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Life with the Dugans

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What the....

May 25th 2010 8:16 pm
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What the heck? Am I doing this right? Mom goes out of town and Dogster is all different? Ohhh, change is hard for me! Good thing I found more confidence at boot camp!

Now to just navigate around this place.... Hmmm.... where did my furrends go? My furrend updates? Hmmmm..... I'm gonna have to put my thinkin' cap on!

Mama is in Tennessee! She's finding me a brother! I thought of a new name - how 'bout 'Toe Jam'? It's easy to say, rolls off the tongue, and is only two syllables!

I'm gonna go sniffing for my furrend updates!!


Mama's nesting!

May 24th 2010 10:03 am
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Mama's nesting! Know why? She says she's gonna go meet the puppy stork in Tennessee tomorrow! She's been cleaning and nesting and getting toys ready!

She asked me what I want to name the puppy! I love being involved! She says we'll see what names we like, see what names the puppy likes, and compromise! How fun! I'm gonna try for Booger and see what happens... That would be SO FUNNY if everyone liked it! BOL!!! Maybe I'll recommend 'Upchuck' too.... BOL!

I've been lonely without Ulli, I've had a lot of time to think! BOL!

I am also WAY calmer now that I'm home from Boot Camp! Mom and Dad thought I was super tired, but they realize now I'm just calmer! More confident! I really enjoy my active schedule and hanging out leashed with Mom and Dad when they are home!

I'm still trying to train them to not make me go in my crate at night, but when they bring out the treats how can I resist? Oh well, it is comfy in there, and they are only a few feet away!

Friday my little brother arrives! I'm excited! Mom says don't teach him to be a poop eater... We'll see - he might have elite taste like me! I can't help that! BOL!!


Home at last!

May 23rd 2010 10:30 am
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Whew! What a week I've had! I've been to Boot Camp alright! It was very nice Boot Camp though! BOL!

I am like a trained athlete now! Mama and Daddy giggled at me last night because I was sacked out and didn't move a muscle! This morning they even had to ask me more than once if I was 'hungry'! Whew, I'm BEAT!

Mama says one more after breakfast nap, then in a couple of hours we're gonna take a run!

I have learned SO MUCH! I've learned that noisy stuff isn't necessarily dangerous or scary! How 'bout that? I've learned that people love me and are willing to pet me! I like that....

Mom and Dad are learning too, Mom says we're all changing for the better! I'm still so tired though, I'll have to catch up with y'all later!


Away at camp, having fun fun fun!!

May 19th 2010 5:26 pm
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I'm away at camp! Mama says it's Enrichment Camp/ Uncle Charlie's Boot Camp! Let me tell you, I am having SO. MUCH. FUN!!! Uncle Charlie introduced me to Mickey Mouse! I love him! I'm going to ask for one when I get home!! I hear he's real famous, but I've never seen him before! He's like a mouse, but BIG! Uncle Charlie took the picture of me and Mickey hanging out, my new profile pic!

I'm meeting all sorts of people who are enamored with me, and other animals too! I'm going to stores and businesses and stables, oh my! Uncle Charlie is keeping my mind very busy and engaged! He says I'm a good girl, and pretty too!

Mama says this is the big stepping stone to me being a therapy dog. She thinks people will LOVE it if I come visit them. I'm interested! Mom gets pictures every evening, she is so happy!

Mom and Dad pick me up on Saturday morning, and they get some human training! I can't wait! I have real good roomies where I am staying now too. :) BOL!! I'm a HAPPY dog!


I'm going on a trip! All by myself!

May 16th 2010 11:54 am
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Hi y'all! I'm going on a trip today! Mama and Daddy say I'm going somewhere, to Ulli's super dooper trainers house. They say it will be like getting boarded but a hundred times funner! I'll get to play with doggies and meet people and go all sorts of new places! Mom says they are going to help get the 'shy' out of me. This is exciting! I'll be there for a whole week, but Mama says she and Daddy will get pictures all week of my bee-yoo-tee-ful self!

Life has been pretty good lately, despite my favorite sister being gone. We get to keep the shades open, and even the windows open! I like to see outside and smell what's going on out there. Mom has started running me and that is keeping me tired! Whew! Mom and Dad sure do give me lots of attention! I like it!

Mama says in about 2 weeks I'll be blessed with a baby brother! A furry one! I think I'll like that. I like small things!

Wish me luck! It will be nerve-wracking, but between the super nice trainer, his super nice wife, AND THREE super nice doggies, I think I might be in heaven! BOL!! I'll see if I can get to the computer during the week....


I'm taking over!

May 13th 2010 9:03 am
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Wow, am I beat! Mom and Dad stuck me in the little car and we drove and drove and drove! We went to San Diego, and since I'm used to riding in the truck it took effort to get comfortable!

We went to San Diego! It was exciting! We opted for a picnic on the dog beach at sunset over going to a dog furrendly restaurant! Woot woot!

Mommy and Daddy are learning new things about me now that Ulli is gone. Ulli had such a strong personality and protective (now we know she was really sick...) streak, it really overshadowed my delicacy, besides, with Ulli I didn't need to worry about anything! I was 'the good one'! Well....

