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Our Grandma is an angel now

March 27th 2013 3:09 pm
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Hello friends sorry we are not around much anymore, Mom seems to always have other things going on or she is on catster...sorry dogs there is more going on there...

Well we have to let you know that the last 3+ years my Mom has been helping to take care of her Mom, my grandma. She got Lewy Body dementia, she was in a board and care home being taken care of for the most part, but Mom was always having to check on her, get her the monthly supplies her Mom needed and taking her to her Dr. appts. all along still keeping up with her dog walking and pet sitting business, take care of all of us including her Moms mean cat (I don't like her)....with no family help at all.

On March 8th she got a call to let her know her Mom was running a fever, Saturday they called again late day telling Mom that she needed to take Mom to the Drs. so Mom has to go take care of kitties one needing medication. Then go get her Mom and take her to the Dr....little did she know that her Mom wasn't doing well at all...Grandma was unable to communicate and didn't recognize my Mom anymore...hasn't for some time now

Well the Dr. decided that with the condition her Mom was in she needed to go to the ER by ambulance...Mom didn't go because she needed to go home eat and take care of all of us. They called Mom to let her know that my Grandma had a UTI, still running a fever so they decided to keep her to observe her and try to get the fever down.

Mom went the next day to see her Mom, talk to the doctors and nurses...her Mom was sedated, hadn't eaten or drank anything for at least 3 days...she didn't eaten much before that. They had a case manager come talk to Mom, she really listen to Mom and her concerns about going back to the board and care home, she told the lady that they have been complaining about her Mom because she was getting too difficult for them to take care of...she would cry out every time someone touched her, was very stiff and not eating or drinking much. So the case manager decided to have the hospice nurse evaluate my grandma and talk to Mom. So the next day Mom was back at the hospital met with the hospice nurse and they decided since she wasn't responding, not eating or drinking, the fever wasn't coming down and her decline it would be best to get her into a hospice home until she passed away. Grandma had the DNR so nothing would be done anymore.

Mom had to drive out to the home to sign the papers so grandma could go there, mom was so sad and cried. It was very difficult to do this, but Mom knew it was for the best. So later that day grandma arrived, they kept her comfortable, sedated and just let the process of her getting ready to leave earth happen. Mom, her daughters and some of the family came to see her and say their good byes, it was just a matter of time.This was so hard and difficult to watch for Mom.

On the 16th of March Mom got the call at 5:35am to let her know grandma peacefully passed away. Mom has been grieving for her Mom for a while now, the mom she knew has been gone for a while now and Mom knew the decline has been coming for a long time now. So even though Mom is very upset, has cried she hasn't cried since her Mom left earth only a little.

Mom has been dealing with all of this from the start alone, no family helped in her moms care, so now Mom will have her very own private memorial and scatter her ashes. The family will have their own, Mom just can't be there knowing that none of them came to see my grandma while she was sick only at the end...Mom is afraid she will say something that will hurt others, so it is best this way...she knows her Mom would agree with her decision and will always love my Mom for her devotion and love even in the end...

The last time Mom was with grandma to say her final good bye she held her Moms hand caressing it and talking to her, all of a sudden her Mom squeezed Moms hand...this was her way of saying she knew Mom was there, she was saying good bye too and thanking her for what she alone had done for her...

So this is what happened and now me and my family have to learn to live without the one person that was always there for us....

Thank you for reading my diary...with a sad heart we must close and grieve now..Mom realized more than ever just how short life really is...tomorrow Mom goes to get her ashes, Mom knows that this is when she will cry because it will make all of this final...Mom got the cutest keepsake urn to keep just a little of her Moms ashes so she will always be near...

Hugs and love
Mia and Mom


Mom is sick so we are not around

December 4th 2012 4:53 pm
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We just wanted to let you know that Mom has been sick, she was in bed for 2 days luckily she had the 2 days off, this is the very busy time of the year for Mom as her clients go out of town for the holidays...she has to take care of their pets.

Mom goes out to take care of the pets, walks her 2 clients dogs comes home, take medication and falls asleep, right now she still doesn't feel well and has a bad we are not around right now....hopefully she will feel better soon and we can be here many things always seem to get in the way with humans....

Thank you friends for my gifts for my birthday, Mom missed it! so sad she was in bed all day! well guess when she feels better we will celebrate, but I just want Mom to feel better again....Mom never gets sick so this is so rare for her to not feel good and doesn't want to do anything.

Well I gotta go and lay down next to Mom hope it will make her feel better soon...


Mia and oh yeah Milo too



November 20th 2012 3:59 pm
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our friends...

Mom is so busy with her clients pets that she hardly has time to let us come to visit our friends much anymore...we miss our friends!

Now I have to let you all know that a special lady it is Clever Trevor Tan Mans Mom, she asked Mom if she could use one of my pictures to paint and of course Mom said she painted my Christmas picture from last year. She has made it into jewelry and is now selling it on Etsy, she also sells them on help her raise money for her rescue dogs and rescue group....just think me on jewelry...maybe I will be famous???????? do you think

Please check it out:

Mom is happy with the painting and jewelry, she is going to buy one of them for herself...

