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Mia's life and times

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I am still having health issues

January 28th 2016 3:28 pm
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Hello friends, it has been a while since we wrote an update on me.

Yes I am still have health issues, I have lost a lot of weight, 2 lbs. in a month, I am always hungry, still regurgitating my food which makes it hard for me to keep food down without eating small meals all day and having Mom hold me up afterwards to help keep my food down. I just can't seem to get enough to eat.

I am very thin, all my bones are sticking out, but I am acting like myself. My vet took blood, she sent it out to Texas A & M to have them do test to find out if I am digesting my food and absorbing nutrients or not. It came back I am folate deficient, I am not absorbing my food which means my small intestines are having trouble working.

I am on medication now, Mom and Dad stopped at a holistic pet store, they got me mega daily supplement, herbal medication and a couple of liquid herbs too. Mom is ordering digestive enzymes to help me too.

It has been very frustrating for Mom and Dad, taking to the vet trying to figure out what is going on. Mom has been reading all her natural remedy books trying to figure out what is going on with me....finally today she found information about chronic digestive disorder and it fits me and what I am going through. She will call my vet to ask her what she thinks but in the meantime Mom has order digestive enzyme for me, she is going to give to us all.

Otherwise I am doing ok, just been hard on me and my Mom. My cat brother Kody had to have emergency surgery in December because he gets blocked and can't pee. He is doing better now.

Mom has been dealing with a lot with all of us furry babies, but now she thinks she has found something that will help me get better and hopefully put on some weight.

Will give an update when we can, Mom is busy with all of us and doesn't always feel like getting on her computer for us...

Well that is it for now from me, we hope you are all doing well, sending our love and lots of hugs



My cat brofur is an angel

November 22nd 2015 2:46 pm
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We are so sad our Zeke had to make his journey to the rainbow bridge November 5th. He was very sick with kidney failure. He spent 9 days at our vet getting IV fluids hoping it would bring his numbers down. They came down enough that he got to come home. He was getting 200ml of fluids everyday, but when they checked his blood this time his numbers went up. He was thin, weak, stopped eating. Mom made the dreaded decision to let him go. He was mom's boy, her lap kitty, been very very hard on mom, she is grieving.

This year has been hard on our family, with 4 of us sick, many vet visits, me almost dying and at the ER, Zeke at vet 9 days, sadly losing Kandi and Zeke less than 6 months apart. Mom thinks we are all cursed for what ever reason, it just doesn't stop. Now Xena isn't feeling well she goes to vet tomorrow. We are all praying she will feel better and not have to go to ER.

I am doing so so, mom says I have to go to vet too, getting lots of mucus in my throat again hard for me to eat and swallow. She hopes I can get in this week.
Well that all from here. Sorry we are not around too much going on health wise with some of us.



October 1st 2015 9:39 am
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Well it has been a trying time for me and of course mom & dad. Not only are they having to watch over me, take care of me and fix special food for me actually mom does they have been dealing with Xena and Zeke my cat sisfur & brofur.

Mom keeps saying she should have studied to be a vet tech, she feels like all she does since she retired is take care of sick furry babies.
So I was doing ok mostly, mom & dad have to always watch over me when I eat and after to make sure I can get my food down not have it cone back up. Some days I do really good, some days not so much, then I don't eat much.
Last month Zeke was not doing well, he's lost a lot of weight. Found out he has chronic renal failure too just like Xena, so mom has 2 kitties getting fluids now.

Zeke is still not eating much or feeling well. Mom thought it might be his toofies Zeke went to our new vet 40 mins away, vet checked him and took blood, Zeke's kidney numbers went way up. So now mom and dad have to give him fluids everyday for 2 weeks, he goes back to vet for another blood check. Mom is so worried about Zeke, Xena is doing good now that she is taking her thyroid pill 2 times a day and got her phosphorous number done. She even weighs more than Zeke and to think she will be 18 soon. WOW way to go Xena.

