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Life with the Dugans

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F-f-f-f....f-f-first day of sk-sk-skool...

June 24th 2009 7:44 am
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Oh my. Is THIS where Ulli was going when you guys left? You know, on second thought, over two months, I don't wanna go. I went to school for the first class last... Monday night. I am only able to calm down about it and write about it now.

First, I get carsick. I couldn't hold it any longer and decided to puke when we got to PetSmart. Good thing my tummy was empty. Then we walked by these metal glass looking doors and WHOOSH - they opened! Wha----??? I hit the ground - TAKE COVER!! We went in and got stuck in a little room with a bunch of other big dogs! Luckily we were in a corner and I got to hide behind mama most of the time. There was one dog that kinda looked like Ulli, so (1) I knew I could take her and (2) it was nice to see SOMETHING familiar. Mom was giving me treats and touching my feet. AAHHHHH!!!!

Mama says it will get better. I am curious about the other doggies. I can take 'em if I have to. I'm strong!

I slept most of the way home. Zzzzz. That was exhausing!! Do we HAVE to go back? Mama says I have to keep eye contact for 15-20 seconds for homework. In front of THEM? ACK! How am I supposed to focus? Oh jeez. Good thing I am beautiful. Can't I just get by on my looks? We'll see......

And I've been tagged!!!! Do I get a chance to study for this one? What? Oh, mama says this one will be easy.... okay... gimme a minute...


No run?

June 18th 2009 8:06 am
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So I was limping around a little bit, something I do every now and again. Mom said, 'No running for you tomorrow!' I was so happy! Score! I get to be l-a-z-y!!

Well, after a good night's sleep I awoke with boundless energy! Mom said, 'No running for you! You're on light duty!' Aww, really mom?? Really?

Ulli and I were bouncing around, stalking our toys and then shaking the tar out of them!!

Mom was putting on her socks and Ulli and I teamed up against her! Ulli - you get the sock! I'll get her foot! Mom says she hopes we have a house left when she gets home from work today! Ulli and I are energetic due to lack of a run this morning - watch out!! Anything moving is game!

All I know is, I wanna p-l-a-y!!!


I'm goin' to skoool!!

June 14th 2009 7:42 pm
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Yea!! Mom says I'm going to school! She says we'll start in a week! I'm going to be the cutest dog and win some friends with my big smile! All I know about school is that mom and Ulli leave for a few hours and come home smelling like hot dogs! Yay!! I want to smell like hot dogs! That means I can eat them, right? I guess Ulli took some sort of big test today, she's pretty wiped out! Mommy is cleaning and we are keeping her happy and on balance! When do we get to run again, mom? Tuesday? Oh, okay!


Have you ever seen a real, live, KITTY???

June 12th 2009 6:26 am
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I have seen squirrels, bunnies, and now in the desert I've seen coyotes, jackrabbits with BIG ears, lizards, and lots of flies. Mama says she's trying to teach us to swing our tails around like cows. She swears it works for them when they are outside too. I dunno, mum.... Anyway, mom comes inside last night after watering the plants with this little, big-eyed thing that had a bell on its collar! She said it was Bonnie. How did she know it's name? I tried to sniff Bonnie, but Bonnie coughed or sneezed or something, and when she did her whole body lurched and she just about got me on the snout. It was startling! Bonnie is staying in the bathroom downstairs for now. Mommy says she's calling the owners number on the tag. Can't we meet Bonnie? What do you mean she'll hurt me, mama? She's so small! If she runs I might mistake her for a chicken! Mom says not to sniff too much at the bottom of the door. She says she wants Bonnie to not have too hard of a time here. I hope Bonnie's mama loves her like our mama loves us! If she does she didn't sleep AT ALL last night! She seems nice enough, from a distance....


I miss my daddy....

June 7th 2009 7:07 pm
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Oh, I miss my daddy. Not my biological daddy, who I get my smile from, but my human daddy - who also has a nice smile. He is gone on business and even though I used to run away from him I really love him! And miss his presence in the house! (sigh), when is daddy coming home? Mom says before we know it, he had to go somewhere and do his business. Mom says we all miss daddy.

Once daddy comes home I plan on jumping on him and giving him all the love I have stored up for him for as long as he's gone! Without daddy there sure is a lot more room on the bed though.... I think I'd rather have daddy. Everybody, love your daddies for me! Or mommies if daddies are not there!


My new favorite food!

June 5th 2009 7:56 am
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I have a new favorite food! It’s spray cheese from a can! Wooo! Who is the genius that invented this stuff? Man, it’s good. Mom gives it to us inside bones when she leaves for work. This morning I was a little overeager and bumping into mom saying, “Is it time yet? Are you leaving? Do you know where the cheese is? I do! Here, let me show you! Oh, you don’t have to bother with those bones! You can just spray it on my plate! No? Oh, well, whatever! Is it time yet? Aren’t you late or something?” Eventually I think I got through to her and she caved in, gave us cheese and left. Mmmm!!


Poo breath!!

