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Very Busy!!

June 13th 2011 6:46 am
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Mom and I had a very busy weekend. I'm getting used to my cross trainers. I still trip a lot, I don't lift my paws enough.

It's weird that Neko isn't around. I keep looking for her and it's a little boring when mom is away but mom said we're not getting another cat OR a dog any time soon.

Thursday I got to go to a baseball game and I got to see my brother Monkey and I didn't get too upset other than with two little girls who kept running right close to me. I don't like that!!

Saturday mom and I checked out a dog park near us and no one was there so I got to run around a little bit. When we came back, I got to see my new pup pal, Sammi. Sammi lives upstairs with her mom. Sometimes we walk together now.

Sunday I got to go to Gammy's and I saw Gammy and Gampy and my cousins Buster and Peanut, and Monkey and I played and played and ran and wrestled, it was fun! Then I got to see Aunt Jen and Uncle Joey. After we left there mom took me to the dog park and it was kind of crowded so we didn't go in but I got to sniff around for a little bit then we came home. I got to say hi to Sammi again but they had to get home so we didn't get to play.

Aunt Stephanie may come over tonight to play!

I am really tired. Mom put on my Java Lounge playlist so I'm gonna to take a nap. My paws are tired.


It's very weird and quiet

June 9th 2011 7:33 am
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Yesterday Aunt Stephanie came over and mom was acting very weird. Everyone was nice and it seemed normal but then after we went on a nice walk, mom and Aunt Stephanie worked to catch Neko and put her in her crate. Neko wanted nothing to do with it and scratch up mom and hissed a lot at Aunt Stephanie. They finally got her in the crate and I got treats and they left me all alone for hours.

They came back but Neko wasn't with them. I looked for her. I sniffed mom. I sniffed Aunt Stephanie. They smelled like the doctor's office -a place I spent too much time in the past two weeks- and I looked everywhere but couldn't find Neko!!

Mom cleaned up most of Neko's room, it looks really nice. But then Aunt Stephanie took almost all of Neko's stuff, like her food, her toys... I still can't get in the room to sniff around so maybe Neko was just hiding?

Mom was sad last night so I just curled up on the couch while we watched TV.

This morning she told me that it was just going to be us now, maybe for good but she said she didn't know. Said that Neko went to go play with her brother, Bear because Neko and Bear grew up together kind of like how me and Monkey did. So that's fun! Neko's playing with her brother like I play with mine!!

Here's Neko's page, she did post yesterday and said the same thing, she's going to get to play with Bear now... the rest I don't understand, my "CAT" is not very good.


Yay! I'm all better! Well, mostly!

June 6th 2011 12:41 pm
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Mom and I went to the doctor on Saturday and my paw is mostly better, it's better enough I can have it unwrapped now but can't go on any crazy walks for awhile yet. They trimmed my nails too!

I got blood taken, got poop tested, pee tested, I got a shot of something in my nose, and couldn't wait to get out of there! It was like torture!

Today after our lunch walk, mom called the doctor and I'm negative for parasites and heartworm so tonight she said I will get more pills wrapped in the stinky meat. Mom gags every time she touches it and smells it but I LOVE IT!!!!!

My belly is almost back to normal, too! I hope we have a spa night soon, I am kind of messy from not feeling well, I need to be brushed and given a bath now that I'm getting better.

Mom said my new "cross trainers" will be coming soon and she promised they would be girly yet sporty. I hope I like them because the grass makes my paws itch really bad and the parking areas are getting too hot!!


Almost out of commission! :(

June 1st 2011 1:33 pm
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Hopefully I linked it right, it's hard to cut and paste as it is without thumbs, with a gimped paw, even harder.

I have contact dermatitis and it drove me nuts so I licked and chewed between my cushies and now my paw is all wrapped up and packed with medicine I have to go get changed and cleaned every 3-4 days. I'm not allowed to go on power walks with mom, just potty runs and I am so bored!

On top of that, I got a bug or ate something I should have on our walks and my tummy has been a mess so I'm on medication for that, too.

I'm so bored! Mom won't let me go outside much and I miss our walks!!! I can't take looking at that stupid cat anymore, she's so mean!!

Oh and last night me and mom were walking and I stepped on a snake. I jumped so mom jumped and she stepped on it too then screamed and I was soooo embarrassed. I may have jumped, I was startled and it felt funny under my paw, but mom didn't have to shriek like a little girl! It was embarrassing. I just looked at her like "really, mom? you did not just scream like that at 11:30 at night!"

You should hear her when she sees those pinchy-butted centipedes...


