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June 13th 2010 9:10 pm
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I'm a responsible dog. I'm learning that Frankie is my dog and I need to be responsible for him. Like, at the dog park today some pup-squeak doggie was playing with him a little rougher than I would have liked. I tried to set them straight!

Sadly Frankie is very much a 'morning dog', all super energetic and excited and crazy playful in the morning. Me? Well, I like to s-l-o-w-l-y wake up, take naps while waking up, snuggle, nap again, and so on before I wake up. You see how this is not really a match? BOL!

Most days Mama or Daddy take me on a long run super early in the morning, but I promptly go back to my slowly-waking-up routine when we get home. It actually helps me wake up slower! BOL!

Mama says walks help Frankie be calmer. Let's walk, I say!!

He's a fun guy, even if I'm not totally ready to admit it. He has done one thing, introduce more treats into the house! YAY!


It's true, it's true, I gave in....

June 10th 2010 7:40 pm
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I was tired of being mopey and grouchy! Besides, I thought we were babysitting Frankie until his real pawrents came home! I didn't realize he belonged to us!

I finally realized when Mom started walking us together just a very short distance. He is still a baby, so we don't want to stress those growth plates! BOL! When we walked together I finally got it. He's a part of our pack!

It's a little cooler than usual tonight, so I felt like playing, and me and Frankie played and played and played in the back yard!

It was fun, even!

Mom and Dad were acting like I was the purrestident giving an important speech, watching with rapt attention and their mouths half open! You guys will catch flies that way you know! BOL!!!

Ahhh, we played, now Frankie is napping and I get to nap too. Maybe this little pup isn't so bad after all...


Setting limits

June 7th 2010 6:32 pm
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I've been a little quiet today, but jogging five miles first thing in the mornings will do that to ya! I've been hanging out with Mom and Dad and Frank lately, but today I thought I'd take a 'mental health' day. Last night Frank was snapping at me like crazy so I slept on the floor. :( Mom says they'll crate Frank tonight so I can get some bed time too. :)

Mom and Dad got a pool! It's for Frank they say! It would be for me too - if I wanted it! We'll see! Mom says we'll introduce me to it slowly. It IS hot out there... water MIGHT feel nice...

I'm doing a better job at growling and gently snapping at Frank when he is snapping his little needle teeth at me! He's getting a little better! It's tough being so assertive and athletic! I might need another nap! BOL!


Standing up for me

June 5th 2010 12:10 pm
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Ohhhh, Frankie is taking a nap, I can FINALLY do something! BOL!! I have to stay on guard, especially in the mornings. He's a morning dog and extra feisty then! He still likes to bite, but between me growling and Mama saying 'NO!' I think he's getting better.

Mama and Daddy are paying extra attention to me and I LOVE it! It's getting hot here, so we're going on our morning bike rides at 5am! Woof woof!! It's a LOT cooler then, thanks, guys!

Frank can climb the stairs now, so that is no longer my refuge. My only safe places are the couches and the bed - but for how much longer? Since he can't climb down the stairs I'll lure him up, then come down and leave him up there! Ahhh, a little bit of peace! BOL!

Frankie has been here for one week and one day now. I guess I'm getting more used to him. I'll take the lovin' from the pawrents though, they don't want to love us unevenly!


The elephant and the mouse

June 2nd 2010 5:49 pm
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EEEEEK! It's a MOUSE! A little furry thing walking about! I jumped on the chair with Mama and she said - it's not a mouse, it's my new little brother Frankie! Oh, shoot! He got me again! He does a mean impersonation of a mousie!

He is a little like an alligator - he bites HARD! And has those little needle teeth! Mom says he's growing quick and will soon be bigger than me! I'll bet he'll calm down by then. I'm a calm dog, then he comes pouncing and snapping at me! Sheesh!

I'll wait in the wings. I let him sleep near me, he doesn't bite when he's sleeping. Mom says we're training him not to bite and hopefully he will stop soon. I think he is biting less now that you mention it Mama....

Oh well. I've got to stalk Mama while staying out of Frankie's way! It's dinner time! Yum yum!


So sad.

May 31st 2010 9:01 pm
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You know, I just don't understand why things have to happen how they do. I guess we are so complex, it's a wonder anyone turns out right, let alone stays right! My White Shepherd furrend Leggie went to the Rainbow Bridge on Mother's Day unexpectedly. He was only 6! The family had no idea! Here's his page - please drop by and offer comfort.

It has been one month since Ulli passed away unexpectedly, before her time we thought! Hearing how others have to go through this too breaks our hearts. It's such an isolating and piercing experience - whether the pet is old or not. The unexpected thing is a real big fat bummer though. It doesn't seem fair.

