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Life with the Dugans

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What am I, chopped plastic?

March 27th 2009 5:48 pm
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Really. I just don't know what to think. Mom went to the grocery, and when she came home she gave Ulli a new duck that kind of quacks! Yay! Ulli loved it! Then it was my turn! I walked up to her and waited... and waited... and waited. She didn't have anything for me!! Am I invisible? Am I chopped liver? Wait, no, plastic? Why don't I deserve a toy too? I'm a good dog! Mom realized what she had done and said she was sorry, but I don't know. She said it was the first time she's ever had two dogs, and she didn't realize... Dogs can detect fairness mom! And that's not fair!! Just because Ulli likes to squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak incessantly doesn't mean I don't want a toy! I have a new toy, I got attached to this little hedgehog. He is so sweet and I call him my baby. I clean him and love him and sometimes I kill him! He's very versatile. I like little toys I guess. PLUS Ulli has the crack. Do I have a crack toy? No.... Humph.

Oh, oh, did you hear that?? Omigosh.... I swear mom just said she's going back to the store to get me a little chipmunk she saw! Really? For me? Awww, shucks maw..... Okay, go fetch mommy! Go on! Go get it! Good girl!


I'm afraid of the bathroom.

March 25th 2009 9:46 pm
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It's true. I'm afraid of the bathroom. Not GOING to the bathroom, mind you, just the human bathroom. They echo and have slippery floors... I fret when mom or dad bathe... When I hear the shower or bathtub running I get all anxious! What if they drown? What if they need me? I can't save them if they're in the bathroom!!! They just don't understand this. I can't even LOOK in the bathroom if they are in there doing that thing that requires all that WATER. Ahhh! Makes me nervous just thinking about it! Now, I will sneak in the bathroom and sniff around when no one is looking, but not too often! There was this one time I was trapped in a bathroom with mom and dad and they stuck me in a bathtub. I did NOT find it relaxing at all. I guess I have PTSD from that incident. I wonder what if mommy put treats in the bathroom? What would happen then? Life is such a mystery. For now I'll just enjoy the rest of the house!

I saw my first hummingbird yesterday! Ulli and I stared at it, we weren't really sure what it was! Ulli told me it was a bird and a wasp put together. I didn't see a stinger, but he was buzzing around... Anyway, it was exciting to add a bird to our bird watching list!



March 13th 2009 9:48 am
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Wow! I've discovered tuna! Thanks to mom of course..... I will eat anything to begin with! I specialize in taking objects and hiding them. The other day mom found me walking around with a roll of paper towels! I dropped them! She laughed and laughed and gave them back to me! I took them to the bed and started eating away! Oh! She didn't mean to do that? Oh.... what else could she have meant? Oh well, they were a little dry anyway.

I am a food lover and gobble my food regularly! But last night mom put tuna juice on our food! It was AWESOME! Ulli is saying something about a see-food diet, but I thought I was already on that diet!! I think my eyes are brighter and my coat shinier already....

Dad took us out on a bike ride this morning and it was fuuun! A lady who was driving a car let us pass in front of her, dad said she totally waited for us! She wanted to admire the pretty dogs! We think we may be an influence in the neighborhood! Mom said she's seen a few people biking with their dogs lately. Good for them! A lot of people seem to walk their dogs in the evening too, when they get home from work. The only way I want a walk is if I got a good long run earlier in the day!

Nap time! I found a soft spot! Zzzzzzz....


Runnin' with the Army

March 4th 2009 1:39 pm
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Wow! What a morning! Dad made my sister and I get up REALLY early and he took us out for a jog with his Army buddies! We met up at the track and they were playing music and everyone was standing around in their straight little rows and columns...I'm not sure what that's called, but they looked good. It was colder today than yesterday and they were all wearing short sleeve shirts, thank goodness I have all the fur that I do! They looked like they were cold. Dad was really calm and cool and collected, so we were just hanging out waiting for the fun to start. There were other dogs acting a fool, but not us! We were quite professional! It's the Army after all!!

So they started this really big long line of people and then everyone started singing while they were running. There were other four-legged participants but we didn't talk to any of them. Many were not well-behaved on a leash, but Ulli and I had no problems! I ran next to all the people singing and yelling and I made sure my dad kept up with everyone. There was one Golden Retriever that kept trying to sniff my bottom and it really freaked me out when he would sneak up behind me while I was trying to look good! We did meet a really fat English Bulldog who had a hard time running. Poor guy barely had any legs anyway, then all that weight, I felt bad for him. I hope his human let him walk after a while.

