen. One time we walked down the street to a dirt path that led to the water. Mom told me it was part of the Charles River. It was nice. On our way back, however, some people were playing basket ball in the front yard. The ball bounced close to me and I got really scared by it. I was happy to get back to my pen. I tried to dig a hole in the dirt but mom kept telling me "no". I was a bit confused by that. At home in my yard I can dig wherever I want to. I like digging into the dirt because it is cooler. Mom told me that because the yard belonged to someone else, that I shouldn't dig it up. We there all afternoon and I made friends with some of the people there. A man named Joe gave me a massage. I know Joe. He has come to our house before to watch movies. He always hangs out with me. The massage felt really good!

On Sunday we went to visit Cloa's Ark Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is run by Patrick and Claudine. At first we had to stop at Patrick's house so that daddy could help him with the computer. Mom put my muzzle on and at first I didn't know why. Patrick and Claudine have rabbits and birds in their house. One rabbit was loose in the living room. Mom and dad wanted to make sure the rabbit was safe. I didn't see it at first but when I did, I could look at nothing else! I sniffed it and it hopped away. I wanted SO badly to get that rabbit. I stared at him the whole time we were there. Mom and dad kept me on a short leash. I was so mesmerized by the bunny that I forgot I had my muzzle on! When it came time to leave, I tried to go back to the house- where the rabbit was. Mom and dad suspected I would react that way. I am just too hard wired to hunt rabbits. Mom had hoped to bring a rabbit to our house one day. Now they don't think it would be a good idea. We left the house and went to the Sanctuary. Claudine was there waiting for us. She went early to feed a baby goat. Daddy set up my pen under a tree so I would have shade. Mom and dad didn't want me to chase the goats because there were several babies there as well as baby geese. Claudine told me I could dig all I wanted too. I made a nice dirt bed. The goats were curious about me and I was curious about them. I touched noses with a sheep. I had a good time and finally forgot about the rabbit. It was a busy but fun weekend. Catching up on my napping now!


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