June 2nd 2009 11:02 am
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My mommy says I’m so pretty when she looks in my face she forgets everything. This happened yesterday when I was busted eating poop. Dang! It runs in my family you know!! Anyway, mom thought it was pretty gross and requested I stop. I did stop, then to make up for it I stayed close to her and smiled with an open mouth at her! She kept telling me to get away with my poop breath, but I had stopped eating the poop! She must have just been fixated. She asked me to go eat grass and freshen my breath but I didn’t feel like it. A couple hours later I was able to steal a kiss!! As soon as I did mom smiled, then her eyes opened wide and she exclaimed, “AHH! POOPY MOUTH!!”. I guess my mouth is off limits for longer than I thought after eating poop. Don’t you know dog spit is cleaner than people spit, mom? It’s probably fine! Quit freaking out!! Gosh, what’s the big deal? Sheesh. Humans can be so weird!


Sudden Sadness

May 30th 2009 10:47 am
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Oh, sudden sadness is so striking. We slept like crazy Friday evening and night, mommy was tired, we could have played, but we rested too. We woke up today and are spending the morning outside in the shade watching the birdies. Mommy is doing homework and she had an urge to look up Dogster yesterday. But she fell asleep. So here we are, in the warm day, with birdies chitter chattering and flying around, and we see that three of our dog friends - FROM ONE FAMILY, Nari, Jake, and Joey have been poisoned by antifreeze. It happened yesterday. YESTERDAY. We are overcome with sadness. We talked to Nari all the time! She was even a service dog for her mama.

I am confused. How did this happen? How could it happen? Is every owner going to keep their dogs locked inside to pee and poo on the floor forever now? Should they? Is it THAT safe to be outside? What a shocking tragedy. I speak for my family when I say these things. We've been reeling for about 10 minutes, and while mom cries I am typing. I told her the tears might electrocute her, so she better stay away til she dries up.

We hope that where Jake, Joey, and Nari's mommy lives the weather has been affected by them. We wonder what Nari, Jake, and Joey will do with the weather. If it were us we would make it thunder and lightening and storm, raining sheets, dark all day long. Or, maybe that's what mommy would make it do if (and when) we pass. We know their mom is probably feeling like a narrow sucking vortex of a black hole. What do you do with that?

Please everone, please send good healing thoughts to Nari, Joey, and Jake's mamas. And let the loved dogs you have sent to the Rainbow Bridge know they are there, so they can have a great reception and a lot of friends right away! We will see these three again, and they will have the biggest smiles ever.

Someone said sadness carves out a bigger hole in your heart for happiness to fill one day. Someone said things happen for a reason, but times like this it's really hard to see the reasoning. Maybe some things are just tragedy. There is no reason for everything. Boy do I have a lot to think about.


Tomorrow, tomorrow

May 23rd 2009 5:21 pm
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Oh, tomorrow... Tomorrow everyone leaves me! For HOURS! Where do they go? Mom and dad and Ulli all pile in the car and come home smelling like hot dogs. That's enough to give a girl an ulcer! Seriously! Humph. Mom says wait a few more weeks and it will be my turn to be the chosen one... but I keep forgetting! I get all lost in the despair of the moment. I don't like being alone at all! Good thing Ulli is usually here with me, and she's pretty chilled out.

Mom got us these new water bowls that have water falling into them! It was scary and daunting drinking from it the first time. It took me hours to try it and when the water stream hit me I JUMPED back! Ack! Water! Oh wait... I like water... it's refreshing.... Hm. It's complicated.

My tummy has been messed up lately, mom and dad think Ulli's aggressiveness toward people walking by (you know, moms and babies in strollers - sheesh Ulli, even I know they aren't threatening!) is exciting me too much. I get too nervous and my gut gets messed up! I pooed downstairs, mom cleaned it up at lunch (thanks mom! I did eat most of it for you!). Then I pooped in seven places upstairs for when she got home after work! For the record, it was really one episode, I was just so distraught and couldn't go outside, I was pacing!! I'm glad my mommy is a nurse. She knows I don't mean to do it and I don't get in trouble. She makes ugly faces when she cleans it up, but she likes to make faces. She thinks it's funny. I think I can get her to post some more pics on here....

Oh mommy, here mommy mommy mommy!! Come 'ere! Oh! Here she comes!!! Good girl, mommy!


Put on a poker face...

May 6th 2009 6:51 pm
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I'm smart. I learn so quick. Mom has worked for, ummm, eight days now? Yeah, I think that's right, and we went from pummeling her when she got home to putting on our quiet voices! Or, not really voices, because we weren't really loud, but our quiet nice behavior. It was my idea, I told Ulli lets do this when mommy gets home and she said okay! So mom got home and we walked around her in slow motion! Mommy took the bait right away and was petting us both at the same time! I really like it when she's home. I miss sleeping with her on the bed all day, but, I guess I'll have to sleep extra hard for both of us!

I am getting better and better at my commands! I am passionate and really want my mama to know! It's a lot of fun!

Mom just gave us dinner in these real big egg looking things. We rolled them around and got out a couple pieces of kibble at a time! Talk about slowing down dinner! It was fun and now my brain is a little tired. Nap time!

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