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I'm a blog hog?!

July 22nd 2011 8:45 am
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Mom said she hasn't been able to blog because I've been on the computer so much looking for pup pals! What else can I do? It's 140 outside and a simple walk leaves me so wiped I can't even play afterwards! I'm hot, panting, feeling nasty and sticky and just want to lay down or get back into the a/c as fast as possible. This weather sucks!

I am definitely going to school in a few weeks and a lady mom met through Uncle Angus is possibly a new social opportunity for me! I really miss Monkey but mom says I'm not allowed to visit him at his new home and Gammy never invites us over anymore. I thought I was a very good girl with Uncle Buster and Uncle Peanut and mom swears I didn't do anything wrong, but sometimes I miss being able to play with everyone!

Mom said we'll work on making new pup pals closer to home cuz she needs to work on making new pals, too, and maybe they'll have dogs!!


Kinda scary but kinda fun

July 21st 2011 5:11 am
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It was so hot again yesterday that mom decided no long walks. I went potty then mom said she had a surprise for me.

We went home, went up lots of stairs, I never went that way before! There were lots of new smells to smell. Some were scary some were really cool then we went thru a door and there were more stairs. I went to go down them and mom said no to wait and she knocked on a door.

The door opened and it was Samara!! I got to go see where Sam lives! I was really scared though and mom got annoyed with me for being afraid but it was lots of new smells and things to explore and it was strange for me. Sam was very friendly and playful and I played and explored and played then kept trying to get in mom's lap. I was excited but still it was scary there were lots of new things. I got treats and got to jump up and down on a big bed and I was allowed on the furniture just like at home!! If I lived with Sam I would never leave that chair it was very comfy like a big dog bed!

I had to go potty really bad and mom was worried I would be afraid of the stairs -I never really had a lot of stairs growing up where we lived before- but I did really well and Sam and her mom came with us! Then we walked around the funeral home and sonic and by the time we got back home, everyone was too hot and tired to play.

That was really fun even though I was kind of nervous!


I'm so bored!

July 20th 2011 6:53 am
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This weather sucks. I finally have a playmate and it's too hot to play. Mom finally starts doing longer walks and it's too hot to walk a lot. I get too hot and tired. I wish Monkey or Samara would visit then mom can put the furniture down and me and Monkey could run around and play. I wish both would come over because then we could have lots of fun running around in the air conditioning! Mom said she didn't know about that because of the television and Monkey's big monkey butt, he forgets to be careful about bumping things.

Mom said something about being home a lot next week. I hope so, I'm super bored.

There was a creepy boy standing by the dumpster this morning just staring at us. I barked a lot cuz it scared me. Mom said there are a few kids around that look like they stepped out of Children of the Corn. I dunno what that is but there are some scary creepy kids around us.


It's so hot!

July 19th 2011 10:53 am
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Mom and I have been very busy with lots of walks and some with Sammi and her mom! It's been very hot though and walking tires me out and mom keeps saying things like TIRED PUPS ARE HAPPY PUPS! I dunno what that means but she says it ever time I'm sprawled, passed out exhausted!

We saw a ferocious mountain lion in the parking lot again late last night. It had a bird that wasn't dead yet. I was fascinated so mom let me watch the mountain lion kill it. When it started eating the bird, mom got grossed out and we went home. At least it didn't attack us this time.

I saw a bunneh this morning but mom wouldn't let me chase it! She's so mean about not letting me chase da bunnehs!!!!!

Mom said in a couple weeks I'm going back to school!! I'm so excited but nervous too! I'm not going to the school I went to before, this is a new school but mom checked it out and said for 4 weeks we can try cuz it's a cleaner place but if it sucks and I don't like it, she will let me go back to Paws and Claws in the 'boro. Too bad I won't be allowed to visit Monkey at his new home! That sucks but there's no where to play. Mom said she's trying to see if she could pick up Monkey for a play date but she said no promises. I miss Brother Monkey and I think Monkey would get along great with Sammi.

I wish mom would hurry up and get home from work, I want to go on a long walk today and she promised that, no matter what, we were going to take a walk to the lake once it cooled off tonight. I wish mom would think about getting at least another kitty so I have something to play with but she keeps saying "no". She's so mean! But she made me bacon on Sunday.


We got attacked!

July 7th 2011 5:26 am
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I couldn't believe it! I even wagged my tail! I saw a kitty that looked like Neko and I started wagging my tail and wanted to get a closer sniff. Mom made me go real slow and we didn't see the calico cat or the kitten huddled against the curb. I just saw the grey tabby! Suddenly this calico kitty came racing out of the shrubs and tried to attack my mom! She came at us with her claws bared, fangs showing, hissing and spitting and generally causing a big scene! I got mad and charged it, I was not going to let some kitty hurt my mom!!!

Mom got between us and made me stay behind her and she yelled at the cat to move along. That's when she saw the black kitten huddled against the curb. We tried to slowly back away and the cat kept coming at us!!! We weren't even bothering the kitten and were backing away!!!!

It charged mom and bit her shoe and latched on to her foot and mom got angry and yelled at it and shook her foot and it finally let go. I was going nuts because the kitty was attacking my mom but mom wouldn't let me get it!!!

