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Mom needs a clue

October 11th 2011 7:47 am
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Mom needs to understand, if I don't feel safe or in control of an environment, I want no part of it. She tried to get me to go into the office last night to charge her laundry card. Last time I was there, that crazy pug by the main door kept smashing itself into the glass and going crazy to get at me that it scared me a lot and I don't even like going over there! I sat and took treats near the door but that's as far as I'll go. It's scary!!

I'm still not happy with the last pet store visit and now going for car rides is a little upsetting but mom said we will just do fun things and errands where she'll stay in the car with me and give me lots of treats to get over the car rides taking me to scary places.

I'm happy with the pack I grew up with and my small pack around the apartment complex. I'll make new friends when I feel like it and when I don't, everyone needs to stop trying to make me.

Mom said we don't have to go to the pet stores anymore but if we did, and it's crowded, we won't stay. Mom gets too angry at people who just HAVE to pet me even when mom says no. I don't mind the stores when they aren't crowded, it's actually fun to walk around and sniff things. But people don't respect my wish to be left alone!

I just wanna nap, play with my new friends, and leave it at that.


Kind of a Lazy Weekend

October 10th 2011 6:31 am
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Mom hasn't been feeling good so we have been taking it easy but I did get a couple really hard running sessions in so I'm a happy girl!

We went to the pet store Saturday and mom got aggravated because people kept trying to pet me, which scared me and even when mom said "no!" people think they know better and try to pet me anyway.

One woman with a little kid kept trying to get the kid to pet me and I didn't want it to pet me and hid behind my mom -there were so many people it was overwhelming and me and mom just wanted to get my treats and go. Mom kept telling this woman "no" and the woman pushed her kid to pet me!!! Mom made me sit and stood in front of me and told the woman she was stupid and putting her kid at risk by not respecting what she was telling her which was "my dog doesn't like kids or strangers petting her". The woman called my mom a b*tch!!!!! Mom said "too bad!" and we decided just to leave.

Mom said from now on we will go first thing in the morning when the store first opens up because it's not so crowded and we can shop and enjoy ourselves.


I'm so tired today!

October 6th 2011 5:03 am
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Last night we got to walkies to the lake and mom trusted me again though there were more cars than normal so she got a little nervous but we were very careful to stay on the grass. I ran REALLLLLLLY HARDDD!! My ears were back, my tail was out, mom said I looked like I was giggling the whole time! I was so tired I collapsed by mom's feet and it took me a minute to regain some steam for the 1mi walk back home but OMD running hard is something I LOVE to do so much!!!

Mom said she's gonna be home early today (well her normal time) AND that she's gonna be mostly home ALL weekend except for errands!!

I'm getting so much calmer about other dogs, too! My one neighbour is really nice and she has 2 dogs, a big something and a smaller something else and I walked right past them 2x for late night potty and didn't pull on my leash once! I got extra treats when I got inside, too!! Mom was so proud of me we partied in the hallway!

We have a new neighbour with another dog, I said hi to it when it was on the balcony but then when she said hi back she got yelled at for barking. I didn't mean to get her trouble. I hope I get to meet her soon, we look to be about the same size and having more puppy play pals would be pawsome!


Changed it up!

October 5th 2011 5:59 am
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Mom changed it up on me yesterday! She didn't come home for lunch, which made me sad. But after work we went to the lake with Sammie and her mom!! AND!! AND!!! And she let me run off leash, and boy did I run! AND mom didn't yell for me at all! She actually let me run and enjoy myself! I was so tired though that I barely made the walk back!! I shouldn't've taken that last big lap! While I rested, Sammie attacked grasshoppers, it was funny to watch, she pounces like a kitty! It reminded me of when Neko would pounce on bugs!! I miss having a kitty but mom said she doesn't have time to train a kitten right now.

Mom also said that things are shaping up for a puppy slumber party over Thanksgiving! That means Monkey will spend a night or two!!! She hopes the park will be empty cuz of the holiday and me and Monk can have free reign like we did last Friday!!!

Maybe he will be less scared of Sammie and we can ALL play together one night!! THAT would be so much fun! I hope Monkey gets comfortable with Sam before winter because it would be SO MUCH FUN to wrestle and play with them in deep snow!

I wonder what mom's got in store for me today!!


Had a really good weekend!

October 4th 2011 7:08 am
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It wasn't pawsome but it was a lot of fun! Mom was home on Friday so we hung out and Saturday she had a lot to do but we still had a lot of fun, I got in lots of walkies and slept a lot. The rain made walking to the lake a pain in the butt so most of the weekend we did the regular shorter perimeter patrol walks.

