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Life with the Dugans

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Taking cues from Buddha

August 26th 2010 10:48 am
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Hi everyone! I've been doing really good lately, being exercised like crazy by Mama and keeping an eye on the two dog-boys here in the house! I get a little jealous, and do what Mama calls 'take cheap shots' at Buddha (touching him with my open mouth - could I be trying to play???) but I dare say Buddha has taught me something!!!

Last night he and Frankie were rolling around in the yard, Buddha on his back. That's how me and Frankie play, too.

What did Buddha do that was so amazing? He grabbed little Frankie's FEET and LEGS while on his back and Frankie biting his neck!

BRILLIANT! I thought there was nothing I could do but wiggle around, but Buddha is right, my mouth is RIGHT at level with his little appendages!

I tried the method out right away and it WORKED! I'm starting to like this Buddha guy more and more!!


New addition to the family!

August 21st 2010 8:45 am
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We got a new family member! Just like that! Like, BOOM, there he was!

Mama went to town, came home, talked to Daddy, then they both left, and came home with a NEW DOG!

This new dogs name is Buddha and he only has three legs! Mom says that makes him extra special!

We walked together great and I'm a little touchy about him being in the house and in MY bedroom, but Mama says we'll get used to him! He sleeps in a crate in the bedroom. He kinda oinks like a pig sometimes.

He's really really calm. Like a Buddha!

I'm a little discombobulated, but again, Mama says I'll be fine. I guess someone's going to have to give him the 411 on Dogster! He's gonna need a diary, he's going through a lot now too!

Wish us luck and calm submissiveness!


Field Trip!

August 14th 2010 5:11 pm
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We went on a field trip yesterday! We went to SAN DIEGO!!! Daddy had an appointment and Mama said, "Let's all go!!"

We went to Balboa park for the first time ever! It's big and green and tree-y! Very nice!

We didn't get breakfast on account of us both getting car sick a lot, but when we left Daddy, Mama said our primary mission was to find a hot dog stand!!

We did! Me and Frank each got a hot dog! They were Mmmm-Mmm good! We walked a lot and Frank jumped into some fountains to play. I heard a lot of people say, "Oooh! Look at the puppy!" BOL! They admired me too!

One man said, "I guess people don't mess with you!" to Mama as she was walking us. She didn't understand, we're just lovely sweet darling dogs! She said, "Well, they haven't yet!" He musta been a little scardey of us! Mama forgets that people think we're big dogs! She thinks we're medium sized! BOL!

We went back to the hospital courtyard to wait for Daddy and EVERYONE loved us! We made soldiers (in uniform!) squeal with delight! Mama said this was a really good thing! We need to get our therapy certifications! We made grown ups and kids and soldiers, patients and workers all happy for a moment!

It was FUN! We didn't even puke the hot dogs on the way home! Now that's success! BOL!


I'm a diary pick today!!!

August 9th 2010 4:55 pm
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Wow!! I'm a diary pick today! Mama says it's because I have been SUCH a GOOD big sister to Frankie lately! He's growing on me, slowly but surely!!

Thanks for the congrats!

(singing) I feel pretty.... so so pretty....


Oh, my aching back!!!

August 7th 2010 6:29 pm
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My back hurts! We stayed at a hotel for 3 nights, and although I appreciate any bed I can get, that bed made Mama and Daddy and my backs sore! The third night I decided I'd try sleeping on the floor instead. I tried sleeping on all six pillows on the bed, making a DIY pillow-top, but it just wasn't the same.

Thank goodness we're home! It was nice to go somewhere, but it's hard work being on guard in a hotel room all day! We saw green grass, and trees, and DEW!!! Dew is very nice. We can't wait to live somewhere that has dew again!!

I'm making up for lost time on my beloved bed at home! My back already feels better! Yay!

There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home!


Dog Beach!!

August 3rd 2010 2:45 pm
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We drove many hours again today! Three! We didn’t get fed beforehand and Frank and I each only threw up a little bit of nothin’ once. The pawrents were pleased!

We went to the dog beach! There were dogs and people and waves and sand! It was a little warm, but not too much! Mom and Dad and Frank and I walked along the beach for awhile, being silly and saying hi to dogs and people. All the dogs running around made me a little nervous, so Mom and Dad kept me on the leash. Frankie? Not so! He was off-leash a lot! He was so interested in everything!

