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Ups and downs, ups and downs, ups and downs.....

May 6th 2010 9:58 am
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Life has been a real roller coaster lately. Ulli has been in a bad way and we were sure she had anal gland cancer. She had all the symptoms and the doctors called her pockets of infection 'masses'. That means TUMOR, y'all.

I have stepped up and been barking more at people walking by because I knew Ulli would want it that way.

Ulli is pretty lethargic, lying on the bed all day with Mama, getting pet gently and told what a good and pretty girl she is. I have been snuggling with them too, off and on. Ulli's bottom hurts. Mom and Dad have been crying buckets and saying everything to Ulli they could think of.

AND THEN......

The vet calls! The biopsy from the masses? It's real bad infection. NO CANCER. Mom and Dad were so relieved they cried again! I'm relieved I won't have to lose my sister.

However, the infection is deep, bad, and in a hard to treat place. The vet said it's going to be a long road to recovery. Mom says she's gonna ask about IV antibiotics when they go pick up more pills today.

Ulli is getting something like SIX pills per day. I was feeling left out, so Daddy pilled me with tiny pieces of hot dog, then I got to eat another piece of hot dog for a reward! I feel ya, Ulli! We took turns, Ulli got pilled, then me, then Ulli, then me!

(sigh).... So exhausted now! Relieved, exhausted, happy, and aggressively wanting to get rid of this infection!

Thinkin' of my sweet sista! She WILL play and run with the bike again!


Hooray! Hooray! Mama is home!!

May 4th 2010 12:47 pm
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I sure hope Mama being home doesn’t interrupt my nap time… Ulli and I are very happy she gets to spend more time with us now that her job has gone away. Yesterday I got to take a ride into town to pick up Ulli from the vet! I was like a social butterfly! Flitting about the waiting room, as long as my leash would let me, sniffing others and smiling at them. It was fun! We picked up Ulli – boy was I happy to see her! I love Ulli!! She left this morning with Mama, then Mama came back without her!

People asked us – ‘you brought your dog to the vet for fun?’ Ha ha ha ha! They don’t know it’s the little things that pleasure me!

Ulli is a little under the weather and her booty smells different. Different like shaved, cut open, sutured, and infected. Poor Ulli! I am trying to be quiet and gentle around her. I sure hope Mama will take me for a walk later though! We don’t have to tell Ulli…

I don’t want my best friend to go away. Mama says we’ll just have to see. Tic, toc, tic, toc…

I think I’ll take a nap on the nice, soft bed next to Ulli while we wait…..


I'm not alone!

March 26th 2010 6:43 am
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Ulli's home! And she smells different! Especially her bottom! Oh, I'm SO happy! I missed Ulli! I missed her so much I didn't go to the bathroom myself.... so when she got home Daddy says I had the stinkiest 'relief poopie' on the floor inside. My bowels are connected to my heart! What can I say? BOL!!

At least I'm not stopped up like Ulli was!!

We have a lot of playing to do! I was awful lonely when she wasn't here! Gotta go!


Where's Ulli? In the hospital?!?!

March 22nd 2010 8:38 pm
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OMG! Mom took Ulli away early this morning and they were gone ALL DAY!!! The blinds were shut, that's so Ulli can't see out and get all worked up, but being the only one home I really HAD to see out! Where the heck did everyone go?!?!?!?

Mom FINALLY came home nearly 12 hours after she and Ulli left! Where's Ulli? No Ulli?

Oh, no. Mom says Ulli's staying at the hospital. She had to get sedated, get labs drawn, get a rectal exam, AND get x-rays. Wow! What gives?

Ulli is impacted. Very very very constipated. All the way up her belly. Poor Ulli! We thought she was a little cranky, but had no idea it could be something like this!

Not only that, but she has polyps that are bleeding at her poop hole. :( The vet said German Shepherds are famous for getting polyps. Because she'll be 3 on April 2nd it's not real likely it's cancer, but you never know until after the biopsy.

The vet didn't like the thought of a raw or BARF diet. Mom had to try to explain to him briefly about it. Luckily her impaction is not all bones, you can't tell what it is.

I suspect it could be my piggy! Is it my piggy? Mom says she might have to remove all stuffed animals from the house if that's what it is!!!!

So what are they gonna do???

They're gonna try to get it out with hydration and laxatives. If that doesn't work they will have to do surgery. We'll keep you updated.

I'm sure lonely.......


Miss y'all!!

March 19th 2010 9:06 pm
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Oh how I miss my Dogster furrends! Mama says she's workin' so much and goin' to school on this 'ol computer and we just haven't been good enuff to get our turn on the computer I guess! Poor us!

On the good side, Mom and Dad took us to a NEW DOG PARK here in our little tiny town! There were about 6 dogs there and I even got to go in and play with them!

I preferred playing with Mama, but I was all social and pretty and all the doggies wanted to hump me! Mama said that was a compliment, but I was happy every time she shooed them off me! BOL!

That was mon-yoo-men-tol in my and Mama's book! Ulli isn't nice enough to play at the dog park, but we'll keep hoping!!!

