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Mia's life and times

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Hate getting my nails cut

November 5th 2012 5:04 pm
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HI everyone it has been a long time, Mom says she just gets so busy with human stuff and life....and she is always busy with her pet sitting business and of course it is so sad that not much goes on around here.

We are all OK and doing well....but I do have to tell you me and Milo really hate to get our nails cut, so Mom isn't always up on cutting them.

Today was the day that she had time to cut them and boy oh boy! what a hassle and hard time we give her.

She actually has to sit on us and put us on our side to get them cut, we pull our paws and jump when she tries to cut them. She manages to get them cut, but we do make her tired afterwards.

She hates when we fight her, she tells us if we didn't fight her it would be done in no time at all, but no we both fight her. All of her other dogs were so good, but not us...she tried taking us to the local Petco to have them done, but Milo was yelping so loud Mom said no more and they have to fight me...she gets them cut when she takes us to the vet, but she isn't going to take us every time we need them she has to fight us...

I know we are not the only ones Moms have to fight to get nails is done and we are happy again, but Mom is even she just has to remember to cut our nails sooner they were long...




November 20th 2012 3:59 pm
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HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all of our friends...

Mom is so busy with her clients pets that she hardly has time to let us come to visit our friends much anymore...we miss our friends!

Now I have to let you all know that a special lady it is Clever Trevor Tan Mans Mom, she asked Mom if she could use one of my pictures to paint and of course Mom said she painted my Christmas picture from last year. She has made it into jewelry and is now selling it on Etsy, she also sells them on help her raise money for her rescue dogs and rescue group....just think me on jewelry...maybe I will be famous???????? do you think

Please check it out:

Mom is happy with the painting and jewelry, she is going to buy one of them for herself...

Hugs to you all and know we are still here just not as much as you used to be.



Mom is sick so we are not around

December 4th 2012 4:53 pm
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We just wanted to let you know that Mom has been sick, she was in bed for 2 days luckily she had the 2 days off, this is the very busy time of the year for Mom as her clients go out of town for the holidays...she has to take care of their pets.

Mom goes out to take care of the pets, walks her 2 clients dogs comes home, take medication and falls asleep, right now she still doesn't feel well and has a bad we are not around right now....hopefully she will feel better soon and we can be here many things always seem to get in the way with humans....

Thank you friends for my gifts for my birthday, Mom missed it! so sad she was in bed all day! well guess when she feels better we will celebrate, but I just want Mom to feel better again....Mom never gets sick so this is so rare for her to not feel good and doesn't want to do anything.

Well I gotta go and lay down next to Mom hope it will make her feel better soon...


Mia and oh yeah Milo too


Our Grandma is an angel now

March 27th 2013 3:09 pm
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Hello friends sorry we are not around much anymore, Mom seems to always have other things going on or she is on catster...sorry dogs there is more going on there...

Well we have to let you know that the last 3+ years my Mom has been helping to take care of her Mom, my grandma. She got Lewy Body dementia, she was in a board and care home being taken care of for the most part, but Mom was always having to check on her, get her the monthly supplies her Mom needed and taking her to her Dr. appts. all along still keeping up with her dog walking and pet sitting business, take care of all of us including her Moms mean cat (I don't like her)....with no family help at all.

On March 8th she got a call to let her know her Mom was running a fever, Saturday they called again late day telling Mom that she needed to take Mom to the Drs. so Mom has to go take care of kitties one needing medication. Then go get her Mom and take her to the Dr....little did she know that her Mom wasn't doing well at all...Grandma was unable to communicate and didn't recognize my Mom anymore...hasn't for some time now

Well the Dr. decided that with the condition her Mom was in she needed to go to the ER by ambulance...Mom didn't go because she needed to go home eat and take care of all of us. They called Mom to let her know that my Grandma had a UTI, still running a fever so they decided to keep her to observe her and try to get the fever down.