Mom and dad usually take us on runs everyday, but this one was really slow! It was nice to get a break! We could've run circles around all those Army people!! We did meet the General of the post, he waved at us when we ran by. We felt really special! Dad was so proud of us! We hope Dad takes us on more fun runs like that with his Army buddies, it was a lot of fun! We were a part of a really really big pack!! Maybe they will give us a uniform next time.



March 3rd 2009 9:12 am
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I could do an impression of a snow machine, when mom or dad scrub my coat with their fingers white bits FLY!! I'm shedding like mad! So i could add 'snow machine' to my impression list. Mom says i nursed her the other day, and since i'm all white, i wonder if we could dig up a nurses hat? then i can do a nurse impression!!!! i love doing impressions. they are so fun. i like playing make-believe in general, sometimes i'll make believe that mom and dad are BIG MONSTERS and i have to run away FAST! i'll sprint up the steps, look back and make sure the monster is still coming, and i'll run and LEAP onto the bed! then mom or dad runs in the bedroom and we're all normal people again and i squirm and am happy on the bed. i say 'pet me now!' and they do. what good humans i have.

mom has started school and spends a lot of time in her office. i am her white shadow. i'll stay by her side and keep an eye on things. i like being her protector! i watch mom and the upstairs and Ulli watches the doors and the downstairs! it's a good system!


A dogs life, not what you might think...

February 27th 2009 1:47 pm
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Boy did my dad pick the wrong day to say he wished he was one of us dogs!!! Dad has been working A LOT lately, a WHOLE lot. This morning he made that comment and i swear he jinxed us! When we went out on the bike with mom today, Ulli did her usual 'can't hold the poop poop', see, when we're running she's stimulated to poop, and when she's gotta go, she's gotta go!! so we all come to a screeching halt so the princess can poop. well today? (sigh) today we screeched to a halt and i fell and slid in Ulli's poop! i got it all over my front legs! then i ran into the back of Ulli, and she got poop all over the back of her, her 'pants' mom says. Mom stepped in poop and i think the bike got some on it's tire. Mom seemed to be a little amused at it all, but we didn't really care. when we got home mom wouldn't let us inside. what was up with that? well, she hooked up the hose and she gave us both 'partial baths'!! she washed my front legs and Ulli's pants. it felt kinda good, but don't let her know i said that! she says the 'partial bath' was a warm up for the 'full bath' coming soon. i wonder when??? at least we can come inside now and lie on our soft beds and the couches!

i have started shedding like nobody's business. i have a THICK velvety coat, and mom gets SO MUCH hair off me when she brushes me. she doesn't stop when the hair stops, she stops when we both get tired of her brushing me, and she's gotten a few/several brushfulls of hair. i am a little bit of a nervous nellie, and i'll 'slink' around the house and yard when i'm feeling nervous. as much as i'm shedding, and as good as i am at slinking, i think i was a snake in a past life! can't i just shed all of this at once? it feels like it would be so natural. i'm a snake-dog. slithery and slinky and sheddy.


Dog of many talents

February 15th 2009 9:49 am
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It has been awhile since we have written in our diaries! But we're not as exciting as we once were, when we were brand new to our parents and traveling across the country. We're getting settled in nicely, I have made such a transition, from the 'shy' dog to the 'happy' dog! My daddy is known for being the happiest dog in the pack, so my happiness may be partly genetic! My new home turned it on! ha ha!

I think i've mentioned that I do a mean Labrador impression, and I've got to nose mom into getting one of those pictures up. I've added to my repertoire and now have a mean Shar-Pei impression too!! Oh, mom, get those pictures up! I don't want my public to be deprived of my cuteness!!

Dad says my face is getting bigger. I thought i was just smiling bigger.... Mom laughed and said she didn't believe dogs could carry their weight in the face... maybe we should take a poll? i think at 2 years old i'm continuing to mature and i think my face bones are spreading a little bit! i can feel it! i swear!

yesterday mom was planting lots of vegetable seeds. i looked through them and carefully chose the 'sweet corn' seed packet, picked it up and took it away! i was feeling like it was time for another veggie meal, and corn sounded and smelled good. mom took the hint! she ground up sweet corn with a little kibble, bacon grease, wheat germ and yogurt for us this morning. YUM YUM!! i have good taste, what can i say? i'm glad mom trains so well. i wish she did all the time, but you can't have everything!

we played with our agility equipment yesterday and it was F-U-N! we should do that more often! we played with the tunnel, a bar to jump over and a circle to jump through! we had a great time and got lots of hot dog coin treats!

daddy has the day off today and we are so happy! we adore daddy. we miss him when he's gone. he specializes in horse play, so he's the funnest playmate ever!!


i love vegetables!

