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The Chonicles of Kayla

What a Fun Morning!

May 28th 2010 9:43 am
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I had so much fun today so far. Grandma came and got me and we went for a long ride in the car. I got to look out of the window and watch all of the cars going by.

We stopped at this place that had all doggie stuff, good treats and lots of toys. There was this puppy there too, but it was almost as big as I am. We started playing. We had to have our leashes on, but it was still fun. We sniffed each other, then rolled on the floor and played. Our leashes kept getting tangled up but we had fun until the puppy's mommie had to go.
Grandma got me some treats and a new ball.

I knocked a bottle of something off the shelf with my wild tail, but it was plastic and was OK.

I got to walk around the parking lot and watch all of the traffic. I've never seen so many cars and things, I didn't know which direction to look, there was so much to see. Then, grandma made me get back in the car, but that was OK because I love to ride in the car.

She went and got a hamburger and it smelled so good, but I had some steak and chicken nuggets that uncle Ron brought over, so that was good.

I'm so tired from all of that fun that I'm going to take a nap now.


Wow - have I been busy!

April 5th 2009 4:25 pm
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Hi Everyone! I know I haven't been here for awhile, but I have just been soooo busy....well, growing up!

I'm getting really big and I'm kind of clumsy. Yesterday I was running down the hall chasing Rhiannon (that is my kitty sister) and "oh no - there's a corner!" I tried to slow down as I went around it, but the brakes just didn't work and I slid right into mommie big potted plant! Dirt went flying everywhere and I just KNEW mom was not happy, so as quiet as I could I tipped-toed away to lay in the corner. She was yelling at that plant as she scooped him back in the pot, so maybe she didn't see me and she thinks that the plant turned itself over. I hope so......

Mom got me this big red frisbe to play with. I love it! Only problem is, when I pick it up, it covers my eyes and I can't see! I zig zag all over the yard and mom laughs at me. I don't care, I love my red frisbe!

Mom was planting some flowers the other day and tossed one of those pots to the side. I snuck up real quiet like, cause I didn't want her to catch me, then I snatched that pot and ran! I heard mom yell, "hey, you get back here!" But I kept going....come catch me mom if you think you can!

I will try and keep everyone updated on my life, but I lose all track of time these days just playing and eating, and sleeping, and playing, and playing....he, he, he.


A New Trick....

February 25th 2009 6:10 am
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Mom bought this book of tricks she wants me to learn. There sure are a lot in there. The first trick she taught me was the "roll over". I'm not sure what use this trick is, it seems sort of silly to me, but mom was so happy when I did it, that I did it again, and then again. I tried to tell her that I thought it was a dumb trick and why are we wasting our time with it, but I don't think she heard me.

She was reading me all the tricks in the book and ones like, open the door, and open the refridgerator....carry her purse, pick pocket pooch sound like loads of fun, but she said, "Oh, I don't think we will be teaching you those!" Now why not? I can't do the fun stuff, but I get to roll over? B-O-R-I-N-G. Humans are sure weird!


What a Ride!

February 18th 2009 1:18 pm
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My human Uncle, Ron has this thing mom calls a golf cart. Today mom went for a ride with Uncle Ron and she let me go with them! Wow - what a BLAST! We were trucking around at unbelieveable speeds and my ears were flopping in the wind - the road was wizzing by like lightning! I wanted to get closer to the side so I could see more, but mom kept pulling me back, telling me I was going to fall out. Pfffff - not me!

When we got back home mom said it was time to go in. I really, REALLY didn't want to go in, so I tried to get back on that golf cart thing - and I admit I wasn't listening very well. Mom said if I was going to be naughty every time we did the fun ride thing, I wasn't going to get to do it anymore. Well I definately want to do that again, so I guess I better be good for awhile!


Visiting at Grandma's House

February 12th 2009 3:25 pm
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Today I went to visit Grandma! I love my grandma - she is always giving me fantastic treats! I even had ice-cream today (although mom is wondering if that was such a good idea). I have a secret. All I have to do is look cute, and they give me anything I want.

My cousin Cassie was there too! I love to play with Cassie, although she is kind of old and sometimes doesn't feel like playing with me - I just nag her to death and she usually gives in for a nip or two. (It's the whole cuteness thing again, people and dogs just can't resist me. I have them all under my little doggie spell!

Me and Cassie and Mom and Grandma and my Uncle Ron were all out on the porch. Its all closed in so I can't get out. At least, I didn't think I could! But Cassie was there, and then she wasn't. I couldn't figure that out. It looked like she went right through the wall! I went over to the place she disappeared and saw that the wall looked a little different, clearer somehow, but I still couldn't figure out how Cassie did it.

Then mom went outside and started calling my name, and her hand came right through the wall toward me! That really freaked me out, but then her hand disappeared again, and it finally dawned on me, I could walk right through it! And I did! It was the coolest thing. I came back in, and went out again, then I came back in and went out again, then I came back in and went out again - this is sooooo cool! I came back in and went out again, I came back in, and......wait, where the heck did the door go?? Grandma is saying, "enough of that". Enough of what? I was going in and out like you showed me! What's the problem? Why did you block the......Oh, wow......a ball! Lets get it Cassie!


Who is that dog?

February 11th 2009 9:08 pm
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Last night I was laying on the floor, minding my own business, chewing my chewy, when I looked up and saw this other dog staring right at me! Another dog! Can you imagine?

I gave this little growl to show this intruder that this is MY home! This was MY chewy! She better flee in terror! I'm meeeannn!! Growl!

Mom was sitting at the desk doing some human thing, but when she heard me growl, she turned around and gave me a strange look.

I thought, "Alright pesty dog! NOW your in trouble! Mom will take care of you!" But mom just turned back around and resumed whatever human thing she was doing.

Fine, I guess I will have to take care of this myself. Growl, Grrroooowllll. Be afraid, be VERY afriad!

This time, mom turned around and said, "What are you growling at?"

I looked at the other dog - trying to show her. Mom looked confused, then got down on the floor next to me, looking under the table thingy where the dog was hiding - and she saw her too! Only mom wasn't worried about this intruder! She was laughing! Now I was confused! Mom said, "That is you silly, your reflected in the window."

"Me!?! No way!" So I looked at the dog again and you know what? I think she's right. I'm soooo embarressed!

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