Mom went the next day to see her Mom, talk to the doctors and nurses...her Mom was sedated, hadn't eaten or drank anything for at least 3 days...she didn't eaten much before that. They had a case manager come talk to Mom, she really listen to Mom and her concerns about going back to the board and care home, she told the lady that they have been complaining about her Mom because she was getting too difficult for them to take care of...she would cry out every time someone touched her, was very stiff and not eating or drinking much. So the case manager decided to have the hospice nurse evaluate my grandma and talk to Mom. So the next day Mom was back at the hospital met with the hospice nurse and they decided since she wasn't responding, not eating or drinking, the fever wasn't coming down and her decline it would be best to get her into a hospice home until she passed away. Grandma had the DNR so nothing would be done anymore.

Mom had to drive out to the home to sign the papers so grandma could go there, mom was so sad and cried. It was very difficult to do this, but Mom knew it was for the best. So later that day grandma arrived, they kept her comfortable, sedated and just let the process of her getting ready to leave earth happen. Mom, her daughters and some of the family came to see her and say their good byes, it was just a matter of time.This was so hard and difficult to watch for Mom.

On the 16th of March Mom got the call at 5:35am to let her know grandma peacefully passed away. Mom has been grieving for her Mom for a while now, the mom she knew has been gone for a while now and Mom knew the decline has been coming for a long time now. So even though Mom is very upset, has cried she hasn't cried since her Mom left earth only a little.

Mom has been dealing with all of this from the start alone, no family helped in her moms care, so now Mom will have her very own private memorial and scatter her ashes. The family will have their own, Mom just can't be there knowing that none of them came to see my grandma while she was sick only at the end...Mom is afraid she will say something that will hurt others, so it is best this way...she knows her Mom would agree with her decision and will always love my Mom for her devotion and love even in the end...

The last time Mom was with grandma to say her final good bye she held her Moms hand caressing it and talking to her, all of a sudden her Mom squeezed Moms hand...this was her way of saying she knew Mom was there, she was saying good bye too and thanking her for what she alone had done for her...

So this is what happened and now me and my family have to learn to live without the one person that was always there for us....

Thank you for reading my diary...with a sad heart we must close and grieve now..Mom realized more than ever just how short life really is...tomorrow Mom goes to get her ashes, Mom knows that this is when she will cry because it will make all of this final...Mom got the cutest keepsake urn to keep just a little of her Moms ashes so she will always be near...

Hugs and love
Mia and Mom


My 11th birthday and updates

November 30th 2013 11:27 am
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Hello my friends, today is my 11th birthday and if not for dogster Mom would have forgotten, can you believe that...well I will forgive my Mom she has lots going on.

You see Mom and Dad have decided to buy a new home to be built in Vail, AZ., it should be ready sometime in April unless there are delays. They have been going back and forth leaving us with you got it a Pet Sitter. So Dad will be retiring soon and then we will be moving. They are trying to sell our house, the people that buy it have to be able to let Mom and Dad of course all of us as well stay until we can move to our new home. Mom is spending a lot of time going through things getting rid of stuff & donating too. What a chore for Mom.

We will be living in an adult community at the foothills of Rincon Mountains 32,000 ft up, so we may get a small amount of snow and we won't be as hot as Tucson. We are south east of Tucson in an unincorporated area. Mom is worried about us living so near wildlife so all of our lives will change, Mom and Dad will always have to be out with us we can't just go out and sit in the sun like we do now, even though we will have brick walls all around us, we have no one behind us or in front of us, we are in a cul de sac. We are all excited but scared too. Mom is sad because she will be saying good bye to all of her clients and their pets, we are leaving our hometown and their daughters. But we will be 6 hours away or about a 1 hour flight away.

Mom and dad got to pick everything out for their house, Mom got her way she told Dad no more carpet only in the bedrooms...she is tired of having to clean carpet because of accidents.

What have I been up too, not much just hanging out with Mom and Milo, as I am getting older Mom says I am getting nasty going after the kitties, sometimes me and Milo get into it. Well they bother me sometimes and I have to put all of them in their place.

We now have small doggies living next door and I just love to go over to the fence even though I can't see them I hear them we all bark and bark. I get into trouble for doing that and sometimes I am on a time out. Not fair I say.

Mom sang happy birthday to me, told me I will get a special dinner tonight but no new toys until we move, then I will get a new toy like I love.