January 31st 2009 8:34 pm
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i am an adventurous dog. i am a highly obedient dog. if my master says 'jump', i say, 'how high?' if she says, 'come on', i am out the door before her, anticipating her desired location!

i do a mean Labrador impression. mom and dad are trying to get it on camera, and we'll post it on here. color me yellow and i look JUST like a lab. that's with my ears pinned down.

last night mom fed us ground up veggies. it was... carrots, broccoli, yogurt, wheat germ... i think that's it. i ate it up! i am so adventurous and will try anything if my mom wants me to. or, if she asks enough. Ulli didn't eat it, but i did! i gobbled away like a turkey! i even felt good after i ate it! veggies are good for me!

this morning mom gave us veggies again and i passed. i wasn't feeling like vegetables for breakfast. last night i was really hoping she'd try feeding us sushi next. oh well, i can dream, can't i? tonight, after not eating breakfast, i was FAMISHED!! mom ground up some kibble dog food and mixed it with the ground mashed veggies, and mixed in an egg. i ate all of it! i was like a vulture, pushing my head into that muck! i had mushy food all over my snout and nose! i was grateful for the little bit of kibble in there. it really made the veggies more palatable.

i am also realizing that my parents love it when i am mischievous. i'll steal socks, food bits, Ulli's toys, whatever i can, and run away with it! they just laugh and laugh. i think i'll do it more often then!


I’m a bull in a china shop!

January 29th 2009 7:53 am
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That’s what mom says! Dad says I have tree trunks for legs! Ha ha! for people that might not be a compliment, but for a dog that means POWER! I am a sweet and timid girl. However, when I get happy and excited my whole body wiggles and waggles, I jump around and fling myself at my owners! Mom says she has to be careful and watch her nose and fingers, I’ve hit both things before and she’s worried about injury! I’ve always been really sweet and reserved, so when I’m happy and excited I just can’t control myself! I’m all over the place! Imagine 70 pounds of muscle hurling your way! it’s pretty powerful. Plus I have tree trunks for legs, which means they are strong! Ulli is more dainty when it comes to jumping on people. I don’t know why! Give ‘em all you got!

The other night I ALMOST had mom and dad to myself. I informed Ulli that I OWN the stairs and she can’t come up! She stayed downstairs while mom and dad got ready for bed, and I lounged and stretched on the bed, saying, “isn’t this great guys? Just the three of us? You don’t even notice anything is missing, do you?” I loved being the only dog for 10 minutes. Dad went downstairs and got Ulli, she came up and I was FOILED AGAIN! Drat. I was so close! I’ll keep thinking…..


We met a me! But bigger!

January 24th 2009 7:56 pm
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No, wait, mom says it was a Great Pyrenees, but I challenge you to look it up and see if we don’t look related! Big, white, fluffy, that’s it! I feel that big sometimes anyway! Ulli and I were trotting with mom on the bike and we passed an open fence door. Out came the Pyrenees and another dog, a setter/hound looking dog. Shoot! We didn’t know what to think! We don’t ever meet other dogs! Especially loose ones! The hound dog was a little weary of us, growling and such, but mom put him in his place and the big white dog came over to us. We sniffed and sniffed and did the dog greetings. Whew! That dog kind of made me nervous! Mom tried putting the bike down, WITH US ATTACHED and going to get those dogs and put them back in their fence. Ulli and I said, “NO WAY, JOSE!” We couldn’t let that happen. we rode around the neighborhood instead, after failed attempts of taking these dogs home. We happened upon them again, this time I started growling. That dog might be bigger, but I’ll bet I could take him! Mom said that was rude and to stop. We got the dogs house number and went to the front door. As soon as a man opened the door Ulli started barking and yelling, trying to tell this guy his two dogs were running loose. Mom said something too, and we were on our way. How exciting was that?

I’m mischievous lately. If anyone gives me more attention than Ulli I rub it in her face and push her around and show off! But I’m such a sweet and loving dog! How else can I show my appreciation for affection?

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