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R.I.P Dieta 1/28/15

January 31st 2015 5:09 am
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You were the BEST dog ever!!!!!!!!
I have lost my best friend in this world !!!!!!!!!!!!

Please find me when my life is over girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love you forever !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Dieta says Merry Christmas

December 23rd 2014 8:42 am
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We really enjoyed Dogster and we made a lot of friends. Some our family has crossed the rainbow bridge but although they gone they are never forgotten.
I haven't been on here for a long time since Baxter passed away. I really miss all my dogster friends. You are never forgotten in our hearts.
Dieta is still going but she gets a little tired. Still a dog with a big heart for her family .
We are wishing everyone Peace Love and Happiness

Merry Christmas




May 24th 2011 5:36 am
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Congrats my best bud's V5 , May 21st. 2011. You'll always be my winner just because you are my best friend and you love me down to your last furball.
Love and Hugs, Mommy


My mom Passing this week

November 18th 2010 3:36 am
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The last few weeks have been the worst. Noone likes to watch a loved one die or suffer.
I sat for many hours each day , thinking of the good times, the bad times, the loving times, and the most important times growing up with my mom. I understood each phase of my life. I understood what it was to love, to loose, to care, to not understand at times, and what it was to have a family. I still don't understand how there could be hate in families, but there is such a thing. What I find comfort in that my mom does not have to suffer any more.
Dieta's favorite place is not on the bed but the night that I got the bad news, she laid tight to my leg and her soulful eyes stared. My heart slowed and I was lost in my thoughts. I laid my arm on my dogs fuzzy neck and thought even though I can't talk to my dog and tell her what is going on, she already knows.
What a special dog I have to know that in the times I need her and I am alone she is there.
This was a very hard week. But, I will never forget that feeling every day for all these weeks. It felt like someone had their hand around my heart squeezing the life out of it. Everyday seemed like the same day. I held tight to my bible I would read it for countless hours. It gave me a sense of peace and it gave me something to hold onto. I begged God to have mercy on my mom's soul and release her into a world of freedom and joy. I know now my mom is running and laughing free of suffering.
I want to thank each and every dogster family person I have. There are so many wonderful people on dogster. When my life is full of pain or hurt I can come to dogster and find people to talk to , to ease my mind of things that might seem unbareable.
I love you back.



November 1st 2010 6:57 am
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I guess, Halloween is never boring here. We decided to take the dog for a walk on leash of course. So we barely got up the road and got charged by a huge Weimy. My dog bit her in self defense, which I still wasn't happy about but it happened so quickly.
Then we continued on , after the man saying he was in the wrong and left the gate open. Then he follows us in a truck about shots, I don't know what that had to do with anything.
So then we had a nice walk in the woods, all the leaves were bright yellow and orange , you could hear them crunching.
Then it started again, Dieta, found not one but two cat poop piles.
Both times I tried to get her to spit them out, I kept gagging and choking, the whole forest could hear me I am sure.
It didn't seem to phase, Dieta the terror.
So, at this point I got cat poop on my hand cause it was melting in her hot mouth. So I am wiping my hands with sand, and leaves anything I could find.
Still gagging loudly, luckily my tummy was empty.
I was sorta happy to make it home and I was washing off my hands with bleach. To my dislike of bleach it was rather inviting. LOL
So, then after a bit I was thinking how quiet it was. And how my dog was no where to be seen in the house. I yelled her name and seen she was upstairs. Tail wagging slowly and her head way down like in a sneaking posture. I was like what are you doing!!
She was eating a dirty baby diaper. My daughter left her door open and she changes the kids diapers in there. Ugggg...
So, basically I can say at this point my dog if she could talk is saying "Trick or Treat smell my cat poop breath" Trick or Treat smell my breath now...." end of song. UGGGG Dogs!!