The ocean was COLD when we got warm!! Daddy put up an umbrella and I was so tired already! I ran to it after short walks and would lie down right away! Let’s rest! It’s nice right here! Mama had a sheet for me to lie on. She loves me.


I can swim! I can swim!

August 1st 2010 8:53 pm
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Guess what? I swam today for the first time ever! Daddy says I was graceful and smooth as silk in the water! We went to a lake and Daddy took me out into a deep area. He carried me and was very gentle, even though I was pretty nervous! Mama was proud, and Daddy says as soon as he let me go I was swimming like a pro!

I did that twice with Daddy, then I decided that was enough!! BOL!

I wouldn’t fetch the stick, but I liked to take it from Mama’s hand! Maybe I’ll fetch one day after all!

Poor Frankie – poor me, he threw up ALL OVER the backseat doggie hammock thing on the way there. It just kept coming and coming… it even got on me! YECH! I threw up only once, and I throw up in the corner so we don’t have to lay in it! I can’t wait until Frank gets more sense! BOL!

We are both SOOO tired! Back at home, lying on my favorite couch, an early bedtime for all of us!


Silly Franke! Pills are for dogs!

July 25th 2010 11:46 am
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Silly Frankie, I peeked and saw him blogging about being pilled! Poor Frankie. He doesn’t get it. It’s no big deal. It takes, like, half a second. He runs to me afterwards and asks how I keep Mama from choking ME when she puts her hand in my mouth.

Well, Frankie, I realize I’m being pilled, so I let Mama pill me, swallow it, and get the treat afterwards! It’s worth it!

He’s all scared and disturbed about being pilled. That’s what happens when we get giardia, sweet Frank! You better get used to it! Mama says us dogs have always been so easy to pill, she wants me to give private lessons to Frank. BOL! For a small fee! BOL!!


July 22nd 2010 12:47 pm
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I got tagged! Frank and I are both answering these questions, because our answers will be SO different!!

1. Do you ever wake your parents up in the night?
Only sometimes. Only if I really really really have to go potty, or if I have the runs. Most of the time? No. Frank gets the pawrents up and I’ll go pee outside with him sometimes, but I can hold it.

2. Do you ever tear up things?

Nope! Negative. Nada. Never! That’s kid stuff. I know better. I have such a gentle mouth, Mama says I'd have to think something is food to tear it up! BOL!

3. What is your favorite treat?

These yummy logs of doggie meaty stuff Mama gets from PetCo. Natural Balance tubes. They look like sausage in plastic. Mama cuts them up into treats and they are SOOO good! I will work for those treats!!

4. Can you fetch something when asked?

No, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m not a retriever. I do a mean impression of one though! I will take toys from Mama and Daddy (and now Frankie!) and take them upstairs and put them away. Then I’ll come back downstairs like nothing happened! It makes Mama laugh every time! BOL!

5. Have you ever lived any place but where you live now?

Yep! I lived in Knoxville Tennessee for the first couple years of my life. We had three acres and lots of dogs! 10-ish German Shepherds, half black & tan and half white! I was what they called a ‘spook’ and stayed away from a lot of them. They were so wild and crazy! I lived in the car with my new Mama and Daddy while we drove to California, and now we live here! Mama and Daddy are planning to move again kinda soon, so we’ll move again! I’m gonna stay with this Mama and Daddy forever and ever! No matter where they go, I’ll be there!

That was fun!! I am off to tag.


I went on a trip!

July 15th 2010 7:38 pm
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Mama said she was taking Frankie to the VET and asked if I wanted to go on a car ride too.

YOU BET! I’m ALWAYS game for a car ride! Car rides mean you are special and chosen and super good! They can be real fun too, if I don’t get carsick!

Mom didn’t mention it was 110 degrees outside! YOW! I get carsick and need the windows open to help me feel better, that was some HOT wind!

It was kinda like sitting in a convection oven!

I was very happy at the vet. Mama put me on the scale and I am a tad over 80 pounds! Woot woot! I met a very little Pomeranian and I was nice to it!

We went into the exam room and I didn’t have to do A THING! It was THE BEST! Poor Frank got a shot and some nose liquid, but me? Nope! Nada! It pays to be the grownup dog!

We all baked in the car on the way home, almost an hour! When we got home we had lots of water, got into the air conditioning and took a LONG nap! That heat will wipe a dog out!

Today I am very thankful for air conditioning! Thanks, air conditioning!

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