It turns out I am a little protective myself! Where's Ulli's protection went to 50 feet, mine is only about 20 feet! I have always been okay with other dogs, but at the dog park I said 'get away'! I'll bite you! It wasn't a crazy bark like Ulli, just a deep warning bark.

Mom and Dad were perplexed! They didn't know what to do! They said, Joey, you're the good one! What's happening? I had to tell them, I'm taking over! I have to! Besides, those dogs that stormed me at the dog park the other day FREAKED ME OUT!

Luckily the sun set and we went to the hotel. We were on the 3rd floor and - get this - you could see BETWEEN the stair steps on the way up! I looked between every one and was very very cautious! Mom and Dad were proud of me. Sometimes I think these humans are stupid, what are they thinking putting holes between the steps? Sheesh! Maybe they're tryin' to weed out the really skinny ones?

I am SO HAPPY to be back home! Whew! I missed cuddling with my bed!!


I'm going on a trip!

May 11th 2010 9:53 am
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Guess where Mommy and Daddy are taking me? San Diego, California! Daddy has business there and me and Mom are going for the ride! Dad is like our travel agent, he has found dog friendly hotels, beaches, AND RESTAURANTS! Boy, I've never been to a restaurant before! I'm excited!

Mama is going to take me for a run in a minute, to help me from being too bouncy! Ha ha! We'll only be there for one and a half days, but I'm excited! I've had a bath and I'm ready to shine for the world! Or, San Diego! Wonder how many restaurants we can hit in that time.... :)


Bath time!

May 9th 2010 6:06 pm
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Bath time! That's what Mama said! I thought she was talking about her and Daddy! I mean, they bathe a lot, you know...

But NO! It was MY bath time! Shoot! I was shaking and shivering and trembling, I've never done that before, but without Ulli, would they have to wash me twice to make up for her???

Thank goodness no!!

Now I am all clean and white and fuzzy like a spring chicken! Mama took me to the dog park a minute ago, the dogs there were so hyper and boisterous! I found it to be rude! I told them so! Mama and I played in another part, then I gave those dogs a taste of their own medicine! I said, 'Grrrr' and ran them down! How's that feel, huh? Mama smacked my butt and we went into another part of the dog park. Humph!

I am a tired doggie! Bath, walks, yesterday was picnics and people, whatever will tomorrow bring? I better get a nap in before then!


My Big Day

May 8th 2010 6:52 pm
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Hi y'all! I had a big 'ol day today.

I took a field trip with Mom and Dad, we went to the vet Ulli went to heaven in to pay for the cremation, that was kind of weird, mom was upset and I just wanted outta there!

Then we went to PetSmart, where I saw my favorite trainer, Ann! She was tickled pink to see me and loved me all over! Mama had to tell her about Ulli, she thinks it's important that people know there was a reason for her mean-ness. Ann was very sad too.

After mingling at PetSmart Mom ordered some good foods at Olive Garden and we went to a carnival in the mall parking lot while we waited. I was okay with the dings and sounds and loud noises, people kept thinking I was a wolf!! How 'bout that? That's pretty cool.

I sniffed sheeps and goats, chickens, ducks and I saw mini-horsies! The grownups were enamored by me and I let 4-5 people pet me at once! Mom and Dad were so proud their mouths were hanging open!

Ummm, then we went on a picnic at a park and laid on the grass. I had some mussels and scallops and cheese! Mmmm! (Now I'm a little gassy...) I saw kids there and I thought they were a little too sketchy, but I let them pet me - grudgingly! THEN we went to PetCo to get my new doggie food!

I fell plumb asleep as soon as I got in the car. AND I got a new toy! Whew! What a day!

We all took a nap when we got home! Mom says tomorrow I get a walk and we're going to a playground! I love slides!

Mama also says that since they have been working with Ulli so much my 'loose leash walking' skills have gone a little downhill. Well, what do you expect?

I like this attention. It helps me feel better. My family and I really appreciate all the kind words from all our furrends on Dogster. Mama says Dogster has the most nicest dogs ever! We are so thankful for what we have now.


I'm an only dog

May 7th 2010 7:46 pm
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Hi everybody. I'm so sad. I'm so depressed. My sister Ulli went to the Rainbow Bridge today, she was only three! I'm an only dog for now.

No offense to human people, but I had a pretty good hunch something wasn't right with her. My poor sister. She had some real booty problems. What a personal area to have problems in!

On the up side, Ulli will be young forever. She will never suffer from arthritis or cataracts! We're gonna miss the tar outta her. But we know she's in a better place. She's running like the wind, playing with other dogs, chasing birdies and small animals, and sunbathing - one of her favorite activities. I hear they have a LOT of Kong Wubba squeakers at the Rainbow Bridge. She'll be pleased!! She is in good company up there too. We know that.

I hear I get to go for a ride tomorrow, we're going to town and Mom and Dad said I can go to PetSmart and mingle! I'm excited. It will be nice to get out.

Thanks to everyone for their support. It has meant so much to my family.

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