Well Dieta's dad died this week

August 19th 2010 1:13 pm
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We are kind of sad. Her dad died this week. I seen it all over facebook. Very very sad indeed.
I think he was a wonderful dog admired by thousands of people over the world.
He had a kind owner who just wanted to have him but he gave him the best of everything. His grandson was his buddy, and they played together. Quantum had a good life and that is really great.
I know his family is sad and I know he is in heaven chasing squirrels like his daughter. LOL
I will miss him. I shall watch my dvd of him and cry tonight.
Thank you Quantum for giving me the best dog I ever owned she is my love and I will be crush when it is time for her to go to be with you.
Always remembered but never forgotten. :(
Love from mom and Dieta


I love my dog

June 29th 2010 8:06 am
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I am very proud of my girl. Still tired from the dog trial.
But, she did an awesome job in tracking. She got 94pts out of 100.
Obedience well we did good not great 74. More practice on the dumbells. :)

Protection well it wasn't the best but we got a 72.

It was a learning experience and we learned alot. We are glad to survive the heat that was really bad. My baby was very hot and miserable.

Mommy went through alot I am surprised my dog even passed, me mush face baby was sick and hurt his neck.He is my little Bro, I was so worried for him. I wouldn't sleep, I would peek in on him every night. And mommy couldn't sleep either.
Mommy thought she was going to have to put him to sleep. Then mommy's family member had a brain anursym. But, she survived, was that like a miracle in her life.

Then mommy has and was sick so bad... Then we had storms, trees fell down mommy and us were scared. We sat in the bathroom praying. Mommy called daddy at work and was yelling as trees came down... she thought the roof was going to blow off.
I couldn't do nothing to help her or my Bro. My little Bro was yelping in my crate and I didn't know what to do.
The neighbor he lost his camper, his boat, his wife's truck and tree hit his house and caved it in.
We had no power for 3 days.. all our food rotted and got smelly..
After all this we had our trial and I tried my best with all this stress we had... I hope I made my mommy proud of me.
I really tired fur her.



October 3rd 2009 1:01 pm
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ok Sadie, 7 things.
1. Food is #1 object, eat fast and belch loud
2. Run as fast as you can, run over that squirrel!
3. Swim like you are a superstar olympic contestant.
4. Rest during the night with one eye open on your master
5. Keep a watchful eye to make sure no squirrels poop in the yard
6. Bark as loud as you can at nothing, because that makes mom know you are earning your keep
7. Take me to find the sleeve and chase the bad guy

Okay now I have to send how many pawmails?
not sure.


Showing again?

September 30th 2009 3:35 pm
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Well, the most I could get with her is SG rated again.
But, since we are getting into the swing of it all I think I may be showing her in two weeks.
Last Sunday, we did a pre- show ring show-off I say that she still has her Princess quality when it comes to gaiting.
She was relaxed with me behind her, but I was out of shape by the third round, lol.
But, I think I shall do it. She has some nice conformation in the stack, also, I got some great compliments that she looked real nice.
The trainer said I should place in the top of her class. So maybe for the dog, I should do it. She has some nice flowing movement and she is not overangulated.
Why not have fun together. If the dog is happy I am happy.
I think we are doing it together to learn and to have a good time out prancing around.
I love you Dieta, xoxo, mom


The AD and Tracking 1

September 21st 2009 10:41 pm
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Well, we are almost wrapping up the year with two accomplishments.
First was the Tracking 1, equivalant to the Schutzhund 1 track.
She passed with the 85 pts out of 100. She kind of lost interest in the last leg, as deer as thick as cattle, in the area and caught whiff of something she shouldn't of done this. But, it does happen, she tried very good with people watching.
So, lesson learned add people for distraction so she concentrates on the track not other things.

The AD, is like a physical fit test for dogs by German standards. This shows if the dog can be as physically fit in the real world, herding all day by trotting constantly over approximately 14.5 miles, I could be wrong in the distance, I believe that is what the rules state.
Besides, her mommy being in pain with sore muscles, Dieta, was the oldest dog in the group and passed with flying abilities. In one hour she was charged again and was ready for a long walk , but I had to decline. So, we enjoyed some t.v and granola snacks from a whole food store.
In the middle of the night I got up with bad leg cramps. I think Dieta was laughing at me in a doggie way by wagging her tail and when I looked at her she had that happy look. So, thanks Dieta for reminding me how I am getting old.
p.s. I love her.

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