The kitten ran into the shrubs with the tabby that looked like Neko and finally the calico cat turned and followed and left us alone! Mom was so angry!!!

She said something about how even raccoons know better and just waddle away. So do the skunks. Only we would get attacked by crazy wild cats. Mom said to save face we should say we were attacked by a mountain lion


OMG so many new things!!

June 29th 2011 10:54 am
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Saturday for the first time I found a mouse!! It was just sitting on the sidewalk, I thought it was a toy! I sniffed it and nudged it but nothing happened. Mom said it was pretending to be dead because something scared it, she said it could have even been me! I didn't mean to scare it, I just wanted to sniff it because I never saw one before!

Monday an off-leash Pomeranian ran across the parking lot from his mom and my mom got very nervous. I didn't know what to make of this thing barking madly and racing towards me so I just stood there. Mom told me to be good and tried to block "Snickers" and it nipped at my toes and I got upset so I barked at it to get it away from me and then mom tightened the leash and kept trying to shoo Snickers away and instead Snickers started racing around us in circles barking and snapping at both of us. We were both very upset and when Snickers' mom finally strolled over, mom yelled at her and said very mean things about the dog being off leash and Snickers' mom just said "well, Snickers doesn't expect to be attacked by big dogs, he's very friendly." Mom was mad. I didn't attack the dog! The dog attacked me! Mom said some people are idiots because we have lots of raccoons too and there's no way Snickers would survive a play fight with one of those!! I wonder how many little off-leash "friendly" yapping dogs are gonna meet their demise this summer...

Tuesday was a LOT of fun, mom worked from home it was great! I got to see Sammi and we chased each other around and played and wrestled and then we ate grass while our moms talked. It was so much fun! Sammi is so cool!


I might get to see Monkey!

June 23rd 2011 6:30 am
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Mom said last night I might get to go see Monkey on Saturday!! I'm so excited!! I haven't seen Monkey for a couple weeks, right after my paw healed. She said I might get to go to Gammy's too, she is going to see later today if Gammy would let me come over for a bit. I hope Monkey can come, too, so we can run and play!!

I got to see Sammi again yesterday. She gets to go to all sorts of cool doggy things and I wanna go too! Mom says I'm not social enough yet and might get too scared with so many different dogs and people but that I AM getting braver and braver every day! I actually get excited to see Sammi's mom, too! I don't bark or hide behind mom at all!

I haven't seen Aunt Stephanie in awhile though! And I'm still waiting to meet Uncle Kirkles but mom said that he's sometimes nervous around dogs like I am and that may take some time before he visits and feels okay. I understand that!!!

Yesterday a man with food in a box came and I barked at him once. Another man with a bag of ice walked past us and I just watched him. Our neighbours with the little girl were out decorating the sidewalk with coloured stuff and they said hi to me and I just wagged my tail at them! I'm curious about the little yappy dogs but mom says we need to be careful, they don't realise they are small and aggressive and though I may be more curious, I'm still a bit shaky and if a little dog gets too aggressive that I might get aggressive back just to settle them down and mom's afraid I would hurt them.

There were no bunnehs OR raccoons on our walk this morning, I was sad. But there was something on the wall that made mom shriek and assemble the vacuum cleaner... I dunno what that was all about. Mom is weird.


No bunnehs today but there was raccoons!!

June 22nd 2011 10:57 am
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All the big trash things by me have raccoons in them. I want to butt sniff them, they look like kitties but mom says no way. Well she said way worse than that when a raccoon clambered out of the dumpster after she flung my poop bag in there!! (BOL!!)

But she wouldn't let me chase it and wouldn't let me sniff it!!! I wanted to sooooooo bad!!!!!

First I'm not allowed to chase teh bunnehs... now no raccoons either! Mom is just no fun!!


Perimeter Patrol

June 15th 2011 7:25 am
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There are just too many bunnies! I need to kill them!

Mom won't let me!

But they make me crazy! I have to run them down! Mom gets very annoyed with me because I won't potty, I will sniff and sniff frantically to track them down! I want to chase them and tear them up!

Mom won't let me!

I had a really bad dream last night and woke mom up and crawled into bed and forced a Full Body Java Hug on her and it took a long time for me to calm down and go back to my Kong bed :/

Mom put me on acidophilus because my tummy hasn't been right and I am already feeling better. I was wound up and playful last night. I didn't get to play with Sammi though. I saw her a couple times but mom was busy and said we couldn't go out to play.

Maybe today. I'm slowly feeling more sociable when people and their dogs aren't obnoxious and rush at me -I HATE THAT. Let me do this at MY pace and I'm good!


It's so much fun!

June 14th 2011 9:55 am
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When mom got home from work we got to go on a power walk. Then after that, we came home and I took a nap while mom worked out. After that, Aunt Stephanie came over and I sat on her lap, then sat next to her and gave her a sideways Java hug and got lots of scritches and it's really funny how less than a month ago I wouldn't even let her inside!! Now the more the merrier!

We got to go on another walk and then we played and mom said maybe Tue or Wed we can go to the dog park again. It's a lot of fun when it's not crowded!! I just don't like dogs getting all up in my business.

I wonder when Uncle Kirk and Uncle Erik are going to let me get used to them!!!

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