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Train Station

March 10th 2009 4:08 am
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I went to the train station last night so my mom could pick up my favourite human . ( she was gone on a trip) Mom put on my new harness and we went early so I could see new things and meet new people. A man asked mom if I bite, which I dont bol, and then he asked if he could hold me, she said yes. I went to him and licked him like crazy. Then there was a little girl who wanted to see me, mom let her come and told her how to be gentle with me ( I stayed in moms arms though) and I licked and sniffed her fingers. She was a very little girl , only 3 human years old. The train was late so we walked outside the train station quite a few times. When it finally came , I got scared and tried to climb off mom but she wouldnt let me and told me calmly that it was ok. Then the FH ( favorite human) and her boyfriend and mom and I got in the car and went home. When we got there , I jumped straight into dads lap for a cuddle , then after I had my fill, I went in my dog bed and slept all night . I was POOPED!


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