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I'm In A Contest

August 9th 2009 9:11 am
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Hey gang. Mommy entered me in the "Cutest Dog Competition". She says if you think I'm cuter than a bugs ear, please vote for me. Here's a direct link. E472D4F71704D1D20E6FAEF

Thanks. Maybe I can win some treat money. I'm always so

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We Were Attacked By A Horse

August 1st 2009 8:32 am
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Saturday morning was starting out great. We got up bright and early at 6:00 (we let Mom sleep in an extra 30 minutes). Mom fed us (her breakfasts are the best - she never forgets) and Mom went to the farmers market. When Mom came home she took Priscilla and I for our daily walk. We went on a different route this morning and were enjoying all the new smells. All a sudden a BIG dog started barking as we approached his house. Mom saw that he was inside the house on the front porch so she was only worried about keeping us moving past the house quickly so there wouldn't be a lot of barking noise in the neighborhood. All a sudden this "horse" who was about ten times my size (no lie) burst through the front door and was on us. Mom said later he was the size of a great dane and thought he was a mix, so didn't have any idea of his temperment. Mom heard the dad shouting to the dog to be quiet -he was in the backyard - right before the dog came bounding out. I have to tell you, if I would have had pants on I would have peed my pants. I weigh in at 16 pounds so you can imagine me looking up and seeing this huge thing right above me. And you know my sister Priscilla, her background is that she is a Katrina dog, so she has a problem with other dogs by her, so you can imagine her state of mind. Poor Mom, she was frantic, she was trying to hold on to both of us especially Priscilla because she was already baring teeth. And boy did Mom yell for those people to come out and get their dog, and she yelled and she yelled. It seemed like it took them forever to get out there. She heard the Dad ask how he got out, and said a quick sorry when he finally grabbed the big guy. It happened so fast. I was pretty scared and so was Priscilla but Mom saved us somehow. When he took the dog in the house Mom got down with us on the sidewalk and was visibly shaking. She sat there for several minutes trying to get her composure back and checking us out to see if we were okay. And can you believe it, not one person in that house came out to see if we were okay. Shame on them. Their house number is 8xx on 27th St. NE. Stay away from there. We walked away physically unscathed except Mom broke a fingernail halfway down (ouch) and broke a blood vessel in her finger for hanging on to our leashes so tight. She took us down one house and then sat down again still trying to stop shaking.

When Mom got home she checked us again and realized we all survived. Priscilla is now sleeping. What a morning.

I still can't believe those people were so insensitive to the situation that they would not come back out to see if we were okay. Mom says there are all kinds of people in the world. I'm thankful that my Mom is one of the nicer ones.

Well on with the day. We're sending Mom to the library so she can find something fun to read.

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I Think I Ate The Couch

July 25th 2009 11:57 am
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Boy am I in big trouble. While Mom was at the market this morning, I got my toy stuck in the big sofa chair and while I was trying to rescue it, I accidentaly took a bite out of the chair Of course Priscilla was no help at all. She said now you did it, Mom's going to be upset.

So when Mom came home I tried to look as innocent as possible, but as soon as she saw the door closed to her room she couldn't understand why Dad did that and when she opened the door and saw stuffing all over the floor, I thought she was going have a coronary.

What I don't understand is how Mom would automatically know it was me and not Priscilla. She took one look at the chair and then to me and started shaking her finger. I still tried to go with the innocence thing but she didn't buy it for a minute. Mom got out her big needle and ultra heavy thread and had it stitched up in no time. But she's not trusting me now. So I guess the door will now be closed when she leaves or she will put me in my KENNEL. I deserve it. My bad.

But I know Mom still loves me, even though she said it is her favorite thing in the whole house. The chair is big and comfy and Mom, Priscilla and I can all sit on it and watch TV or read a book.

I guess I'll have to look especially cute for the rest of the day.



Maleka is Way Smelly

July 20th 2009 7:15 pm
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I ran outside Friday morning and went up to greet my sister Maleka and the smell stopped me in my tracks. Man did she smell. I called Priscilla over and we both agreed it was the worst thing we had ever smelled. Mom says Maleka got sprayed by a skunk and we had to stay away from her until Dad could clean her up as Mom had to take Grandma to the doctor.

Boy was Mom glad we weren't out there, because we are house dogs and Mom doesn't know what the heck she would have done.

So poor Maleka is banned from the house until the smell wears off. She had a bath, but she's still skunky.

She enjoys the outdoors except when there's a storm or fireworks.

Maleka told me to stay away from black cats with white stripes.

Boy is Maleka living up to her nickname "Stinky"



15 Pounds Can Be Rugged

July 10th 2009 8:26 pm
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Yay! I get to meet new people tomorrow.

The house we live in is a duplex and Mom and Dad own it and we live on the ground floor. Our bestest friends Jason and Jaime lived upstairs for four years. Jaime is now Dr. Jaime and she and Jason moved back to live closer to their families in North Dakota and she will be doctoring all the dogs and cats out there. We will miss them so much. It's like losing part of our family. They always knew just where to scratch a guy. They promise they will visit, so I'm holding them to it.

