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Life with the Dugans

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I'm special!!!!

October 15th 2010 7:41 pm
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Hi! I'm special today! I got to go for a car ride with Mummy AND Daddy today - all by myself!!!

I haven't done much by myself lately. 'My' time was at dog class, but when Frank started coming too my 'Me' time with the pawrents was over!

THEN Frank AND Buddha would go to each others classes! And leave me at home ALL ALONE!

Now that I think about it... I do spend a bit of 'Me' time snuggling with Mama's feet while I sit under the desk and she does computer stuff...

ANYWAG, today it was about ME! I went on a two hour car ride, the wind was in my ear hair and face, it was glorious! I even got to get out of the car and sniff outside places, like the chiropractor and the auto mechanic! Neat-O!!

I fell asleep on the way home, what a big day!

I am happy and calm and know I'm a special girl today. I may not be the Buddha, all abused, newly saved (twice!) and three-legged, and I may not be the puppy (i.e. Frankie), but I'm JOEY! I'm special and pretty and white! I'm talented! I can run FAST and jump like a bunny rabbit! No, higher! I have a keen sense of smell and sight! I can read energy with the best of 'em! I choose to enjoy my life and the good things it gives me. I. Am. Joey!

Everyfur is special, sometimes it may not seem so in the depths of day-to-day life, but it's true! Just trust me on this one!

Happily special,


We're the majority!

October 12th 2010 10:54 am
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Mama and me were the majority for a couple of hours this morning! Woot woot!

With all the boys in the house, we're usually outnumbered, but when Daddy took Frank to work today it was 2 girls and 1 boy!

We were princesses and queens and lounged and I got pet. It was so nice! It's good to mix things up sometimes! BOL!

Buddha was a very good sport and although he didn't want to play queen he was quiet and let me and Mama reign!

That's a great way for a girl to start the day!


Sharing class

October 3rd 2010 8:15 pm
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I had to share my dog class with Frankie today! He was a good sidekick, people usually coo over him, he is pretty cute! I did my job well and when he went near dogs I didn't approve of I was sure to let them know!

YOU STAY AWAY FROM MY LITTLE BROTHER! He's MINE! And I'm his FAVORITE! So don't think you will be! Because it's ME!

Mama says I can get a little possessive sometimes... what's that mean?

Frank was cute and I taught him how to 'heel' and 'wait'! Mama was VERY proud of me!

The best part is that he only threw up once during the drive! That grosses me out, I jumped into the front seat when he did it, squirming and squeaming, "EWWWWWWWWW!"

Mama took care of it. She's good to me that way. She knows I'm delicate. I can't get vomit in my white fur! Sheesh! What am I, a junkyard dog? No no!



September 28th 2010 3:30 pm
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Thunder! No, no... thunder... shirt!!! Mama says she's getting me a Thunder shirt. It should be here tomorrow.

Can you imagine being wrapped up in thunder? I think it would be either really good or really bad! BOL!

Mama says it's not made of thunder, it's just a tight shirt for when doggies are nervous! Who's nervous, me??? She has seen it before and finally caved in!

I'm glad I lost a little weight, it should look smashing on my figure! BOL!

I'm excited for my new accessory. I'll keep ya posted!


Mama's home!!!!

September 25th 2010 5:15 pm
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Oh hooray hoorah! Mama came home! How I missed you, Mama! I was a bit tense all week! What a relief! It's hard being the ONLY GIRL in this house when Mama's gone!

After Mama got home I relaxed a little. I pooped THREE times last night - getting Mama to let me out at 3am and Daddy to let me out at 4:30am and then AGAIN at about 6am! I also vomited TWICE this morning! Mama said even though I had a lotta poop it all looked good! No runny stuff!

That means I'm relaxing! Mama came home and I can relax and just let it out! Whew! Thanks, Mama! I'm not sure how much more I could have retained!

I'm being a little snippy with Buddha, he missed Mama a LOT too and I'm a little jealous. Mama says we can ALL love her!

AND - the big news, we're moving to Colorado in December! Mama says there are more parks than you can fetch a stick at there! We'll LOVE it! We'll have a big back yard AND a pool! And shade! And trees! I'm planning on getting fitted for my life vest tomorrow...

Wish me luck! Hope they have my color! BOL!


Oh where oh where did my momma go?!

September 22nd 2010 8:58 pm
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How did I get stuck babysitting Daddy? Momma just up and left one day, saying she was gonna find us a new home and I haven't heard from her since!!! Daddy is cool and all, but he ain't momma. Sigh. I've had to watch over Daddy, Buddha, and Frank this week. Sheesh! They all act like a bunch of little kiddies! Am I the only grown up left in the house or what?!?!

Daddy told me a minute ago that momma was gonna be home in a couple of days. He says we have a house with a pool now. But I'm not too fond of the water so I guess I'll just have to sit on a pool chair and sun bathe a bit. I bet Frank will jump in the pool, he's ccccaaaarrrraaazzzzyyyyy!

If you can read this momma, I miss you!!!! Come home soon!!!!


Life is good

September 14th 2010 9:02 am
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Hello all! I haven't written in awhile, so thought I'd give an update! Things are pretty normal around here! I'm getting my daily exercise, running with Mama on the bike, and I started dog class last Sunday! Yay!

It's an intermediate class, but it's been awhile since I've been out so I was a little weird! I would only let Mama or Daddy handle me! They say I'll get used to it.

We learned 'around', also known as 'finish', heel, 'about' (or right turn)... what else? That mighta been it... It was super stimulating!

We're movin' in January, so Mama says after that we'll have easy access to lots of people and dogs. We're kinda isolated here, it's not so great for the affect! BOL!

Mama and Daddy found ANOTHER stray last weekend, I was beside myself! REALLY? More? Can't we just be a happy family like we are? Thankfully Mama said this stray wasn't super well mannered and cute, so they gave him to the dog police. Luckily the owner came looking for him so they were reunited! Yay!

It's my naptime, I just had a good run and am just waitin' on breakfast! Catch ya later!


Who Am I?

September 8th 2010 5:45 pm
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Who am I?

I'm a beautiful White American Shepherd. I weigh 80 pounds.

I smile and laugh easily.

I can jump high and am very graceful.

My favorite past time is being adored.

I LOVE me some food, and cheese!

I also love lying on the bed!

You might look to my collar for my name tag, but my name tag is NOT THERE!

It must have gone wherever my waistline went....

Who am I?


I'm the worst dog evah

August 29th 2010 6:42 pm
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Oh, woe is ME!!! Did you know I was a diary pick of the day last Friday and I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT.

I mean, sure, I was feeling exceptionally good that day, all happy and right, but how did I not know this??

Oh. Mama says she was with me. Oh well.

Obviously we were not online Friday.

Oh, woe is me! I didn't get to revel in my greatness on Dogster!

Well, I hope the Dogster dogs will accept an earnest THANK YOU and tons of love from me for picking me as a diary pick!


Well, I better get back to reveling in my greatness at home. That's what I do best... Lounge and look pretty! BOL!


The mystery of my waistline!

August 26th 2010 9:23 pm
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Mama says I need a diet. Now. Her and Daddy noticed within a day of each other that... what? My waistline had disappeared! Wha???

Where did my waistline go? Did anybody see it?

Well, folks, I certainly don't feed myself, because then it would have been gone a LONG time ago! BOL! BOL!!

Instead of one and a half cups of kibble I get one. Okay. But be ready for sad faces!

Mama says it won't take long to get my middle skinny again. I'm about to put her on a diet for the same reason! Can it go both ways? BOL!

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