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Thoughts of a Black and Tan

Baxter is Missing

April 27th 2009 12:21 pm
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Hi everypup
My friend Max in the Black and Tan Dogz of the World group has told us about a sweet pup named Baxter that is missing. Max asked us to put a picture of Baxter on our page in the hopes someone might comes accross it and help him to find his way home. Please say a pray for Baxter and his family......
Puppy Hugs


Wow I've been Tagged

October 23rd 2009 11:26 am
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OMD I have been tagged by my good pal Redford. This is really neat because it's usually my big sister Wyoming that gets to play but this time it's my turn so pull up a chair, kick back, and prepare to learn seven things about me me me arrooooh

1. I have the loudest bark of all the pups in my family. Mom says I sound like a Mastiff.

2. I use the above mentioned bark to make demands.. yup I am a very bossy dog. When I want something I will get right up in your face and bark until you get me what I want.

3. If at anytime you are not sure about what I want just get up and follow me I will lead you right to the object of my desire. Usually the cookie jar.

4. In the last year I have lost 11 lbs. This loss was a combo of a *sigh* diet and having my vet figure out that I have a thyroid problem. With the right diet and medication I am finally becoming the lean machine I was always meant to be.

5. I will not under any circumstances walk up a set of steps in the winter unless they have been completly cleared of all snow and ice. The tiniest amount will make me bark at you until you fix it for me.

6. If you sing in my presence I will join right in by howling along. I love to sing.

7. I have a stuffie addiction. I must have one with me at ALL times. Should my stuffie be overloved by me and torn up Mom has to get me a new one RIGHT AWAY. (Remember my bark? She moves pretty quickly on this one) I am currently up to one new stuffie every 4-6 weeks.

There my very first ever tag game. Thanks so much Redford for asking me to play. It's about time some pup other than my attention seeking sister gets a chance to strut her stuff here on dogster. Now I have to go off and tag some friends to play too.
Radar professional barker


Thanks to All my Pals and my Bridge Arrival

January 3rd 2013 10:57 am
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Hi to all my wonderful pals at Dogster. I want to thank you for all the wonderful prezzies for my Birthday. I had a great day with Mom and Ramsey. We had special treats, songs, and my favorite "butt" scratches all day long. Mom was so very proud of me I made it to my 13th Birthday. I went to sleep that night with my new bird stuffie and a very full belly. Happy and content. Yesterday morning Mom got up to go to work and our morning was very routine. We had our breakfast, went for our walkie and while Mom was getting ready for work I followed her around the house with my bunny stuffie helping her to get ready. She headed off to work and Ramsey and I settled in to watch TV (Mom always leaves it on for us). I watched for awhile then got busy gathering up all my stuffies and putting them into a big pile by the coffee table in the living room. (Mom knows this because this is where she found them all last night). From there Mom is not 100% sure what happened but it looks like I went to the water bowl for a drink and as I was walking away from the bowl I simply collapsed and went to the Bridge to see my brother Wolf, sister Wyoming, and my dog Mom Cheyenne. When our dog-sitter came in the afternoon to take us for our walk she found me there like that on the floor and called Mom at work right away. Mom raced home hoping that Gill was wrong but sadly she told Mom the truth, I was gone, just like that. I know Mom is real sad right now. I see her cry and I see her hold my stuffed toys and weep. She knows in her heart I am OK here at the Bridge and we will see each other again it's just she did not expect me to leave so soon or like this. I had a great 13 years and 1 day and I will always be with Mom watching over her and keeping her out of trouble. I know her and Ramsey will be OK it's just going to take them a while. I just want to say how much I have enjoyed playing with all my friends here on Dogster and hope you all had fun with me too. Wyoming tells me we can still stay in touch here through our diaries, prezzies and rosettes and I have to poke Mom to be a little more active here for me because I'm sure I will have a lot of stories to tell from the Bridge. Until then my friends remember me with a smile and know I will be watching over all of you.
With Love and Thanks
Radar the newest Angel


Introducing Katie!!!