Yesterday right after mom & dad got home from grocery shopping dad let me out and something happened. I started the coughing and choking, trying to get mucus out. My tongue was blue as I was having a hard time breathing, both mom & dad were trying to get the mucus away from my mouth so I wouldb't lick it back into my mouth. Lots came out, took me over an hour to finally not choke and able to breathe good again. Mom really thought I was going to die right in front of her. Dad said he wouldn't take me to my old vet because of what they did with medicating me. I wasn't feeling well last night, didn't eat my dinner even if mom was trying to hand feed me. I just want to sleep, I slept most of the night, mom kept checking on me. She also checks on Zeke, she feeds Xena & Zeke during the night. Mom made me scrambled eggs this morning ate a little and some of it came right back up. So mom tried holding me up and hand fed mr, she knows I am hungry. I kept it down.

Poor mom she doesn't sleep through the night because of us 3 sick babies, she is always worrying, has the feeling of dread, the not knowing what is next with one of us. She feels tried all the time and is depressed. Just so much bad has happened since we moved, can we ever get a break!

So if we are not around much you all know why, mom tries to stop by when she can or is feeling ok. Mom goes to dr. next week she hopes they can help her feel better, after all she can't keep feeling this way and neithor should we.

We all could use some prayers.....

Hugs to you all, happy Fall
Mia and family


Still doing ok, getting a new vet

August 28th 2015 4:56 pm
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So far so good, I am doing pretty good with eating, we have a routine now, dad is helping too he holds me in my doggie carrier/pouch after i eat.

My vet admitted that what she gave me caused my passing out. My mom & dad decided to make the appt. for internal medicine to get the scope down my throat/tummy well Mom almost choked when they told her how much, way over $2000 almost $3,000.

Mom and dad said no, since they lost trust in my vet mom started looking on line again to find another vet, well she found one that does regular medicine & alternative lIke we had in San Diego. They are 43 mins. away but they feel this is for the best. They use better quility anesthesia, they are not as expensive and they even have someone come in to do things like the scope I need for a lot less.
I go Monday, we will let you know how it goes, mom hopes I can see the holistic vet to give mom ideas on how to help me. She will be taking Zeke & Xena there eventually too. Kody & Tu if all goes well will go as well. Mom is sad we have to change vets but when the trust has been lost it will always be hard to trust them completely. They are all nice mom knows they do care but.... she has to think of us & how much things cost.
So wish me luck!!!

Have a great weekend


August 26th update

August 26th 2015 3:51 pm
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BOL! I have to say all my friends praying for me has helped me so much. I am feeling better. I finally ate on my own for the first time since I got sick last night. Made Mom so happy, well of course she doesn't have to hand feed me.

I ate breakfast this morning on my own and again mid day. Vet wants Mom to feed me more times, just smaller meals. Mom or Dad has to watch me eat to make sure I don't throw up or cough up my food. After I eat I have to go into my doggies pouch, I do have to say I am loving my pouch....I have to stay upright for about 15 mins. so Dad is helping Mom with that if she does it every time she is hurting her neck and shoulders.

So today I ate mostly can chicken, some of my FreshPet chicken all of it cut into very small pieces, then this afternoon I ate a little of the wellness casserole pieces cut up.

Now that Mom knows I am doing better and our kitty Zeke is doing better too, he now has Chronic Renal Failure just like Xena, she will make my appt. to see the internal medicine dr. again.

Me and my Mom want to thank you all for being here for us, there is no place like it, you all have helped me feel better.

Mia and Mom


Feeling a little better

August 24th 2015 10:46 am
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First thank you my friends for praying for me, I am feeling a little better but....

I am still having trouble when I eat, well that's very little eating. Still not eating like I should. Mom made me scrambled eggs, I did eat it was yum, took me time to eat. Mom has me in one of my pouch carriers so I stand up, she has to hand feed me, sometime I cough then the food flies out. Mom even gave me very small pieces of sausage. At this point mom says she'll try almost anything. Then mom has to keep me in my pouch standing in it for 15 mins. so my food will go down and stay down. Mom tried this morning to get me to eat, turned my head refusing to eat again so mom says here we go again. Every meal right now is a hit & miss, very challenging. Mom thinks I am afraid to eat, she may be right.
Mom hopes I will start to eat on my own, then hang out with mom in my pouch.
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts


At home now, but still not doing good

August 22nd 2015 4:35 pm
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We brought Mia home last night.

