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Shopping and Park !!

March 22nd 2013 4:25 am
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So Wednesday me and Sammie got to go on a girl's night and went to the pet store to go shopping! Our moms bought us food and treats and we went down the snack aisle and me and Sammie sniffed at all the bulk bins and Sammie's mom made a joke how it was like a buffet for dogs. There were some treats on the floor, those were boring, but I sniffed around and snagged a marrow bone and it was nommers!!! Mom laughed because I never eat treats away from home and here I was helping myself to the bulk bins! Even Sammie didn't steal a treat! I felt like such a rebel and mom said I was being super sassy about it BOL!! Then Sammie's mom said they expect that or they wouldn't put the bins at doggie level! Mom thinks it's a marketing ploy, that whatever treats a dog likes, their pawrent will buy! I think it's shady but I DID like the marrow bone!

Then Thursday cuz there was snow, me and Sammie got to go to the dog park!!!! We had so much fun! Then two dogs showed up that I never met before and mom was leery -I don't do well when bombarded by strangers- but luckily they were okay and we had all kinds of sniffs and mom kept me on leash just in case, but I did really good!! Then a THIRD dog came who was bigger and mom didn't want to push me so we were going to play in the small dog side (it was empty) and the third dog's daddy just let his dog run free and it came charging right for me and mom didn't think it was going to go down well because then the OTHER 2 dogs came charging at me but it was all kinds of sniffs and nudges and I did growl and get a little scared, but overall I did really GOOD!!!! I didn't freak out and didn't go Cujo on anyone! Mom kept me on leash and I did want to play with them when they ran by but mom said one step at a time and because the park is so big, if I felt scared or cornered and lashed out a warning to get them to back off and it was misunderstood and turned into a fight, she couldn't get to far end of the park in time to prevent me from getting hurt. I was okay with that. I would have stayed by mom anyway. But I did really good and everyone was really proud of me!


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