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Some days are scary

August 24th 2011 4:48 am
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The earthquake scared me really bad and mom wasn't home!! When she did come home I didn't want her to leave. I was very clingy. I paced and paced and paced and jumped on mom and paced and have been panting really hard.

This morning was scary, too. I didn't want mom to leave. I made her take me outside a second time but didn't do anything, it was raining too hard, too much lightning, it was very scary so we came back inside and mom dried me off with my big pink towel.

There was lots of rain and thunder and I was very upset when mom left me alone to go to work. I was shaking and very stressed out. I let mom know, too, when she locked the door. I probably let some neighbours know too.


THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kitties and 'Coons!

August 23rd 2011 5:47 am
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When me and mom walked this morning it was really dark. There were lots of critters out, I saw a couple of kittehs, a bunneh, and there were raccoon prowling around the dumpsters. I wanted to chase teh kittehs but mom wouldn't let me! She never lets me chase ANYTHING!!!!!

Mom put my Java Lounge playlist on her iTunes and I'm listening to that and it's making me sleepy so I'm gonna go take a nap now.


Lots of "mommy & me" time this weekend!

August 22nd 2011 6:14 am
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Mom took me all over with her this weekend. We went to the bank machine, I don't understand what that is, but it was very scary but mom said I did really good and listened really well. I did so good I got bacon when we got home. Then mom did some stuff and we went to Petco and there were a lot of dogs there and I was kind of scared but at least this time I went inside! Last time I got really scared and wouldn't even go in. But I did good when people came by, I didn't lunge or bark at all! But I couldn't wait to leave!

We got to walk a lot with Samara this weekend, Sammie is so much fun! But mom gets mad that I choose "bad" times to pounce on Sammie and initiate play but by the time we get home, we're too tired!!! BOL!! Mom was bad though she forgot to put water out Saturday and we were both really thirsty! I was really tired this weekend and slept hard!

Mom promised some fresh bacon but then came home and said there were way too many kids in the store and it made her crazy and she had to leave. BOL! I don't like kids either!!


YAY more mommy and me time!

August 17th 2011 6:11 am
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I'm so excited! This morning mom was slow in waking up and her alarm was annoying me so I woke her up and we went on a long walk and before she left for work she said she's going to start coming home at lunch again! YAY! Afternoon walks again!!

I get so bored here all day by myself! Mom said she's glad I can hold it all day long now so when the weather gets bad she won't have to worry, but while it's still nice, we need to walk as much as possible!

Mom helped me upload a picture of me and Samara from after our walk last night. Sammie kept pushing me out of my own water dish! Whatever, I didn't care, but mom thought it was very funny!

I hope we go on a long walk again tonight. Mom said if the weather's nice we can go to the Lake and walk around there after she gets home from work!! I hope so!!


I miss mom!

August 16th 2011 11:41 am
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Mom's been working a lot. She said for a few weeks it's going to get worse. She leaves really early now and comes home late. I do okay but I miss my mom coming home for lunch to play with me and walk. She said she's going to start doing that again but it will be a little while before she can.

I've been getting better about not getting upset when people walk by me and mom's been real happy about that!

I found out Monkey got to spend the weekend at Gammy's and it makes me sad Gammy doesn't want me or mom to come over anymore. Mom promised she'd help me find new friends to play with but I miss my brother and my cousins.

Me and mom got to go on a really long walk with Samara and her mom yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Mom gets mad when I try to wrestle with Sammie in the middle of our walks. She also got a little upset with me when I cut behind her and doubled back abruptly to sniff at a rock because she twisted her ankle up again. I didn't mean to do that I just wanted to sniff the rock! Mom still gave me lots of treats when we got home so must not be that mad.

Me and mom both need to make some local friends already.


My weekend with Mom

August 15th 2011 10:32 am
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Friday night mom and I walked with Samara, her mom and, well I guess it would Samara's "cousin", I dunno. I did really well with everyone and listened to mom and didn't over react with any passersby! Mom was very happy!

Then Samara and I played like crazy in the mulch and we tracked dirt all over, it was great fun!

Saturday mom was gone almost all day and I was really bored and sad. When mom came home, we went on a long walk and I was exhausted.