Mom is still doing her pet sitting business, but is sad having to say good bye to some of them as she knows she won't be taking care of them anymore. Mom says she will probably sell her business here and try to get new clients in the community so she doesn't have to drive much anymore. Mom has already found us a new Vet, she hopes they are as good and nice as out Vet here. Mom already talked to them, we all will have to get rabies shots even the kitties because of the wildlife, bats being in that area....Mom isn't happy that the cats will have to get that shot and she hates for me to get it too because I had a reaction the last time I got mine. But we can't take any changes especially from those blood sucking bats.

So as you can see we have a lot going on and can't always be here, besides there isn't much going on here anymore which makes us so sad. Mom gets on and it seems like no one is here.

Well this girl needs to go, Mom says time to go out and for her to get busy...Hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving we did it was a quite day.

Thinking of you all and we miss not being here, but humans do get busy. we will let you all know what is happening again...oh Mom will put pics of where we will be living on my page.

hugs and love


Thank you friends

February 13th 2014 1:50 pm
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Hello friends,

We still have our paws crossed that all will work out and we will still be here for a long time.

Thank you friends for always being here for me and my family, I know we haven't been around much for a while Mom is always busy with her pet sitting business, but things will be changing for us.

Mom and Dad are retiring, they paid off our house so they decided to move to Arizona. We will have a new house to live in, it is being built right now. Mom and Dad sold our only home we have known and soon we will be on our way to Arizona living in the foothills on Rincon Mountains. So what does that mean, Mom is closing her pet sitting business, Dad retires, then the new adventure begins.

We have to be out of our house by May 1st, Mom and Dad will go over in March to finalize everything with the house, come back home and soon after we will be packing up and on our way.

Until we move and get somewhat settled we probably won't be around much, Mom says she will try to let us come here, in the meantime know that we love you all, we are doing the doggie happy dance cause our voices and parents voices were heard...we all rallied and we won, never gave up!

This is what dogster is all about! love and friendship, that all came through with our fight to save our beloved Dogster and Catster...

So in closing today we want to thank our friends that have been sending us gifts with love...

Your friendship means the world to all of us and we are happy we can still all be here for one another.

Hugs to all


We are now in Arizona & I have been sick

June 6th 2014 8:55 pm
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Well are are finally in our new home in was a long ride for us in our new car. It has taken Mom & Dad a long time to get unpacked and things put away.

We are all adjusting to living here were it is so very hot now, been over 100 already. We sure are not used to that, but we are cool inside! Mom was taking us for walks before it got so hot, she doesn't like it being this hot and neither do we so no walks for us for now. We do have to tell you that one morning while walking just outside our community all of a sudden there was a coyote crossing the street almost in front of us, Mom turned us around and came back in the community. The coyote was on the other side of the road going into the desert, but it was watching us until it turned and was gone...BOL!!! that was a first, Mom wishes she would have had her camera

Now for me, you see I have been peeing inside the house, straining to go at times, so Mom & Dad took me to our new Vet, verdict is still out about us liking the new vets, anyway I had to stay for hours so they could get my urine. This was the first time I have had to stay at the vet, I missed my Mom, I didn't understand why I was in a cage and Mom was gone. But soon they came to get me and there was Mom waiting for me. I had a lot of bacteria in my urine so they sent it out for tests. I got calvamox and had to go back for recheck.

I am still peeing in the house, I will be eating and I pee, getting a treat and pee, one never knows when or where I will pee. I do go out and pee this is unusual for me, I have always been healthy and never pee in the house.

The vet talked to Mom & Dad I now have to go a vet specialist have a sonogram of my tummy and bladder to see what is going on. Mom hasn't made my appointment yet she is waiting on our insurance to make sure they are going to pay for my vet visits and special tests, they have requested for my records from my vet in San Diego...we are still waiting guess we will have to call next week to see what is going on.

So that is what is going on here, I know we are not here much anymore but I sure hope you will keep me in your prayers....I really am a good girl...



Update on me

October 1st 2014 3:21 pm
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Hi my friends, well Mom is finally letting me write in my diary I know it has been some time.

As you know I have been having some issues with peeing in the house, bad part is I do it when they are not expecting it.