March 29th 2013 11:57 am
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Hi to all my pup pals. I am still getting used to being here at the Bridge but I've got to say it is a most amazing place. I am with all my Angel pals and my original pack. We get to watch over everything and still get to take care of Mom and Ramsey but in a different kind of way now. After I left for the Bridge Mom and Ramsey were very sad. Mom thought the house was just too darn quiet and my sister Ramsey was very depressed. She didn't wag her stubby as much, didn't come running to the door whenever Mom returned from work or an errand, was just generally not her old happy go-lucky self. Mom was very worried about her and started to think she needed to begin the search for a pup to welcome into our hearts and home. She was still in the process of thinking this over when one morning a friend of hers on the facebook thing posted a picture and a link to a pup that was looking for her forever home. Well Mom kept going back all morning looking at her picture.... finally she made the call to the rescue group to ask about Katie. They told her there were a couple of people interested in her but for Mom to go to their website and fill out the application anyway and to be sure to put on it that she was interested in Katie. Well she did but refused to get her hopes up after all they had said others were in line ahead of her.... Well later that day she got a call from them! They said that there was a couple going to meet Katie that coming weekend and if they decided not to take her home well them Mom could set up an appointment to meet her. Well fingers and paws were crossed and we couldn't wait for Monday morning to find out if Katie was still available. Well you know us Angels we made sure that Katie was very rowdy when she met these folks and of course they decided against it. Mom was told how high energy Katie was and that she played really hard so be sure that Ramsey would be OK with that. Obviously they had never met my sister Ramsey.... she is all about rough and tumble play. Mom thought that this could be a match made in heaven. Well the arrangements were made and Mom went to meet and pick up Katie. Of course for Mom it was love at first sight. The first thing Katie did was jump up on Mom, wrap her legs around her waist and gave her a big ole dog hug! Well you know Mom that did it! Her broken heart opened up and Katie dashed right inside. She loaded her in the jeep and drove her home where Ramsey was waiting for them. When Mom walked in the house with Katie Ramsey took one look and that big ole boxer grin of hers was right back on her face. She was so happy to meet Katie. They sniffed, played, and immediately became pals. I of course knew all along that this was going to be the best thing for them both. The hole I had left in their lives needed to be filled some. Of course they both still miss me and will love me forever but another pup in need found her forever home and Ramsey is happy to have a playmate again. Trust us Angels to know exactly what to do for our families. It was no coincidence that her friend posted that picture that day right when Mom needed to see it and Katie needed her to see it too. I will always be there watching out for them and making sure they are OK.
So my friends this is the story of Katie and how she found her forever home. Mom just finished putting a page up for her and you can find her by going to my page and clicking on her picture under the my family section. Please take a peek and send her a PPR. I know I would sure appreciate it if all my pals would help Katie to see what a great place Dogster is. It would also take some of the work off my paws too! BOL I tell you an Angels job is never done.
With love and thanks
Angel Radar always on the job.......


Missing You.....

May 17th 2013 8:19 am
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Hi from the Rainbow Bridge. Mom has had me on her mind so much these last months. She still sees me as I lay on my favorite spot on the couch. The cushion still has a dent from where I spent so much time. She looks out the front window into the yard and sees the spot where I used to lay in the sun watching over my world. She still tears up. Myself and my original pack of four, Cheyenne, Wyoming and Wolf have left a huge hole in her heart and we now spend our days here at the Bridge playing with all the other Angels and sending Mom Angel kisses, especially when she is hurting. This morning in her e-mail she read a story written by a woman who is trying to get hospice care for old dogs. It was titled "The Joy of an Old Dog". Of course as she read it me and my Angel furblings were right there in her minds eye. She shed tears and then decided she just HAD to come to my page to share it with all of our friends. We know you are the ones who will understand and for so many of you your pups will be remembered with a tear and a fond smile. Here it is
The Joy of an Old Dog
Their joys are simple. A soft bed. A scrap fallen from the table that the younger dogs missed. The memory of a treed squirrel. A stormless night.White whiskered faces and legs crooked as question marks.Old Dogs…their sweet Buddha bellies hang over crossed legs as they fall asleep in a coveted patch of sun. Dreaming of out-racing their shadows down long, shady lanes.Once they danced by your side. The very definition of joy unleashed. A perfect poem caught in shining eyes and wagging tails. They have followed you faithfully for years. And would plunge into fires, untamed wildernesses, raging waters if you asked.Now, they struggle to catch up. Their pace slow but their hearts still valiant.Their cloudy eyes are starting to dim and go distant, tuning in to some invisible world. Just beyond your reach.Don't go you say, as you scratch the tender part between their ears. Stay longer. I can't imagine a world without your fur pressed close to my cheek. There are still so many roads we haven't explored. And they look up at you with a wisdom that just slays you. Their backs are bent, not from the weight of years, but from the invisible wings they are growing that will soon take them to a place where once more they are warriors of speed drunk with the sights and scents of a thousand meadows. Able to leap high enough to touch the wing of the tiniest butterfly. A place where they will now wait for you to catch up. ~ Doinna Swageski

Love and Angel Hugs to All

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