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I Am Ruggedly Handsome

December 3rd 2010 7:40 pm
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Well even though Priscilla keeps telling me I'm a monkey face, I know I am ruggedly handsome. Why else would Mom be featuring me on all the calendars she's giving as Christmas gifts.

I know my sibs are on there as well, but don't tell Priscilla this, but I counted and I'm in there way more than she is.

If you've got it flaunt it my grandfather used to say.

I'm so stoked. Mom is home for the whole weekend. We are supposed to get a snow storm tomorrow so she did all her chores today so she can stay home the whole weekend. Mom just bought me a new rubber wiffle ball and if Priscilla doesn't hide it, Mom and I can play all weekend. I can hardly wait.

Well I'm just plain tuckered out from trying to grab the snow shovel from Mom. She just doesn't understand why I try to grab the shovel from her. I'm trying to help Mom. After the tenth time I tried to grab it she dumped snow on my back. Geesh Mom, I'm trying to help for pete sakes. Then Priscilla comes runing over telling me to behave. Man, sometimes it's like having two mothers.

Off for my nap.



First the Sky Now the Ground - What the Heck is Going On

November 23rd 2010 11:37 am
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I don't know if I'm going to survive the winter. And Mom said it hasn't even started yet. Well I told you the other day that the sky was falling - Mom said it's called "snow".

Now I've got a problem with the ground. I went out Sunday morning to do my morning business. I heard Mom yell. I was going way too fast to hear what she said. All of a sudden my legs went under me and I was slipping and sliding on my tummy and I skidded along the sidewalk forever. Then I heard Mom's words - walk on the grass - BLACK ICE. The humiliation, I was so embarrassed. But then I realized only Mom saw me so it was okay. But do I learn, noooooooooooooooooo. I went out 30 minutes later and did the same thing. This time Priscilla was right beside me. Boy did she look funny. It was like a big sausage sliding by me. She was not amused. Mom came out and rescued us and showed us how walking on the grass was less treacherous. Boy what else can happen? And did I mention how cold it is. Oh Boy and going outside was one of my favorite parts of the day. I guess I'll have to let Mom bundle me up in one of those silly jackets.

My favoritest part of the day is when I snuggle with Mom under the covers at bedtime. That is the best. Priscilla usually joins us and then we all get really warm and toasty. Good times.



The Sky is Falling

November 13th 2010 7:35 am
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We let Mom sleep in late this morning - until 7:00. She gets up at 5:30 every day so we thought we'd give her a break and said she could sleep in and not us feed us till 7:00. Are we wonderful or what?

My first duty of the day is to run outside and do my morning duty. I took 6 steps out onto the covered porch and put on the brakes. Yikes! The sky was falling. In little white pieces. Well can you blame a guy, I lost it right there on the porch. How embarassing. The sky is continuing to fall, but now my memory is coming back to me and the same thing happened last year about this time. Mom says it's called SNOW. Boy are Cylla and I glad that Mom got all her chores done yesterday and can stay in all weekend with us. Mom says that in Minnesota there's something strange that happens when it first snows for the season, and everyone forgets how to drive for a day. So it's good Mom is staying away from the crazies. She had some plans but the way the snow is coming down she'll be busy picking it up and putting it in different places in the yard. I don't know why humans do that, but I like the shoveled areas and I think Mom must expect me to do my jobs there, although she gets this weird look on her face when I do. Hey Mom, who wants a wet tush?

More excitement inside this morning. We have a mouse in the kitchen. It darted from under the dishwasher and behind the refrigerator. Well I was on it and I missed it by that much. Poor Cylla, she got so excited she got up too quickly and twisted her ankle. She started limping right away so Mom calmed her down and talked her through it and she was right as rainin five minutes. My sister what a corker. We will continue to stalk the intruder.

We are going to stay inside today where it's warm and dry and later go outside if the sky stops falling. Mom already has our coats ready. A macho boy like me shouldn't be wearing a coat, but it's mighty comfy and keeps me dry, and Mom reminds me that no one can see us inside our fenced yard.

Hope everyone stays safe and dry today.



I Scared Mom

August 1st 2010 7:20 pm
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Lfe is good. Mom loves me, I chase my ball, I chase my ball, I chase my ball. You get the idea. I love to play ball and follow Mom around. Yesterday I did my usual thing and when Mom brought me into the house she realized I was acting odd.

She noticed I was just standing there kind of stiff and a little shaky. She put a wet towel on me and hugged me for 10 minutes and I was fine. She thinks I just got a little overheated. I guess I won't be able to go on fly patrol as much when it's hot. She say's I'm kind of delicate. What's that going to do with my macho image.

Mom cleaned out the gutters and is using the gutter for a bird feeder. Mom is so clever. Now I get to watch the sparrows pop up and down. Great entertainment.

Gotta run.



Busy Summer

July 18th 2010 7:35 pm
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It's been such a busy summer I haven't written in my diary all summer. I had a bladder infection but I'm all better now.

Grandma L. came over yesterday to see us. We haven't seen her forever. She's fun. Mom said we'll seeing Grandma all the time now. She's moving into our upstairs on Saturday. Yay more people to pet us. Now Mom won't have to run across town to be with grandma so she'll be home a lot more. The news gets better and better.

The only bad news is that we won't be able to visit Grandma upstairs because she has 2 cats that don't like dogs. We'll have to have Grandma visit us downstairs and outside. Mom has been letting us upstairs this week until Grandmas and those darn cats move in - Mom says it's good exercise for chubby Cylla. Upstairs is very interesting. We can see all the dogs in the neighborhood. We like it up here.