I have been to the Vet numerous times now, getting poked and getting test, even a sonogram at the specialist 20 miles away. Nothing is showing up, I have even been on medication...they had to have it special made for me because I am small so it cost Mom more...BOL, I was a good girl getting my liquid medicine...but Mom says it is doing anything I am still peeing in the house,our new house. Mom is at her wits end with me.

So she called my new vet and they talked about what do to next. Mom thinks I have incontinence because I am getting older and I have anxiety issues more so now that Mom & Dad left us while they were getting things ready for our move here.

My vet called the specialist that did the sonogram on me and they both agree Mom needs to go back to square one, re train me in my crate and praise praise and praise me when I do go outside.

So Mom tried the crate and I peed on my blanket, a towel, the wee wee pads and the bottom of my now I have a area with wee wee pads outside of my crate, it is enclosed with our corral so I can't get out but I can go out far enough to get on the pads. Mom is tired of having to wash everything I pee on and cleaning up the floors.

I am now on Fluoxetine animal prozac for 2 months to see how I do. I get 1/4 of the pill at night before I go to bed. I sleep through the night I am not waking up early morning anymore which I did and I would cry and howl wanting Mom to get up as soon as it starts to get light out and Mom doesn't sleep in but she says really Mia must you do that every morning.

Mom and Dad sure hope this medication will help me and I don't pee in our new house where ever and when ever. We will let you know how I am doing when we can. Please pray this is the answer to all my issues cause I really am a good girl.

Oh guess what? now that Mom is retired she takes me for a short walk in our cul de sac, I don't like going too far I prefer to stay home, but it is fun to explore out there near our house.

Hugs to you my friends


Mia is not doing well, at the vet now

August 20th 2015 1:53 pm
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Hello to all that are still here and friends with Mia, sorry we haven't been around, dealing with a lot especially lately with Mia.

Mia hasn't been doing well for some time, since we moved last year, she has been having test for other issues and then she started having trouble eating and lots of mucus and throwing up. She has been on medication, I had to change her food, unable to eat moist food, making her just chicken, turkey and hamburger, sometimes she wouldn't even eat that

So this morning, I thought Mia had to go out to potty, I went to her and saw that she was having trouble standing or walking, she was throwing up foam and mucus, some was even coming out of her nose. She then was having trouble breathing, when I picked her up to clean her up and see what was going on, she was very limp like and it looked like she wasn't really there with me. I felt like I was loosing her.

We rushed her to our vet thank goodness they were able to see her today and we didn't have to drive 20+ miles to the ER. They didn't like her looks, her tongue was blue and she was still having trouble breathing.

They did blood work, lots of x rays and gave her oxygen to relax her so she could look down her throat, she found a mass/thickening under her tongue in the back. she is thinking it could be cancer but not positive and it doesn't look good.

She is at the vet now, they wanted to further look into her throat and mouth. She has lost about a 1lb. since May.

I just heard from the vet she is resting now, the thickness under her throat wasn't there, but lots and lots of mucus in her throat and nose area. She cleaned it all out, has given her medication to help her with the mucus, Gave her shots of Atropine & Lasix. She is thinking she has chornic broncitis and a allergic reaction to something. She will have to be on prednizone from now on. She will let us know what the radiologist finds it anything, praying it isn't cancer.

Guessing moving here to the desert hasn't been good for our poor little Mia, but now we hope this will help her. Will give up an update once we know anything else, now we just have to wait to bring her home after all home is the best place for our babies to be.

Peggy Mia's Mom



August 20th 2015 3:03 pm
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Well I just talked to the vet, she actually had to call Mom back because she was with Mia. Mia has been passing out like she did this morning, they are not sure why, is it a continuing thing from this morning or it is from her being put under, they don't know right now. It nothing changes we will go to the vet, we will either get to bring her home or have to take her 20+ miles away to the Vet ER so they can monitor her over night.

Radiologist agreed with the vet, she has chronic bronchitis and she has some kind of allergic reaction to something this morning. She said there were no signs of the nasty ugly cancer thank God.

We are very worried, but hopeful, she has always been a very strong and healthy dog, never any health issues until recently.

Mia's Mom

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