So now we are anxiously awaiting our new renters. I get to meet them tomorrow. The only bad thing is that Mom says Priscilla and I have to have baths so we will look our best. Come on Mom, It's taken me a month to get this earthy smell. If I get a bath it might take away some of my ruggedness. Okay Priscilla, quit laughing, I can look rugged even if I ony weigh 15+ pounds. It's attitude Sister.

So its off to bed for me and "P". Mom will have a big day putting on the finishing touches on the place upstairs before they come to pick up the keys.

We are so excited. More people to play with. Life is good.



The Ball Swallowed My Face

July 4th 2009 8:09 pm
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What a wonderful evening. Mom was gone most of the day - but she's home now. She had to work and then do groceries with grandma and of course she had to stay and play a couple of games of Parcheesi. Mom royally spanked Grandma's butt, but Grandma won the second game.

Mom brought me home a wonderful ball just my size, but before she knew it I had let the air out and the ball ate my face. Of course Mom laughed her butt of before I had a chance to escape. I trounched it and it will take no more prisoners while I'm around.

I have a new hobby. Frisbee catching. Mom says I'm very good at it. Of course as I'm a small pup Mom is substituting plastic coffee can covers and plastic lids. My record is 6 in a row. I'm very fast. I don't always catch them, but Mom is amazed that I bring them all back and put them in a pile by her feet. Of course Dad says he taught me how to play, but it was Mom.

Mom promises she will be home with us all day tomorrow. Yay.

Poor Priscilla, she is sitting under Mom's desk and Maleka is hiding in the front room. They don't like the fireworks. But as long as Mom is near them, they know they'll be okay.

Uh oh gotta go, that ball thing is trying to come back to life.


P.S. Mom weighed me at class last night and I'm almost 16 pounds. I'm getting very tall. Tall and Mean. Mom always laughs when I say that. She thinks I'm adorable. But I'm not going to argue with her. She's the keeper of the treats.


Life Is Grand

May 8th 2009 11:01 am
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Yay - it's puppy class tonight. Just me and Mom. It's something I look forward to. I think Priscilla does to, because I have to be honest, I do annoy her. I just want to play. And when I'm at puppy class she can relax.

The renters upstairs have a friend who has a new Boston puppy and they said they will bring him over to play with me. I can hardly wait.

Daddy picked up a job this week for two days so we've been stuck in the house for 2 days. I want to be out in the sun. I love outdoors.

I have discovered that someone attached a strange thing to my back side. I keep chasing it but I can never catch it. Mom laughed at me and said it was just my tail. What's a tail? She said it's the strangest tail she has ever seen. It goes out straight and then it turns and now that it's growing longer I can see the durn thing. I'm still going to try to catch it.

Mom separated Priscilla and me today. I have the run of the whole kitchen and poor old Priscilla has to stay in Mom's room on the comfy chair. She said that's the only way Priscilla can get some peace and quiet while she's gone. Is that a roundabout way to say I'm a pain. I wonder. I'm just so full of energy I have to share it. Maybe the cat will venture into the kitchen today. That would be fun.

Well I'd better take a nap so I'm all ready for class tonight.

Giggles from Quiggles


I Didn't Even Feel It

April 21st 2009 11:27 am
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Mom got me fixed 8 days ago. I didn't even know I was broken.

Mom was feeling really guilty taking me in to get neutered. But she knew it was the right thing to do. I also got microchipped and got a nose job at the same time. But I'm still as handsome as ever, just needed to open my nares a bit.

When Mom picked me up I had this crazy cone thing on my head so I was looking pretty sad. As soon as we got home Mom took it off and man I was an energizer bunny again. I didn't feel a thing. Mom was expecting me to have some pain and be really lethargic like Raffles was after he got fixed. Not me. I'm super dog. Mom was trully amazed.

She kept me away from my sister for a few days, but Mom said I was her same old jumping jack boy.

And now I've been to puppy class two times. What fun. I have two new friends and we are learning all kinds of things. I've got that sit thing down pat and last week we learned "leave it" - no problem.

Mom says I'm having some difficulty with down, but that may be because I just had surgery or it's my crazy tail. Dad says it's like a tripod. We have to work on that this week.

Dad's trying to teach me to shake and Mom says to wait until I've got my other commands down pat. One thing at a time. I mean it's not like the president is coming over to our house soon and I'd have to shake his hand. Come on Dad, give me some slack.

And the sun has been shining in our yard. It's fabulous. My favorite toy is the wiffle ball. I've finally figured out how to pick it up.

Life is Good.



Life Is Grand

April 6th 2009 7:51 pm
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Man o Man. I went on my first walk with the girls yesterday. Mom was so proud of me. She carried me for a bit, but I walked forever. There were so many smells. I think I love walks. Mom when are we going again?

Mom enrolled me in puppy class which starts on Friday. I'm so excited to meet new friends.

I'm getting really macho. Last time Mom weighed me I was over 11 pounds.



Mom You Have To Be More Specific

February 22nd 2009 3:28 pm
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Boy I was so proud of myself. Mom was giving me grief for going potty like a girl. How did I know I was supposed to lift my leg. So now I've been lifting my leg and she tells me it's the wrong one. What do you want lady. I need diagrams.


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