Rest in peace, Leggie, and I'm sure Ulli will LOVE having a new White Shepherd to play with at the Bridge! We will see you again Leggie, have fun and be well.


He's heeeeeeeeeereeeeee

May 30th 2010 4:09 pm
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Frankie has arrived! He is now on Dogster! Here's the link to his page:

I was telling some furrends today that I don't know how to make fancy computer link-y stuff, but I can copy and paste the address! I think because of Frank's youth maybe he will pick that up lickity split, and then he can share with me!

All is well here. We're spending much of the day in the back yard. Mom says there's less for Frank to get into that way! It's nice and warm and dry, birdies are chirping and not much longer 'til dinner!

Frank is so used to eating with a group that when he sees me eating he puppy-gallops over and starts eating my food! What do I do? I slink away... Boo! I was hungry! Mama tells me to get back here and eat my food! Oh, I love Mama! She knows what makes me tick!

Mama took some pictures of Frank, she says photo-ing puppies is kinda like photo-ing worms, but she thinks she got some good ones! I'm gonna whine and bug her to post them!

Talk to ya soon!


I'm a sister!

May 29th 2010 9:31 pm
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I'm a sister! Technically generation-ly speaking I'm an auntie, but I think being a big sister is funner! Daddy took me to the airport VERY late Friday night. It was neat! Buses and planes and people and luggage! We walked around a bit, then I saw Mama walking up to us! She was wearing a weird front back-pack with a little puppy inside!

Puppy schmuppy! I missed you Mama! I was more excited to see her than anything! On the long ride home I sniffed my new brother, his name is Frank!

I've got to get Mama to get pictures of him so he can start his own Dogster page! I'll show him how, that's what sisters are for!

He's almost 7 weeks old and sleeps and plays, sleeps and plays. He tries looking for my udders, luckily I don't have any! BOL!! He has little needle teeth!

I'm not WAY excited about him, but about half the time he cuddles with me I stay, half the time I get up.

Frank and Joey! Joey and Frank! Mama says we can call him Frank-furter when he's sunbathing, and Franken-stein for Halloween maybe, and Frankie too!

Mom and Dad had it narrowed down to 3 names, Frank didn't care which one it was. So they let ME pick! Isn't that nice? I like Frank. It has a nice ring to it! Bedtime, must sleep when the puppy sleeps! BOL!


ME, me me me me, ME!

May 27th 2010 10:00 am
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Hi everyone! Am I the diary pick of the day two days in a row? You know, I think it's because of all that confidence training I had! Now that I'm not as shy I can handle being the pick twice!

I'll bet one is for Ulli. I'll defer that to her. :) She'll be happy at the bridge, she's still famous and loved!

If I hadn't had that training, I think I might be shy about this 'being the star' thing! But NO! I'm smiling and looking coy and out in the spotlight! Trying to get the cameras to get my good side! (that's every side...) BOL!!

One more day and my brother comes! Mama said she'll start pitching more names today... She's a little worried about take off and landing with the boy under the seat, but guesses she'll be able to lean over and keep her hand in there with him.

He's gonna be the best dog ever! I know I said it once, but I'm so happy I can train this little guy to be my right hand man! He'll be my personal dog! BOL!!

Being the pick yesterday made me happy, and today I'm just thrilled! I feel like a celebrity! Woof Woof! I just LOVE feelin' special! It might be my favorite thing!


Woot Woot! Chugga-Chugga-CHOO-CHOO!!!

May 26th 2010 7:35 pm
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WOW!! I'm a diary pick of the day! Who knew? I wanna know how y'all knew! BOL!! My Mama said she saw it in an email, and called Daddy to tell me!

You know what I'm getting for being a diary pick of the day? A BABY BROTHER! BOL!! I'm gettin' a puppy! I'm going to raise him like he's my baby! I'm glad we're getting a young one, that way I can shape him just how I like him! BOL!!

Mama said she has him all picked out for me. She said she already asked if he liked 'Toe Jam', 'Booger', 'Upchuck', and 'Ear Wax' (my latest name idea!) and he didn't seem to respond to them. I'm trying not to take it personal, and am brainstorming new names! BOL!

He comes home late late Friday night! Tonight is... Wednesday? Two more days!

I'm gonna have to prowl around on here so I can find the daily and weekly picks!

Thanks SO MUCH to all my sweet furrends for the rosettes and congrats! I sure feel special lately!

Dogster is my favorite place! Well, after going for a walk, of course!

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