If anyone is wonderin', we're getting fed yummy good, are very happy and exercised, and we're getting a bath in about a week! Slightly needing a bath is not much of a hardship in my book! BOL!!

We love you, all our furrends!!! We're gonna put it on our calendar to get on here again WAY MORE OFTEN!

Barks and waggs!!


Bath curious!

February 8th 2010 8:04 pm
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I’m getting brave, y’all! Sometimes I’ll peek into the bathroom when mom is in there, but if she even looks or talks to me I scurry away like a little mousie!

You see, I didn’t have a bath my whole life, for almost 2 years. Then my Mom and Dad picked me and Ulli up for the first time (we had just met! Kinda) and took us across the country, THEN forced us in a bath! It was horror! I cried at the door the whole time Ulli was in there! We were both phobic of the bath after that.

Nowadays we get showers in the back yard with the hose. That bathroom has such a stigma! Ooooh! Scary!!! Those memories! That echo!

Then one day, I decided to get brave! What if I went into the bathroom while Mama is in the bath? What if I sit and lie down? I did it! I even let her pet me with her wet hands! She said I was bath-baptized! I hung out in there with her.

I’m still alive to tell about it!!

Bravery can be a scary thing, but if you’re lucky (and I was!!!) it isn’t so bad! Whew! Conquered the bathroom!!! Next? The world!!


I've been tagged!!

February 3rd 2010 7:51 pm
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My furrend Jolanda tagged me and Ulli! We are to tell you 10 things we loooove! Here goes!

Things I love…..

1. FOOD!! I love raw meat, tuna, kibble, and food processed veggies!

2. I love the bed. Mom and Dad think it’s their bed, but I guarantee I spend more time on it!

3. I love Ulli. She is a lot of fun to play with! And I ALWAYS win!!!

4. I love Mommy. She’s my favorite Mommy! She is nice to me and gives me lots of gentle pets and kisses.

5. I love Daddy. He’s acceptable when Mommy’s not around.

6. I love sunbathing. Sitting in the yard, basking in the sun, feeling the warmth on me is really nice.

7. I love when I can BUMP Ulli out of the way and get the pawrents attention without them knowing what I did!! BOL!! Sometimes it pays to be a big girl!

8. I love ‘me time’. When Mom and Dad come home for lunch I usually stay upstairs. It’s right in the middle of my nap time! They’re leaving again anyway, I’ll see them later! I love when they come home for the night too!

9. I love taking Ulli’s toys and hiding them! Okay, so I ALWAYS hide them upstairs in plain sight, but it still takes her awhile to find them!

10. I love training. It stretches my brain, I catch on quick and I feel SOOO smart!!!

I don't know who to tag - so if you have read this and haven't been tagged yet, YOU'RE TAGGED! How 'bout that? BOL!

Have a good day everyone!



February 2nd 2010 8:19 pm
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I'm restless, I'm whiney, I'm a fidget! We ran that one day, fell down, took
a day off, then ran again, and daddy ran us the next day.

Mama says she has a bruise and it still hurts, so she thinks maybe I have a
bruise too.

She rubbed my hips this morning and it really felt good! Thanks Mama! She
says I need a hot salt wet towel for my hips. Then I'll need a bath! She
said that's okay, we're starting to smell 'doggy' anyways. Humph.

Reckon I can sit still enough to let a hot wet salt towel to help me?

I know! What if we introduce hot dogs into the equation? Hmmm!! I think that
could work - no sense in not trying, huh? BOL!!

Update: Daddy took us on a really slooooooow bike ride, he said it was really a walk, and I loved it! I had fun and clowned around with Ulli! I seemed okay, do you think it could be that Mom and Dad are on MY bed at night? That's MYYY bed! I LOVE it! It LOVES me! Hm. Mama says she's keeping a close eye on me. Maybe a hand too - she can pet me!!!


The socialite!

January 29th 2010 7:04 pm
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I'm officially a socialite! Mama had people over for the first time last night! They were nice knitting ladies. I was curious and wanted to sniff them! Who are you? Where have you been? What does your house smell like?

One lady smelled like a BUNNY! She said her bunny's name is Joey too!! Wow! How about that??

They fed me cheese and hot dogs, and I did a high five, laid down, and rolled over! Yeah, I was showing off!

The first lady was super interesting, and by the time the second lady came over I was a little worn out! The second lady was a little nervous, but my smile put her at ease eventually!


Spilt milk

January 25th 2010 7:34 pm
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Don't cry over spilt milk! That's what Mama said when we took tumble # 2 on the bike yesterday!! Whoops! Ulli & I were trying to anticipate Mama turning left, and misjudged! We turned left, tumbled over each other, and then Mama fell down too! She said she is very happy she didn't get road rash! She landed on her hands, backwards like a crab! She says I get the night off tonight because although I'm not limping she thinks I got the worst of the fall (between me and Ulli that is).

Mama found us two cow femur bones at the butcher. She says they are HUGE! We're waiting for them to thaw out, but I'm pretty sure they are for us and not soup! BOL!! Wish us luck! I'll be dreaming of femurs tonight!!

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