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new photo!

March 3rd 2009 11:03 am
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Thanks to my pup pals for my most recent e-gifties :) they look pretty on my home page!

Mom finally uploaded a new picture of me!!


So very busy

March 2nd 2009 8:05 am
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Me and Monks have been bad about blogging because everyone's been so busy! Our moms are working a lot of hours, when the weather's nice me and Monks get to go on mile long walks around our community, learning how not to pull on our leashes (I'm really bad!) and how to sit when a car goes by and how to ignore people and dogs and cats and other critters on our walks.

We get evening access to the living room now! It's so much fun running from the kitchen to the living room, banking off the couch and back to the kitchen! Me and Monks do that for an hour, sometimes with toys, sometimes not. It's a LOT of fun and tiring!

Neko still doesn't like us, she still hisses and spits and growls at us, so I just ignore her but Monks keeps trying to play then gets his nose hit.

Mom says I'm really starting to look like a german shepherd now but she hasn't uploaded any new photos.

I got to meet Uncle Russ yesterday, that was lots of fun.


Super Busy!

February 18th 2009 7:37 am
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Sorry to my pup pals, Mom's been really busy with work and by the time she gets home and takes care of me and Monkey, there's no time for blogging! We're doing good, I'm 15lbs as of last Saturday. I'm still a little stubborn about coming inside when told and I found it's a lot of fun to bark when I run outside to potty even though Mom tells me it's quiet time and to shush. But I want everyone to know I'm a dog and I'm outside! Mom said most people don't care.


More new people!

February 13th 2009 6:57 am
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Yesterday I got to go with Mom to Hudson Hydrant to get more food for me, Monkey and Neko. We met 3 pugs, and 3 nice ladies. One gave us Zuke's treats. They were nice!

I was scared of the pugs and clung to mom's legs. Mom says I need to stop being so scared, and after getting a treat, I wasn't so scared of the pugs. It was fun, everyone was nice and said how pretty I was.

I love car rides. I want to sit with mom, but she said I have to stay in the back seat, so I sit and hang my head over the armrest. I tried to walk around but I stumble a lot so I just sit now. Monkey sleeps. After awhile I sleep, too. I want to stay awake but I get sleepy in the car.

After I was hyper and started eating paper again, it made mom mad.



February 11th 2009 5:41 am
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Last night mom took me on a LONG walk, it was about a mile, she said. It was the first time I was out on my leash outside of a pet store and it was all very exciting! There were lots of things to sniff and to see and sounds and big things with glowing eyes that would run past us really fast and others would slow down, and there were people who smiled and petted me and one who yelled at me for stepping on his driveway but I didn't know I thought it was ok no one else got angry but mom said that guy is a cranky old man and just angry because his kids hate him I don't know what that means but I do like these spongy foamy things that mom calls 'cigarette butts' and she kept taking them away from me telling me they were gross but they were chewy and I spit them out when she told me.

I didn't like the walk at first. I wanted to run up by Monkey but mom kept making me stop until I sat, making me stop until I stopped pulling the leash. I was so mad I refused to give in and she refused to give up I even refused to eat a treat!! I was mad!!! Mom won, though.

Every time I got excited and pulled on the leash, mom made me stop. The last part of the walk was the best! I figured out what mom wanted so I trotted right next to her leg and every time a car came she told me to wait and I'd stand still or sit and got a treat and lots of love! Now that I understand, it was a lot of fun!

Then we went to the pet store and I wasn't afraid of the men that work there this time even when they played with me! I met a little boy, too, I said "hi" and he cried. Mom said he probably pooped himself because I was very loud when I said "hi". I've pooped myself so I said "hi" again and told the little boy it was ok, we all poop ourselves sometimes. He cried and ran to his daddy.


I don't like rain!

February 10th 2009 6:57 am
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Mom keeps calling me a little diva, but I don't care. Rain is yucky! I refused to go outside once I realised it was wet and it falls on me. Yuck! It messes up my fur! Mom picked me up, told me to suck it up, and carried me outside.

All the snow is gone, I don't know where to poop. I pee on this soft green stuff, but it's weird and I don't know where to poop! I want the snow back so I can poop!


Cabinets are yummy!

February 5th 2009 4:47 am
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I've really taken to shredding paper and chewing the cabinet corners. Mom used the bitter apple stuff, but I don't mind it, I chew and shred away loving every minute of it. Mom said tonight, cold or not, I'm going for a long walk that the cold and the exercise will tire me out. She said I might get to go to the pet store, too!

