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Life with the Dugans

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January 11th 2011 6:11 am
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Daddy has been getting up VERY EARLY for work!


This morning I laid on Mama's legs, hoping she would pet me and NOT get up too!!

She did pet me, SCORE!, but then she said she needed to get up. I laid my head down like I was SOOOO tired, I didn't hear! Let's sleep!

Look! I'm already sleeping! You wouldn't want to WAKE me, would you? Oh, that would be SOOOOO RUDE!

She even touched my FOOT! Like to make me squeamish! It didn't work! I was fake-sleeping! Let's SLEEP! It's STILL DARK!

I got a few more pets out of it, and giggles, but eventually she slid out from under me.

Oh well! It ALMOST worked! I'll modify my technique and do better next time.....


It's not easy being top dog

January 10th 2011 5:19 pm
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Gosh, the responsibilities are enormous! Do these people REALIZE?

Top dog doesn't ALWAYS play, and I have to keep tabs on everyone at all times!

Buddha wants to play with me too much! Those jaws are SO BIG! It makes me a little nervous. Luckily when my snout gets tense I hear a little squeaky voice saying, "JOEY!" and I snap back to reality!

Frank has been complaining because when he's resting Mama sneaks over to steal a cuddle! Silly Mama! It's true, it's kind of annoying to be bothered when sleeping, especially how she does it, all light and like a bug! Eek! She says that's the only time Frank is holding still long enough for her to do that! Otherwise she's trying to protect her nose and teeth from damage due to big-wiggle-Frank!

I think they're working something out, a compromise of some sort....

I'll cuddle, Mama! Let's cuddle! Just for a minute though!

Wait, what are you doing with those nail clippers?



January 6th 2011 9:05 am
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Oh, the pawrents FINALLY took care of Frankie! I know his mouth has been festering and we've been really trying to do strong ESP to tell them, but they've been extra hard to get lately!

Frankie came home yesterday and the pawrents knew I'd be gentle! I was! I sniffed and said, "Hey, wanna play anyway?" He said no, and I was a little worried. Why was he acting so weird? Frank is playa' #1 in this house!

This morning Frank is back to normal! He's smiling and wiggling and wants to play, but only lightly with the mouth! Great! He wasn't good at being gentle before, did he get a big lesson in gentle? YAY!

We're all winners here! Let's play, Frank!


I'm the invisible fence!

January 3rd 2011 5:46 pm
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I'm the invisible fence at the dog park!

Mama thinks it's because of my checkered past.

My family has officially had me longer than my previous foster! I was 1 year and 360 days old when I moved in with my new family. Now I'm FOUR! Wow! Big four!

Anyway, Mama says I was the bottom of a pack of nine. No one played with me. They only picked on me. If the humans made nice-ness toward me the dogs then kinda beat up on me.

I LOVE the dog park, and I love running between Mama and Daddy, but when other dogs come running at me, or run by real fast, I start to go after them! Rrrrrr! Mama sees my muzzle tense up and says, "JOEY!!" Then I stop.

I say I need more exercise. I have ALL this nervous energy! Maybe I can go for a bike ride tomorrow? I haven't been in a LOOOOOONG time!



December 31st 2010 9:58 am
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We have snow here!!! It's about 5 inches deep! It's FUN!

I've seen snow before, but it has been a LOOOOOONG TIME! Half as long as my life at least! Maybe more!

The pawrents have to watch extra closely for me because they say I DISAPPEAR in the snow! I'm like camouflaged!

The snow and brisk cold makes me bouncy and happy and feel good! Frank and I play in the snow like we're dinosaurs, standing on our back legs! I roll around in it and it's like a cushion on the ground! It's SUPER fun!

Naptime here! I think I'll curl up on the couch and doze while the pawrents unpack some more!


Shopping Spree!!!

December 26th 2010 12:49 pm
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Yesterday was my barkday (the big 0-4!!) and all the stores were closed. Today Mama and Daddy took me to the special dog store and let me go on a shopping spree!!!!!

It was SO FUN!

I got bully sticks and some filled bones, a jolly ball and a trick cube for the boys, filled cow hoofs and a liver ravioli with mackerel inside from the bakery!

Nom nom nom!!

I liked the rawhide, but the pawrents say we're a rawhide free family! Too much problems they say!

I'm ready for a NAP! Minions, pull the drapes! I'll be lounging on the bed if you need me!


It's my Barkday!

December 25th 2010 3:59 pm
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Today is my Barkday, and I have been having the NICEST day EVER!!!

I am FOUR years old! Well, I'm either four or I'm three for the second time! BOL!

Every time the pawrents see me they tell me "Happy Birthday, Joey!" and they pet me and I smile REAL BIG.

I'm glowing on my barkday! Smiley and happy and everyone loves the birthday girl!

Mama says I seem to like my Barkday SO MUCH that she might give me HER birthday when it comes around!

I am kind and thoughtful on my birthday!

We went on a car ride, and on a LONG walk on a greenway! It was SUPER interesting and fun! We were worn out and all took a nap together afterwards!

I've waited ALL YEAR for today, and it's here! What a WONDERFUL DAY! MY BARKDAY!!!


We’re here? We’re here!

December 20th 2010 5:24 pm
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We’re here! The pawrents say we’re ‘home’, but we left home! All empty!

There are familiar smells here, blankies and clothes that smell like the pawrents! Mmm!

The house is BIG! It’s SO BIG that I can pee anywhere!!! I don’t even have to think about it! I have a slight urge, and I go! I can even poopie in the house! It’s amazing!

Mama and Daddy LEFT US the first day, they even crated me! I NEVER get crated! NEVER!

When they came home I was shaking like a leaf! I don’t get crated anymore. Mama said something about them being worried I might go potty in the house. Well, YEAH! It’s THAT big!!

I kinda want to go home. Or get back in the car. I LOVE the car. Can we go home now?

They say we ARE home. No we’re not! We’re somewhere new!

Sometimes I wonder about Mama and Daddy’s sense. Are they okay?


I love car rides!

December 19th 2010 9:39 pm
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We had the longest car ride ever! Mama said it was a total of 21 hours in the car! Wow! Have I died and gone to the Rainbow Bridge? I LOVE car rides!!!!!!!!!!

There was soft dog bed goodness in the back, and as a princess I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that! I LOVE soft beds! Like I love car rides!

I slept a lot, looked out the windows, sniffed the different air, and told Mama and Daddy how excited I was to be living in the car now! When I did that they would stop and walk us. What? I’m happy to be IN the car! Sometimes there’s communication breakdown there.


Remember me???

December 15th 2010 6:19 pm
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Okay, something is totally going on here! I totally know it now! I do!

I can't go upstairs any more!

I'm compensating for the pawrents sleeping on our beds by spending as much time as possible on them during the day!!!

Although it's time to FREAK OUT, it's far too exhausting to do it nonstop.

My new strategy is to place myself in front of the pawrents at every possible moment, while keeping my #1 motive to GET IN THE CAR!!!

I got to get in the car tonight, I'm ready! Let's go! Don't forget ME!

I'll keep an eye on Daddy, he's movin' around a lot. I have to make sure NO ONE goes ANYWHERE without ME!!

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