Last night, though, the rain slowed enough for us to go to the Lake and it wasn't as fun as it normally is because it was so wet, I wasn't allowed to run and chase geese! Mom is worried my paws will get irritated again but we've been really careful about getting my cushies super dry when we come home -I don't want to have to wear those cross trainers again!! Mom said if the rain keeps up though, for the shorter walks I will have to again. Boo!

Mom said she was coming home a little earlier than normal because she has a surprise for me! I like when mom has surprises cuz they usually are lots of fun things for me to do or play with!!! I'm gonna go nap and get ready!



September 29th 2011 10:17 am
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So mom didn't come home for lunch *AGAIN*!!


But Miss Kim has been taking me for walkies, I guess mom's been really busy at work. It sucks. I love lunch walkies even though mom has to leave right away.

BUT!!! TOMORROW MONKEY'S GONNA COME OVER!!!! Mom confirmed it with Monkey's mom and they will be over in the morning and we're gonna go to the park! BOL!! I'm so excited to see Monkey!! Every time mom mentions his name I get real excited and look around for him!

I hope I get to walk and wrestle with Sammie tonight. Mom wasn't feeling great last night so our walk was shorter than normal.

Can't wait for Friday!!!


Wild Wednesday

September 28th 2011 6:13 am
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Been kind of nervous lately, I think it's because there's so much noise going on upstairs. Mom said it should quiet down soon, but lately I don't like it and get very upset when mom leaves.

Mom said that Friday is going to be a big day for me full of activity and fun and that I'll probably sleep all day Saturday to recover!

My brother Monkey is supposed to visit me *all day*! Mom said we could go to the dog park if no one is there, so me and Monks can run and wrestle off leash. Then I can show Monkey the lake that me and Samara walk to and where mom trusts me off leash -well she hasn't lately but that's because it's been really wet and she thinks I would get so caught up in chasing the geese and ducks that I wouldn't pay attention to where I'm going and I could get hurt. I really want to chase the geese!! It would be so much fun! Especially with Samara because she wants to chase the geese too!!

Then later I think mom said Samara could come over and play for a little while too before we go on our evening lake walk. Mom said that I've been so good lately I deserve a busy play day with my brother and my favourite pup pal! I can't wait!


I'm kinda nervous again today

September 22nd 2011 5:13 am
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I get really shaky and stressed when mom leaves for work. I don't think I like that she doesn't come home from work during lunch lately. It throws me off my routine and I get worried she won't come home at all then what will I do?!

That annoying Creeper Rose came crashing outside again with her hyper psycho dog and me and mom realised that the dog is probably trying to escape. I feel bad for it and want to be friends but mom said Creeper is the kind of person you say "hi" to once and never get rid of. I think she's right because I see her outside all the time by our apartment and mom gets very angry about it.

Mom said for me not to worry when she left for work. She said "Today's my Friday". I don't know what that means but I hope it means mom will be home with me soon!



September 21st 2011 4:55 am
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I LOVE to run! I couldn't even run this hard and far at Gammy's house! I'm so glad mom is trusting me to run free, we went a little farther than normal, I heard mom getting worried so we hauled ass back and ran one more big lap and I was pooped! I burn off all my energy and still have a mile to walk back home! BOL!! That last mile is rough some times because I run so hard!

I was so tired when we got back I got inside, played with my really loud squeaky for about a minute then collapsed on my paw print fleece blankies and took a nap until it was time for bed.

I BARELY crawled into bed before I sprawled and zonked out into doggy drool sleep. BUT I am the one who had to wake mom up, she slept through her alarms again!!

Someday mom will relax when I cut loose and run, she gets so nervous something will happen...


Totally Douched

September 20th 2011 4:58 am
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Last night sucked! I begged mom for an hour to take me for a walk! We met with Samara and Miss Kim and headed outside, FINALLY, both me and Sam were so excited to go for a walk then when we dashed outside...

*Cries* WE GOT DOUCHED!!!!!!

It was so wet and raining so hard we both clamped our ears to our heads and didn't want to go but our moms MADE US!!!!!

Sam looks so cute when she gets wet. I look homeless and Miss Kim said I looked like I had mange!! *Cries* It was so embarrassing and our moms made fun of us and yuck it was just so gross and wet and terribly unbecoming for a Diva like me and Queen Samara. Very undignified!

Mom kept saying how badly she wanted to take pictures of us but thankfully it was raining so hard she wouldn't take her phone out of her pocket! I would have been MORTIFIED if pictures of me sopping wet made their way around teh intarwebs!!!

OMD IT SUCKED!!!!!! We didn't even play when we got back, we stood in the hall and shook and shook and shook and Sam was totally annoyed and said "forget it I'm done I'm going home!" and I don't blame her. I was wet, I smelled, and it's just very gross being THAT wet!!!!

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