Hugs to you all and know we are still here just not as much as you used to be.



Hate getting my nails cut

November 5th 2012 5:04 pm
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HI everyone it has been a long time, Mom says she just gets so busy with human stuff and life....and she is always busy with her pet sitting business and of course it is so sad that not much goes on around here.

We are all OK and doing well....but I do have to tell you me and Milo really hate to get our nails cut, so Mom isn't always up on cutting them.

Today was the day that she had time to cut them and boy oh boy! what a hassle and hard time we give her.

She actually has to sit on us and put us on our side to get them cut, we pull our paws and jump when she tries to cut them. She manages to get them cut, but we do make her tired afterwards.

She hates when we fight her, she tells us if we didn't fight her it would be done in no time at all, but no we both fight her. All of her other dogs were so good, but not us...she tried taking us to the local Petco to have them done, but Milo was yelping so loud Mom said no more and they have to fight me...she gets them cut when she takes us to the vet, but she isn't going to take us every time we need them she has to fight us...

I know we are not the only ones Moms have to fight to get nails is done and we are happy again, but Mom is even she just has to remember to cut our nails sooner they were long...



Thank you HQ and freinds

May 10th 2012 2:28 pm
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Thank you HQ and friends for helping me celebrate today and making my day special cause I was one of the DDP'S today....I am honored, but more importantly you chose my poem diary entry about me loving my Mom....cause it is all about our Mom's this weekend and we must honor them, love them and be good for them on this special day we honor our Moms...

Remember to give your Mom extra lickies and loves....

hugs and wags


Mommy Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day

May 8th 2012 4:28 pm
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Mommy, I Love You

Mommy, I know you love me
By the way you show you care.
You hug me and talk to me softly;
When I need you, you’re always there.
Mommy, I’ll love you always
From my heart, I want to say
I’m so glad you are my mommy;
Happy Mother’s Day!

We wish all Mom's a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!



Thank you

February 16th 2012 3:44 pm
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Thank you HQ for picking me as the featured diary today and to think it is all about love and valentine! What better way to celebrate than with love...thank you too friends for helping me celebrate today

I love you all and I am happy for my friends....

Hugs and love


Valentine Treat

February 13th 2012 3:39 pm
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Valentine Treat
I hope your Valentine’s Day is great.
I hope it’s quite a treat.
I hope you have a happy day
Filled with things so sweet.
This poem’s for you because I care.
I can’t get more specific.
Well, yes I can, and here I go…
I think you’re terrific!





July 31st 2011 8:47 pm
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One way for Mom to honor and remember our TALLULAH this month she asked a special sweet friends Mom to make a background for all of us to honor TALLULAH FOR HER FIRST ANNIVERSARY BEING AT THE RAINBOW BRIDGE! No matter had hard it is Mom wants to honor Tallulah.
Yes even Zeke and our doggie Milo has the same background and of course it is pink! And they say so what boys look good in pink too…
This whole month we honoring you Tallulah for your fight and bravery, you fought so hard for 13 months and you never once gave up not even in the end….
We honor you for being the best mascot for the breast cancer three day walk last year in San Francisco, you guided and helped Chai Latte’s Mom …what a good girl for showing her the beautiful butterfly while she was walking on her 3rd day….you will be their mascot again this year, we are so proud of you and the kitty Moms for walking and spreading the word about kitty breast cancer
We honor you for just being you, the sweet cute beautiful kitty our precious gift from God.
We honor you for watching over Xena when she had her surgery and made sure the lump was benign, if it weren’t for you teaching Mom that she needs to check us all the time for lumps she may have not found the lump when she did….you saved Xena and for that we honor you always…..
We honor you for helping others and we hope that one day there will be no girl kitties getting breast cancer.
We honor you for helping Mom spread the word about cancer, yes we want others to know that kitties get cancer not just breast cancer and we have made sure Moms know how important it is to check us kitties for lumps and get us to the vet ASAP it could save their lives.
We hope all of our friends will take a moment and remember our Tallulah how hard she fought and wanted to live, but God had other plans for her to help others in the fight to spread the word about breast cancer…she did not die in vain….she has saved lives!




December 21st 2010 2:01 pm
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Mom has asked me to make sure I write in my diary today to we can wish all of our FRIENDS MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Tis the season of giving so lets all take the time to find a way to give a little love and time to those that need our love!

It has been a hard year for my family with our kitty sisfur going the the bridge, our friends have been here for all of us and we want to send a special THANK YOU!

May your holiday we wonderful, stay safe, and lets remember those that are sick, are no longer with us like our Tallulah say a little prayer for them asking for them to be healed and to get well again...

Sending you all our love and lots of hugs

Mia, Milo, Mom and our fur kitties!

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