I smell like wet dog

May 3rd 2011 5:42 am
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And OMD it is so-o-o gross! My cushies are getting irritated, my belly heat rash fired up, mom's putting bag balm on me a few times a day, but all this rain is making me smell bad and chafe!!! I'm sick of it!! We can't explore anywhere, I sink up to my ankles and it's just so gross!

We haven't been to Starbucks or Sonic in over a week! (mom goes and we walk thru the drive-thru and she gets a coffee and sometimes I get a cookie or puppy biscotti if nice people are there!) and it sucks! I'm so bored!

I got to see Brother Monkey on Saturday! Aunt Buffalo had to take Monkey to the doctor (we're due for our annual check-ups, heartworm, poop check and all that good stuff) so they stopped by after and it was a LOT of fun! Monkey got to see my new home, we played! He likes the futon mom got, and he drank all my water and we played and he got to meet some of my neighbour friends including the German Shepherd that has a little Pomeranian brother -that pom thinks he's a little pit bull! He doesn't realise Monkey could just step on him and end it! Monkey got to meet my cool neighbours too!!

The rain is making it hard for Aunt Ducky to come over to help me with my reactivity but maybe tomorrow. I'm excited! She always has chicken for me and last week I let her into the apartment and she was able to walk around and I didn't care!!

Mom and I have a lot of fun doing basic nosework and she's started something called "target training" and I have every trick down already including "Paw" and "touch" so she needs ideas for new tricks to teach me.


I hate rain!

April 5th 2011 5:40 am
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it makes me wet and smell bad and I don't like the squishy feeling of soggy flooded grass oozing through my cushies! I HATE it! And yesterday it rained so much that I was up to my ankles in slop everywhere mom tried to walk me :(

I also hate thunderstorms when I'm home alone. I never been through a storm at the new apartment yet, I was all alone in this big place, the lights rattled, it thundered and shook everything, I practically jumped into mom's arms when she came home at lunch. It was very upsetting. Mom acted like it wasn't a big deal and turned up my Java-Lounge Dog Relaxation Playlist but then left and I was alone for the next round of storms too!!!!


The skunk was kinda cute!

April 4th 2011 6:43 am
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Mom did some research and because the skunk was just ambling along despite my best efforts to get at it to sniff, since it didn't seem too concerned, she concluded it was just a skunk out for a stroll and nothing dramatic. It's apparently a myth that it wasn't good for the skunk to be out and about in the late afternoon. Still, it was kind of cute and I wanted to check it out! I'm very curious about such things!

This morning was bunny central and I wanted to chase and kill the bunnies but mom wouldn't let me!! I think SHE wants to kill the bunnies but not for the same reasons I do.

I was kind of sad to see mom go to work today. We had such a fun weekend. We walked to Sonic and I got a milk bone from the nice lady there and mom got a coffee. Then we stopped to visit a friend of one of her coworkers and they have a little Yorkie that kept trying to bite my legs but I got a home made cookie from the Yorkie's mom and it was very good, but I didn't eat it until I got home. I don't like taking treats from strangers, not even cookies or cheese or hot dogs.

I found something yummy to eat this morning on our power walk and mom got really mad at me cuz I ate it before she could inspect it. I dunno what it was but mom gets worried when I do stupid things like that that could make me sick.

I have to go, the weather is really bad, there's thunder and it scares me so I'm gonna go curl up on the futon and listen to my Java-Lounge Playlist of Dog Relaxation Music mom has for me when she's gone.


3 Linkables!

April 3rd 2011 5:25 pm
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I love throwing these things around!! nkables

Mom wants everyone to know that she fills my linkables with part of my kibble for the day and mixes in some zuke's mini bites that we've used for training, but that it all does come out of the day's rations.

We walked 5x today, a little more than 3/4 a mile each time and today I saw a skunk! I wanted to check it out and mom wouldn't let me!!! She said it was a very bad idea and it was not a good thing it was 4 in the afternoon that we saw it... she says skunks may be nocturnal and should not be out during the day but even if she was wrong about that she said it was bad news and she wouldn't let me go check it out!!!


My Somewhat Daily DIsh is Dogster's Today's Pick!!

April 2nd 2011 6:08 am
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I'm so proud!! Thanks for helping me blog, mom!!


"Java" as a dog's name

April 1st 2011 9:00 am
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I don't understand why people have such issue understanding my name...

nor do I understand why mom says my new nickname is "Gladys" or "Kravitz" whenever I peep through the blinds to see who's coming or going or whatever commotion is going on outside...

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