Otherwise, I've been a really good girl. I stop fighting with Monks when Mom tells me to. I now know "go get it", "bring it here" and "it's over there" and kind of understand that Mom points to where the toy is if I didn't see her throw it. Even around the corner, I'm slowly figuring out she's trying to make me think. It's fun!

Last night Aunt Jamie let us have free reign in the living room for a bit so me and Monks ran around in big circles, it was a blast! I want to do it again tonight so Mom said she'd section off the living room from the bedrooms so me and Monks could run in bigger circles than around the dinner table! I LOVE IT CUZ I LOVE TO RUN!!!!!

Mom said she'd get me a training tether when the snow's not so deep but I wish she'd get it NOW. I want to play in the snow with Monks.


Car Ride and Creepy Lady

February 4th 2009 5:59 am
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Mom took me and Monks to a different pet food store, our regular store didn't have our food. The lady that works at this store is creepy, I barked at her a LOT. She made me nervous. Mom picked me up and I felt safer, but that place just felt bad. I didn't like it.

We went to Gammy and Gampy's and I TOLD MOM I had to pee but she wasn't listening, I TOLD HER AGAIN but I couldn't hold it. She didn't get mad at me though. It wasn't my fault, I TOLD HER!

I barked at Buster then we went home.


What a fun weekend!!

February 2nd 2009 5:08 am
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Sorry to my pup pals, my mom meant to help me blog this weekend, but we were very busy and she hasn't been feeling well from sleep deprivation.

This weekend me and Monks were very busy. We went to the doctor Saturday morning. They gave us our shots, examined us again, gave us lots of treats and cuz our nails are black, the doctor showed our moms how to trim them so we don't get hurt. I didn't like it much but I did get some treats.

All the staff at the doctor's office swooned over Monks and me. This ugly poodle got all in my face, she was pushy and her mom refused to control her, so my mom said something and then picked me up. I like to meet new friends slowly, not when they stampede to me and shove their noses between my legs before I even get to sniff their faces! How RUDE!! Monks just swatted at the thing and it left him alone. He said it was ugly and rude, too.

Then after that, we went to the pet store and Monks got a new crate. I need a new one too but mom said it would have to wait a couple days and that I could borrow Bear's old crate. I didn't mind, it was roomier than Neko's crate. We went to Gammy and Gampy's and had a play date with our uncles Buster and Peanut and when Buster would try to punch me, mom said it was ok to tell him off and stand my ground so I did. He hurts when he punches!!

Sunday we went to Aunt Jen and Uncle Joey's to play with Spanky and Cleatus and I got to RUN through the snow in their big yard. I LOVE TO RUN!!!!!!! Monks got tired but I could run and run and run. Cleatus is big, I wanted to play but he got angry. Mom said it's because he's so big and I'm still little that it makes him nervous. I just wanted to play; Cleatus is sooooo cool! I followed Spanky all around, she's got the diva role down and I just want to follow in her paw prints. I pranced behind her any time I wasn't running through the snow.


Lots of fun!

January 30th 2009 4:37 am
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I love to shred paper and eat it. Mom gets mad at me, says it's gross. I also love to chew on the cedar chips, so mom and Aunt Jamie are cleaning all of it up because they said too much of it is bad for me. So I decided to chew on the cabinet corners instead, that's more fun than a nylabone, but then mom got mad and sprayed some nasty stuff on it. I don't like it but Monkey does.

When I get too tired, I don't listen and I get really bratty. Mom had to put me in the crate for a time out this morning because I wouldn't listen and kept chewing up the paper and trying to eat it. I'm just not in the mood to listen, I like doing what I want when I want. Mom said something about puppy-proofing her room and that me and Monks are getting isolated one-on-one time with our moms for school with no more distractions.

She also said she's going to make me get used to that thing she puts around my neck and that stupid leash. I don't want to!!!! I don't like those things, they make me scratch a lot and they make me angry! Mom said "tough, deal with it!" She's being mean to me lately. Monks says it's because I don't just shut up and listen like he does. Why should I? It's not fun!

Me and Monks got to meet Skip and Candy yesterday, they live in the den next door. They really liked us, said we were cute little fuzzballs and they were nice but I was scared. Monks said I need to toughen up that new people are fun to say hi to, that they pet you and talk nice to you. There's another den behind ours and a guy said I was very cute so I barked for him.

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