Mia has a heart murmur which we already knew, not bad enough for her to be on medication right now. She has chronic bronchitis, incontinence, regurgitation and weight loss.

She has to go to internal Medicine Vet, we have to make her the appt. so she can confirm or see exactly what is wrong. Right now nothing is ruled out.

She still hasn't eaten anything since Wednesday night. Husband got her to eat some ham and it immediately came back out. I called the Vet ER asked what they suggest we do, she said try chicken/rice, the last time I did that the same thing but that was a while ago, also chicken baby food, did that too and the same or some broth, I made broth she drank and so far has kept it down. I baked her a chicken thigh will shred hope she will eat, she turns her head and refuses to even try. I have thought about putting food in the processor to make it smooth but it would be too much like can dog food and she hasn't been able to eat that in a while, been giving her grd. chicken, turkey or beef mixed with Fresh Pet chicken, she has been able to keep it down since I have been feeding her that. But now she is refusing. Not sure if she isn't feeling well or is afraid because every time she eats something it comes back out.

We are still very worried about her, we just hope she will start to eat again and keep it down.

When we feed her it has be be elevated, then we have to hold her up for 15 mins. to help get her food down and keep it down.

She has to have pepcid, she won't take pills,I have to crush it and put it in some special milk for cats, they said it was OK for her to have that, she kept it down this morning.

She is also on Metoclopramide and Clavamox.

We are still very worried about her, she isn't out of the woods yet.

Her being over medicated at the vet caused her heart rate to go up and when she passed out of course the rate dropped. Right now nothing has been confirmed she is a mystery and we hope we can get some answers to help her....

She did have a peaceful night think she was tired from being at the ER and away from us.

She actually looks alert, has peed and loves having us doing things for her and being with her. We are just stumped right now as to what is going on with her besides the mucus and the throwing up not being able to keep her food down.

Not sure when I will update again if nothing changes, we will keep on trying and working on getting her to eat again, she needs to eat and get her strength back. If she doesn't eat we will have to take her back to Vet ER. Lets hope she does eat and keep it down.

She still could use more prayers!

Mia and Mom


Update on Mia

August 21st 2015 4:03 pm
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I am very tired with not sleeping but wanted to let you know that Mia was over medicated and it escalated to where she was in trouble yesterday. She is doing better and gets to come home tonight.
I am so upset this happened and I am not sure what we will do, the trust in our vet is gone. I will post more tomorrow once I get a good night sleep.
Thank you for all your prayers for Mia I know they helped her.
Mia and mom


No news yet

August 21st 2015 11:28 am
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Didn't sleep much so worried about my Mia. I called earlier this morning didn't get to talk to the ER vet they were on rounds. We are still waiting for their call to find out how my girl is doing. As we all know the waiting and not knowing is so very hard on us all. The receptionist said remember no news is good news, yeah but I would sure like to know how she is doing. We live 20+ miles and even if we went there they wouldn't let us see her I barely got to love her and tell her we would be back to get her before we left her last night.

So once we hear from them we will let you all know. Thank you for all your prayers and love for my little Mia.



August 20th 2015 3:03 pm
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Well I just talked to the vet, she actually had to call Mom back because she was with Mia. Mia has been passing out like she did this morning, they are not sure why, is it a continuing thing from this morning or it is from her being put under, they don't know right now. It nothing changes we will go to the vet, we will either get to bring her home or have to take her 20+ miles away to the Vet ER so they can monitor her over night.

Radiologist agreed with the vet, she has chronic bronchitis and she has some kind of allergic reaction to something this morning. She said there were no signs of the nasty ugly cancer thank God.

We are very worried, but hopeful, she has always been a very strong and healthy dog, never any health issues until recently.

Mia's Mom

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