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I've Been Tagged by two Gorgeous Gals

January 27th 2009 6:25 pm
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Dad says I'm quite the ladies man because I've been tagged by two gorgeous gals. Jessie and Gracie. My mommy is so busy this time of year she apologizes she probably won't have time to tag anyone. She's been working really long hours and going back and forth to grandmas house. Mom says she can only think of 3 funny things about me., but I'm only 12 weeks. I'm sure I'll get funnier.

1. I have the funniest tail. For a Boston it's pretty long and then it angles to the right.

2. I make the biggest noises when I play with my sister. Mom thinks that's too much noise coming out of 6 pounds.

3. Mom thinks its funny when I steal Daddy's clothes from the floor. She knows better and puts hers away.



I Ate Snow Today

January 18th 2009 2:48 pm
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I'm 11 weeks old. What an adventure it has been. Mom brought me home to live with them 3 weeks ago. My sister Priscilla (Cylla) has really taken me under her wing. I know I can be a bother sometimes, but hey I'm just a puppy and she's so fun to play with.

It has been so cold here in Minnesota that Mom hasn't taken me outside to go potty, so she's been trying to housebreak me on paper and potty pads. But I'm just a puppy, so sometimes my little brain doesn't remember. Mom talked to a trainer and she said she had to take me out or I'd never learn, so today we had a heat wave of 20 degrees with no wind so Mom took me outside. I found this wonderful white stuff to eat. Mom called it snow and told me not to eat the yellow stuff. I'll have to ask Cylla about that. Then I ran off the porch and found that I sunk right into the white stuff, down to my knees. That was weird. Mom rescued me, but I was having a great time. Mom didn't let me stay out too long because she said I would get cold. Mom wanted me to do something out there but I'm not sure what. She said we could go out later. What fun and I have the most macho green sweater to wear.

Life is good.



I Have Three Names

January 2nd 2009 6:12 am
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You guys are going to be so impressed. Mom gave me two more names. I must be very special. Mom said she was registering me with the AKC whatever that is and we had to come up with a longer name.

My official name is now: Quigley Kilian Ranalt

Mom picked out the name Quigley before she even met me, and she said it fit me so it was a done deal. For my other 2 names she wanted to go with Irish names because Mom is half Irish and she likes the way they roll off the tongue. So Mom picked two names that describe me to a T.

Kilian means: small and fierce (that's me)

Ranalt means: charming

What can I say, Mom knows me. Then just for fun she looked up the meaning of the name Quigley and it means "messy hair" . Now you guys know that's not true. I'm a Boston. Well two out of three is not bad.

With my AKC registration I get 3 months of pet insurance. Mom is looking for pet insurance for Priscilla and me. Does anyone have any feedback on this as to what would be the best company.

Well gotta run. I haven't bothered Priscilla in at least 5 minutes. She'll think I don't love her.

Giggles from Quiggles.


New Year's Resolutions

January 1st 2009 8:55 am
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Mommy says we need to make New Years resolutions and she said I need to make a lot of them.

1. I need to remember where my potty place is.

2. I need to remember that ears and toes are not for biting.

3. I need to remember that I don't have brakes when I go racing across the kitchen floor.

4. I need to try not to steal everything my sister Priscilla has in her mouth unless she has specifically said "let's play''.

5. I need to remember shoes and slippers are not toys abd I shouldn't drag them all over the house.

Boy that's alot of things for a small little pup like me to accomplish.

I told Mommy that I should also list what I'm already good at.

1. I put a smile on everyone's face when they see me.

2. I have already discovered where all the heat ducts are so I can stay nice and toasty.

3. I only cry for about 30 seconds when I'm put in my kennel.

4. I ALWAYS eat all my food.

See, I'm a pretty good boy and under my sister Priscilla's sisterly love and guidance I will learn everything I need to know in no time at all.




I Have a Furever Home in Minnesota

December 28th 2008 11:48 am
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Hi gang,

Quigley here. I'm a macho 4.3 lb Boston Terrier . I'm 9 weeks old. My Mom came all the way to Wisconsin to pick me up and take me to my furever home in Minnesota last Friday. She drove over 8 hours to get me. What an adventure.

My first impressions: Mom and Dad are great and I have a dog sister Maleka (a husky) who stays outside most of the time and a cat brother Chewtoy, and an amazing sister Priscilla who looks just like me. Mom was a little nervous about the two of us meeting, but I charmed her over and we are fast friends. Mom keeps a careful eye on us. Priscilla puts up with all my antics but I know I can be a pain at times. Mom keeps telling her that once I put a bunch of weight on then she can roughhouse me more.

Being in Minnesota I'm too little to go outside right now. I can't wait until Spring when I'm bigger so I can explore the yard and go for walks. Life is good. How did I get so lucky to find a family that loves me and a sister that will show me all the ropes.

Bye gang, time for a nap.


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