Sunday mom cleaned all day and moved furniture around but we went on a lot of Sonic walks and then walked really far down the road that has a lot of cars and noise so on the way back we went a different way, through parking lots, and it wasn't so bad but it kept raining and mom got annoyed. I don't like getting THAT wet, either. My fur smelled! Mom brushed me yesterday too.

I hope something fun happens today!



August 11th 2011 9:55 am
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Mom blew me off for lunch again today so I snuck online to write a blog. BOL!!

Tonight mom said we're going to go on a big walk, I hope to the lake that's by our place. She also said tomorrow morning we are going to go for a big walk before it gets too hot out. I think tomorrow night or Saturday I'm gonna get to go on a car ride, too! I'm so excited I haven't been on a car ride since I got upset at Petco a couple weeks ago.

We decided to hold off going to school this session. I've been doing really good with our walks and have been very nice to everyone I meet and even though I still get upset when people walk by us on the sidewalk, I'm trying very hard to trust that mom will watch out for me and not let anyone hurt us.

I think I heard mom tell her friend that she's gonna be making me some bacon this weekend!!


Touch! Paw! Other Paw!

August 9th 2011 7:59 am
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Mom's been doing a lot of NILF with me and it's kind of fun! I love how excited she gets when I am on a roll and do "Touch! Paw! Other Paw!" in whatever order she tells me! And I get yummy treats!

I saw a funny looking thing near the Field of Lost Souls a few days ago! Mom said it was a ground hog! It was fat and waddled and I wanted to run to it and sniff it but mom wouldn't let me!

I start school Monday.

Mom said I'm getting better at meeting other dogs. I still get really nervous but the more dogs I meet that are nice to me the more I want to meet others and it's really nice when they let me join in on my terms and not just charge at me. I'm slowly approaching strangers too if they seem nice.

Mom really needs to remember to bring treats on our walks though, she's really bad about that!


Mom's so mean!

August 5th 2011 11:17 am
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Mom hasn't been coming home for daily lunch walks... I dunno why or what's going on. I'm doing okay with it so far. Mom said that I have to get used to this for awhile because she has some important things at work the next couple months and that she is going to try to find someone I feel safe with to maybe come by and walk me but she said she may just have to do it herself and work from home in the evenings for a couple hours. I dunno how I think about that.

Mom's also been getting very strict with me and not letting me jump on people or dash out the door. She makes me sit and wait until SHE goes outside first! So unfair! I did sneak a jump on someone last night and mom got very mad at me. I was just really excited! I hadn't seen my friend in a couple days and was so happy to see them but mom said I can't jump on people that it's very rude! NO FUN!!!!!!

I start school in 2 weeks. I'm very nervous. Mom takes me to where class is going to be and I get very scared. What if they make me do scary things or something bad happens to me?!

I guess I can't visit anyone or have anyone visit inside until I go to school, too. I can still play outside though! I was crabby with Samara last time she came over and I was even stand-offish when I visited her apartment so mom said no more indoor play until I can learn not to be crabby and territorial. NO FUN!!!!!!!

Mom's so mean!


Lots of fun and naps!

July 25th 2011 6:58 am
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Mom was gone most of Friday and I was bored and it sucked. But she made up for it by hanging out with me all weekend. And Saturday night I got an unexpected surprise as Samara and her mom came to visit for awhile. We got to play and wrestle and Sam swiped one of my antlers -but I didn't mind, I have three, I can share! We attacked some squeakies and rested then played -I had so much fun! I tried really hard to stay awake after awhile but I was really tired and kept falling asleep no matter how hard Sam tried to get me to play!

After they left, it was raining and lightening really bad out and mom made me walk to Sonic and back in the pouring rain! I smelled like a wet dog when we got back but mom said she wanted to make sure I was really tired because she needed sleep! I was wet!! I smelled! My cushies were wet! GROSS!!!

Sunday I got to walk to Sonic with Sam and then mom left for awhile and then we tried to walk to the lake but it was very hot so we came home.

Mom also said she will be home a lot this week, so maybe I will get to see Monkey or maybe he can visit or we can go to Gammy's or something. Mom said not to get my hopes up getting to see Monkey much anymore. That makes me sad. I miss my brother and would love to have him come over and meet Samara so we could all play on mom's furniture and trample everyone!

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