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Dog of the Day AND a Diary of the Day!

May 29th 2012 5:01 am
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What a PAWSOME thing to wake up to!! Thanks for all my little gifties and congrats and pup pal requests! I'm so happy!!


I am making lots of friends lately

May 23rd 2012 6:44 am
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I have fans that slow down and say HI to me as they drive by. I have lots of doggy friends in my neighbourhood now. It's so fun when I go on walkies cuz I always see a friend or have a chance to make a new friend. And Monkey visits me a lot more. Aunt Stephanie's dog Bob visits me now and we all go for walks.


It's been a busy month

April 25th 2012 7:58 am
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Mom rescued a cat. That's right, a c*a*t!!! I was unsure about him at first but he is kinda friendly and treats me well, he rubs on me now and tries to snuggle with my butt, which I find weird. I'm never quite sure what to do with him when he's like that so I look to mom and am confused but she just laughs at me! Sometimes he chases me, sometimes I chase him. He's all right.

It IS funny though because my BFF Samara loves cat toys and Riley (the cat) always sets Samara up to get in trouble by flinging feather toys at her! BOL!! Miss Kim has to wrestle the toys away it's funny! Riley snickers! He's on my family now so you can go friend him on catster if you like.


Mom said I'm her coach!

March 27th 2012 7:40 am
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I'm still helping mom with her workouts. Yesterday she did something called Suicide Drills and used my head as a guide. It was fun to help mom exercise! Then later we got to go walkies and Sammie came to play and we wrestled and sniffed Riley and barked at passersby. Sammie really likes looking out Riley's window at all the people and birds.

This morning there were a lot of raccoons in the dumpster and I tried to bark at them to leave and go away but they just looked at me. Mom dragged me away saying raccoons are unpredictable and she didn't want me to get hurt. I don't like raccoons much.


I hate to say this...

March 26th 2012 5:08 am
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or even admit it, but I will on my blog for my pup pals... I think I might like the cat. I'm starting to like him. I let him paw at my head today and sniff my chest. I was very nervous about it but mom gave me bacon and I've learned only good things happen with bacon! BOL! I kind of chased him but I'm still not keen on him messing with my tail. But he keeps head butting me when I sniff him and I dunno what that means so I gave him my butt and he seemed confused. Mom said that dogs and cats talk different and she finds it funny we are like two foreigners trying to talk and just laughs at us. I don't get it, I give the cat a chance to sniff my butt and he paws at my butt fur! But yet when we play bow at each other, Riley's tail gets all big and he does a crazy crab-like sideways walk and his ears get all sideways and mom just laughs!!


Unsure How I feel about this

March 19th 2012 6:27 am
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But I have a new feline brother, his name is Riley and mom brought him home on Saturday. Here's his Catster blog:

He seems okay enough but what if mom doesn't love me anymore? I get very clingy and need reassurance but mom said we'll adjust, and reminds me I grew up with a kitty but at least this one wants to play with me so I'm not sure. It could be fun or I may hate it. Mom worries I may get angry and try to hurt Riley but so far I've been tolerant even when he punches me in the nose!



great weather!

March 12th 2012 4:23 am
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me and mom had a lot of fun this weekend. she was really busy Saturday but I got lots of new goodies for my Linkables (you can see me playing with mine on a video above!!) and Sunday me and mom hung out all day. Mom made bacon and it is super duper yummy!! We played and I coached mom on her workouts and then we relaxed on the chair and I took a nap while she watched TV. I missed the longer walks with Sammie but mom's ankles were acting up but she promised this week we would go a couple times so that's okay. I got to hang out with mom and had a relaxing weekend.


so... tired...

March 7th 2012 5:29 am
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we went to hinckley lake yesterday and there were ALL sorts of dogs to sniff and say hi to. moms with babies in strollers to not be afraid of. people on bikes. joggers. walkers. i get to see a lot of things now and none of them upset me or make me nervous anymore! I'm getting so confidence and mom is very proud of me! I even splashed into the stream up to my wrists!! I don't go as far as Samara does yet, but I'm getting braver and the water is so fresh and cold!

then me and mom cooked -well mom cooked, I supervised and did quality control- and relaxed and watched tv and I got lots of chest rubs.

I think we're going to that park again cuz it's really warm today!


Good Times!

March 6th 2012 5:21 am
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It was really cold Saturday but I got to see Monkey. Mom says he acts a LOT like I used to when we first moved to the apartment. Everything scared him BOL!! I had to laugh, he's such a big boy but such a big baby!! Whirlygigs and a winnie the pooh flag scared him and his fur got really big and he barked and barked... I can't believe I used to be THAT reactive but mom says I was a mess for awhile BOL

I had to put him in line a few times on our walks but by the second potty walk, he was following proper procedures and not being all wild man drunk and manic. There's rules to pack walks so I had to get up in his business a few times and mom was impressed with me. By the third walk, he fell into his place perfectly and everyone enjoyed the walk.

Sunday was pretty quiet but later on Samara and Miss Kim came by and Sam took my denta bone that I've ignored for months. I didn't mind, I don't like it and Sam is good at just making herself at home and helping herself to things even though it's MY apartment BOL I just looked at mom like "WTF?" when Sam stuck her head in my toybox and took the bone but it's not my antlers so I was okay with it.

Getting to hang with my two favourite dogs this weekend was fun. However I AM starting to fancy the very handsome new Husky boy in town, Nari... he's VERY handsome, has a sexy coat and tight buns... I shake my money maker when I see him across the parking lot! BOL!


Me and Mom have been very very busy!

March 1st 2012 9:33 am
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Every day this week so far we have gone to Hinckley Lake and mom is SO PROUD OF ME!! I see people on bikes, joggers, men, women, big, tall, short, fat, kids, big dogs, little dogs, old people and I hardly pay any attention to ANY of them anymore! As long as others don't get up in my grill, I am so happy! I've met so many dogs!

Every time we stop at a stream to cool our paws and splash around and get some water but it rained a LOT yesterday so the stream was really deep and made a LOT of noise, it was very weird, I stared at it for a long time trying to understand what I was looking at! Samara couldn't care less, she was thirsty and wanted to play! BOL!

I've been helping mom workout, too. Everyone calls me "Coach Java" now but I'm still a diva from tail to paw!

Mom said I might get to see Brother Monk this weekend! I miss my brother, I haven't seen him in a long time!

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