It was a sad day on Friday. Mommy had to have a tree taken down. She said it's always sad when you lose a tree. The squirrels and birds are not happy. Mom is planning to plant a new tree.

Huge day shadowing Mom today, so nap time.

Later - Quigley


I earned my Gardener Badge

May 29th 2010 9:39 pm
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Mom is wondering if there is such a thing as "dog scouts", kind of like boyscouts but for dogs. She said if I was a dog scout she could make me a little vest and I could earn all kinds of badges to put on it. Today I would have earned the "Gardener" badge. I helped Mom plant the tomatoes and I only killed one radish sprout - I was just trying to help and dig a hole for the next plant - I didn't know that durn radish had sprouted. I helped Mom drag the hose around and helped spread out the mulch I love to multi-task. It's catch the ball, chase the broom, sneak attack on Priscilla, run like the wind. It's an exciting life.

Big excitement this morning. We have new neighbors and we got a close up look at one of their dogs. It was a dogue bordeau. A monster. She jumped her fence and sashayed over to our gate in the alley and peeked under the gate. Of course Priscilla and I made quite the ruckus to let her know how tough we were. Mom was pretty shook up. She said the dog's face was as big as my body.

So as you can imagine, I'm plumb tuckered out after that exciting day. Have to go get my beauty sleep.



Has Anyone Ever Seen A Bugs Ear?

March 19th 2010 3:45 pm
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Okay, now I've heard everything. Mom put on our hooded sweatshirts today, (because it was a little nippy) and she said Priscilla and I were cuter than a bugs ear. Excuse me. Since when has a bug's ear been cute and how the heck would Mom even know. Has anyone ever seen a bug's ear. Mom is losing it.

Mom took the day off to go over to Grandma's and take her grocery shopping and errands and whatever the heck they do that they don't ever invite yours truly to tag along. But, Grandma was sick so Mom has been home all day with us. I love those days when Mom hangs out with us. Even though I had to help her with the garden stuff again. Boy was I pooped (no pun intended) when we cleaned out the hosta garden. Hey someone has to bark at the rake.

And guess what. Mom found my collection of frisbees and we played frisbee forever. Then Mom had to take them away from me because I tend to eat them when the game is over.

Dad just left for the bar so it's nice and peaceful in the house. Priscilla is giving Mom the evil eye. She's telling her it's 6 minutes to suppertime. It's amazing how she always knows. She starts whining about 30 minutes prior just to give Mom a heads-up. Mom said Raffles had that uncanny ability as well. It must be something chubby Boston's have. Prissy has to go on a diet.

Well time to scoot and get my dinner.

Bark at ya later.



Jack of All Trades

March 7th 2010 1:06 pm
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Boy have I been busy today. I'm Mom's sidekick and we cleaned the kitchen and the bathroom and a corner of the basement. It was dangerous. I had to fight with the broom and the mop and the vacuum. And then we had sweeping and raking to do outside. I had to show those long handled gizmos that they may be bigger than me, but I'm way tougher.

Now that sweet Maleka is at the Bridge with Callie and Raffles, her outside kennel is up for grabs. Mom and I cleaned out all the straw and made a nice cozy place for us to soak up the sun in the afternoons. Dad wanted to wall it in and use it for storage but wiser heads prevailed. It is capturing sunbeams as I speak. It was 50 degrees today in Minnesota. That is amazing.

So my friends, as you can imagine I am pooped out. Mom says FINALLY. I guess I am pretty energetic. Guess I'll go take a nap to store up on energy for this afternoon's escapades.



Mommy is the Best Snuggler

February 11th 2010 7:56 pm
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Life is grand. When I wake up in the morning, Mom makes me a wonderful breakfast and if Prissy and I look real cute, we get Mom to share her breakfast with us as well. It is great being a kitchen dog. A lot of dogs say they like to be where the action is. Not me, I like to be where the food lives.

Dad is usually home with us all day, but the last couple of days he had a job and we had the place all to ourselves. I'd tell you what we were up to, but Mom might read my page and then I'd be in big trouble.

Mom made us a wonderful dinner as usual and gave me carrots and steamed cauliflower for a treat. Yummy!

But my favorite part of the day is when Mom turns off the lights and sleeps with me. She is the best snuggler. Priscilla snuggles underneath the covers behind Mom's legs and Mom snuggles around me and makes me feel safe. I love Mommy smells. I listen to her breathe and fall asleep really fast.

Life is good.

Hi Callie, and Raffles. Give Maleka kisses for us.



I'm Famous

January 31st 2010 4:44 pm
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You guys won't believe this. I was chosen as one of the diary picks of the day. What an honor. Thank you Dogster. Priscilla didn't want Mom to tell me. She was afraid I'd get the "Big Head". I am stoked. So I have to think about this. I'm sure that this calls for extra treats tonight. I'll even share them with Priscilla. Who knew I had such a gift for gab.

On a sadder note, Mom just told me where Maleka went. I've been searching for her everywhere. Mom said her body gave out and she went on a train to the Rainbow Bridge where they would make her all better and she could run and jump like me, and some day I would see her again. I will miss her. She was always a sweet sister and never growled at me. Mom said if I look in a dark sky I will see a shiny light and that will be Maleka, Callie and Raffles looking in on us. Mom is missing Maleka something fierce so I will snuggle with her extra close when we sleep tonight.


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