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Uncomfortable weekend and painful Monday

November 18th 2013 1:50 pm
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Saturday Mom noticed I stayed in my kennel all day. She figured by the way I was acting that my glands were full. Of course the vet is closed on weekend. Mom and Dad left me in peace in my kennel all weekend except to coax me to eat a bit. First thing this morning, Mom and I headed off to the vet. Mom wrapped me up in a blanket because it was rainy and windy. While she was settling me in the blanket, she accidentally touched my back end and I yelped. We got to the vet and she told them I needed to see the vet tech to get my glands emptied. The vet tech came and Mom unwrapped the blanket. The vet tech started to look and she told Mom "You have a bigger problem here." My back end was full of blood, my gland had ruptured :( Mom figured out when we got home, it ruptured just before we left the house because there was blood on the back porch. She knew it hadnt happened before, because she watched me pee just before we left. The vet came, checked the other gland ( it was ok) , gave me a needle with antibiotics and some pain meds. She couldn't check the one that ruptured too much because it was too painful. Mom felt so bad, but the vet said there was no way this could have been prevented. My glands had been checked about three weeks ago when I went for my ear checkup and they were empty. The vet said I am just unlucky. The vet said I should start to feel better within 24 hours. I finally ate my pain med and some of my kibble that Mom mixed with cottage cheese. Anal gland problems really are a pain in the rear....

Barked by: Jewel, PCD (Dogster Member)

November 18th 2013 at 2:08 pm

Oh no! Rest up little darling!


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