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Life with the Dugans

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Sweet sleepy me!

January 19th 2010 8:04 pm
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Mama says I'm the sweetest dog ever. Just wanted to put that out there. She had a big day at work and watched Daddy get some surgical procedure, when she got home I cuddled with her and we slept for 90 minutes! I love my Mommy! I love to cuddle too! Sometimes people get real busy and don't have a lot of time to cuddle!

Everyone, take a minute to cuddle! Or... better yet, five! Or thirty! Or more! Cuddling is real nice. Try it!


Me me me me me me!!!

January 12th 2010 9:41 am
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Woof woof! I'm a diary pick of the day! Sweet 'ol me! Yay! Thanks Dogster, I do well with positive reinforcement! BOL!!!

Speaking of positive reinforcement, I'm doing GREAT with my 'Relax on a Mat' exercise! I lie right down, and I've started shifting from hip to hip! Mom says when I shift my weight to one hip while lying down I'm relaxed more. So I go left, (treat), right, (treat), left, (treat), right, (treat) and so on!!

Mama says since I'm SO good it's time to up the ante! I have to start lowering my head and maybe lay it down on the mat? Then she says we'll start 'Relax on a Max' in different places in the house! Oooh! Variety!

Thanks to all my people out there at Dogster! I love each and every one of you!!!


I'm a pro at relaxing!

January 8th 2010 10:00 am
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You say, "Jump", I say, "How high?"
You say, "Relax", I say "Okay!"

We're learning a new behavior! It's called 'Relax on a Mat'. We have a special towel just for this exercise. Mom says she's waiting for me to relax on my own. In less than 5 minutes, I'm lying down, have my weight shifted to one hip, and am content! This is a fun exercise! Can we do it again?

This will teach me and Ulli how to relax on our own in other situations. She says. Me? I'm fine! But I do like to get Ulli worked up! BOL!!! It's fun! And easy!! BOL BOL!!!



January 3rd 2010 3:15 pm
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Hip hip hooray! There's no place like home! There's no place like home!

We had an okay time at the bored place, but it was pretty boring. We thought mama and daddy had left us, but one day they came back!!! Weeeeee! I had been saving my energy for something - I pummeled mommy and she is a little beat up to show for it!

We got home, took a bike ride and had baths (BRRRRR! - outside with the hose!) and had a lot of make-up snuggling to do! We're still trying to make up.

There's no place like home! There's no place like home! There's no place like home! We are soooooo happy!

We really missed our Dogster furrends too! We felt like pioneers being without an internet connection!! BOL!!



December 18th 2009 10:01 pm
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We're gonna be.... b-b-b-bored? Really? Mama says we're takin' a two week vacation. Me and Ulli together. Hmph. She says we're taking our new best beds, our favorite toys and some good food. She says we're goin' tomorrow. Where are you goin', Mama and Daddy?

They are goin' to do some family holiday stuff they say. Hurry back! We'll miss you!

Mama says she misses me so much already she almost can't leave. If only those plane tickets weren't so expensive, and the family hadn't been waiting for months!!! BOL!

Y'all hang in there for me. I'll see if I can get the kennel guy to let me peek online and read some of your blogs while we're away! They're nice people....

The kennel is heated. Ulli and I get to share a room. I might go BONKERS if Ulli is not with me. We also have access to some outside. Not bad, Mama!

You guys wanna send me soothing thoughts? I might be a little nervous you know. Deep slow breaths, just like Mama says......


Got you last!

December 7th 2009 3:51 pm
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I play a new game with my Mom and Dad! It's called 'Got you last!', and you have to say it with enthusiasm! BOL!

Mama tags me and says, "Got you last!", then I take my paw and tag her and she says, "You got me last!", and we repeat over and over again! It's a fun game!

Sometimes I get so excited I wiggle all over and take Mama's hand in my mouth! I got YOU last!! Or I'll tag her five times in a row! Ha! Then run away! BOL!!

Got YOU last! BOL!! It's a fun game!



December 1st 2009 4:27 pm
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Dear Thanksgiving Turkey,

P.S. - I forgot to tell you how much I am thankful for my dog bed, and my other dog bed and my other dog bed.

I'd like to request a new dog bed 'cause we're gonna be bored kinda soon and I think it's appropriate. Since I'll be bored on my BIRTHDAY you know.

I know you wanna make dog beds like a magician, Mama, but can we PLEEEEEEASE get just a couple more while you work on perfecting that skill? PLEEEEEEAAASE?

I LOVE dog beds. People beds. Couches? Eh. Beds are where the smooshy cushy is at! Sigh. Is it naptime?



November 28th 2009 2:59 pm
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I am thanksful! Here's some things I'm thanksful for:

1. Shelter! It keeps the sand outta my pretty coat, and keeps me from getting a sunburn! It makes the elements gentler.

2. FOOD!! I loooove me some food! I get good food too! Raw stuff, I feel like a real wild animal! Except I have my own furniture and stuff.

3. My sister Ulli. She's fun to play with, even if she is a little weird. I'll always win if we get serious, so who cares, right? She's teaching me how to squeak toys! We're very different.

4. My cute face and eyes. They get me EVERYWHERE and many things I probably would not get otherwise!

5. My white fluffly clean fur. I get a bath once a month. When I'm freshly clean Mama can't keep her hands off of me! I loooove me a petting!

6. My down comforter. You might think it's Mama & Daddy's, but I just let them use it. I'm using it for prevention. I'm almost 3 years old, and I'm trying to preserve my old bones already! Prevention saves lives! BOL!

7. My Daddy. He is big and strong and I know if I get in a pickle he can pick me up! Even if it does make me real tense! Daddy has been feeding us a lot lately, and this makes me love him even more! Bearer of food!

8. My Mama. I've got her wrapped around my little paw! If I say jump, she says, "How high?" I love my Mama. We're snuggle buddies and I can stick my head in her armpit and disappear. It's nice to have the option.

9. My Dogster furrends!! All 'yall furrends are so nice and just make my day! I love reading about you and your adventures! You guys are real inspiring and making my life more adventurous too! Thanks!


Joey Mind Tricks

November 16th 2009 4:30 pm
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Isn't that what they're called? When I think REAL hard about something, then I look deep into Mama's eyes, trying to SHOOT my thought from my head to hers! I get right in front of her so we're face to face!

It works! It works!

So far it has worked twice. Once I was r-e-a-l-l-y hungry, so I tried Jedi, or, Joey mind tricks. It worked! The second time I r-e-a-l-l-y wanted to go for a bike ride. It worked too!

It didn't take too long for Mama to get my mental message either! I have strong brain waves, and she has an easy brain! BOL!!

I wonder if I can start getting her to sit and stay? Hmm. Maybe 'wait'... BOL!!


School's out for-ever!

November 11th 2009 12:37 pm
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BOL! Okay, maybe not for-EVER..... But I missed graduation! What's up with that? Well, Mama was really sick that week, and the week after, and she said I'm a graduate in her eyes anyway! Now she said she has school and work and is too busy to take me!

That's okay, because I think I'd like to repeat Intermediate, I'm not quite ready for Advanced yet! We've been in classes for 6 months now, Mama says it's time for rest!

Maybe now that we're microchipped she'll register us with the AKC and we can find some of their training things! Boy would that be fun! We loooove German Shepherds!

Since I'm on school break, nap time!! BOL!

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