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Imagination Land!!!!!!

July 14th 2010 5:38 pm
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Ever since Frank has been here, we’ve had a lot of ‘Imagination Land’! Usually Imagination Land is on the bedroom floor while Mom and Dad and I are going to sleep. Frankie will be immersed in Imagination Land, playing and jumping and squeaking his toys! He hops and skips and jumps, he talks and talks and talks out his playtime! We all lie in bed and giggle. Once when Frankie went to bed, I decided I would take a trip to Imagination Land!

All Aboard!

I traveled there and I played too! Wow Frankie, thanks for bringing Imagination Land with you, it’s a fun place! It’s happy and there’s lots of toys there! I played and rolled around, more like a big girl play, but still, it was grand!!

Frankie says Imagination Land is easy to install anywhere, all you have to do it try! I recommend it!

I do have to remind him of Imagination Land’s borders. Today we were napping and he came romping up the ramp to the bed saying he was going to ‘slay the big white dragon’!! I was quick to tell him (1) I’m NOT a dragon, (2) I will NOT be slayed, and (3) turn around and go back to Imagination Land! He promptly did!

I think Imagination Land needs those invisible fences… BOL!


Dogbook? Really?

July 13th 2010 8:30 pm
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Dogbook? Really?

No, really?

My Mama heard of it here on Dogster, but saw it today! She says NO WAY are we getting on Dogbook!


Why would anyone want to be anywhere but Dogster? We have all these furrends, lots of diaries, pictures, it's perfect here! Even after the layout change!

Mama only glanced at Dogbook but said it looked very basic compared to our great Dogster. She says one social networking site for us is enough! She'd hate for us to get carpal tunnel from all this typing!

Down with Dogbook!! BOL!! Up with Dogster!! BOL!!!


Happy Barkday, America!

July 5th 2010 11:07 am
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Okay, I’m one day late, but I couldn’t write until I survived the fireworks! BOL! Daddy said, “Why can’t we have the dogs outside?” Mama said NO WAY! She said we needed to be somewhere safe! In our dens!

BOOM! The first firework went off and Mom and Dad and their furrends scurried outside! I watched them, I was okay last year, and this year too! I watched them watch the fireworks and when they came in I greeted them at the door! Frankie stayed in his kennel. He was pretty oblivious.

We do live on an Army base where we hear booms and artillery and machine guns and sonic BOOMS that shake the house! We’re kinda deconditioned that way. Mama says it’s a blessing!

Happy Diary pick of the day for meeeeeee! I’m so happy about it! Now that my confidence is way up and I’m properly exercised, I can step up to the stage! I’m ready for my close up! Thanks so much for my dear dear Dogster furrends and the Dogster gods! Me and Frank sure are lucky dogs to be in our family AND to have such great furrends and abilities to share on Dogster!! Thanks!!!! (I’m ready for my close up!!!! Any time!)


Mommy all to myself!

July 1st 2010 12:56 pm
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This morning Mama woke early and kissed my nose and said WE were going for a long walk, just the two of us! Usually she rides the bike and I trot, so it’s not really communal like when we’re walking together.

It was great! We walked at our own pace and watched the desert wildlife wake up! Lots of lizards, ravens, and two bunnies! One was a jackrabbit, their ears are SO TALL!! I BEGGED Mama to let me chase him, but she said I might feel remorse if I killed him so I had to stay with her.

I jumped over picnic tables and played on playgrounds! I sniffed and sniffed our route. It was soooo nice.

No offence to Frankie, but last walk we went 2 miles per hour and it was not really my speed! I like having Mama to myself, we both breathe a sigh of relief when we’re free of the needle-teeth! BOL!!

(When we got home we picked up Frank and walked around the block, so he got a walk too - everyone was happy!)


Lookit me!!

June 29th 2010 8:43 am
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I'm a diary pick of the day today! WOOF WOOF! I really wasn't feelin' left out because Frankie was getting the picks, but NOW?

Now we're the DYNAMIC DUO!!! BOL!

Mama says I got diary of the day because I've been such a good girl! I have been exercising regularly, eating my food, being sweet and lovey, AND pretty darn patient with 'ol Frankstur!

I'm batting my eyes, I didn't think it would happen so soon! What a lucky dog I am!

You know, I gotta send a shout-out to a good furrend Mr. Ernie George. He just got diagnosed with lymphoma and we're all just achey breaky hearts about it. Here's his Dogster address if you wanna go send some lovin.

Ahhhh. It feels good to be on top! I'm the queen of the world!!!!!! Mama, does this mean I get extra lovin today? It DOES? OH GOODY! More pets for me!!!! Thanks Dogster gods! We are grateful for our pickins!


There’s nothin’ wrong with my ear!!

June 28th 2010 8:54 am
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Mom says I’ve been holding my left ear different than my right for the past 4 days. She’s afraid I got some dirt or maybe a tick in it. She’s paranoid! I’ve just been trying out a new hairdo with asymmetrical ears! Jeez, mom!

I went to the vet with Frankie and it took Mom AND Dad all their strength to hold me still, and they still didn’t do so well! BOL!!! Mom says she noticed I’ve been working out! BOL! Eventually we got it and the vet said my ears looked great! Then he squirted some stuff up my nose! Ick! Can we go now??? Jeez!!!!

AND did you see Frankie (my little brother) is THE diary pick of the day today? Woof woof! That's like three times being somewhere in the list of picks! I knew he was a prodigy! Go, Frankie!


Scrub a dub dub

June 24th 2010 9:02 pm
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I got the most thorough bath ever today! We got home from camping and Mama said we were not goin’ in the house dirty like we were! We’re furniture dogs!

Frank was first and did pretty well with his bath. He even thought it was fun sometimes! Hah! Amateur! When it was my turn I felt like I had to be brave for him so I didn’t moan and groan and cry like I usually do. Mom and Dad said I went from yellow to white! That’s champagne to you, guys!

Now I’m all fluffy and soft and white as freshly laid snow! Ahhh. I love it when my pawrents can’t take their hands off me! You can pet me more please! A little more on the rump!


Getting Comfortable

June 24th 2010 7:57 am
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You know, I think I judged camping too soon. At furrst I hated it. I didn’t know WHAT was going on! We’re hanging out outdoors, with (are you sitting down?) NO AIR CONDITIONING. What? Why? This is what I asked.

After a couple days of doing this, I think I’m getting comfy! Mom and Dad AT LEAST have a blow up mattress, so that’s MY spot! It’s the comfiest thing around here! I get to smell breezes, what lots of other people are cooking, what other people smell like, I’ve seen BUTTERFLIES…. those are so neat! Lots of birdies… it’s okay!

Today we went on a long walk and I was happy! Mama takes me on walks in the mornings but they are not as long as I am used to! I have some extra energy!

Today was very exciting, I walked in a stream in a mountain, AND I walked into an ice cold mountain river! Brrr! I didn’t swim! I’m no dummy! But Mama called me and I came to her! I’m so obedient!

I’m being admired by the people here at the campground. They think I’m really pretty, and I can’t argue with that! BOL! That makes me feel more comfy when people tell me how great I am.

Mama says we’re goin’ home tomorrow. That will be nice. We’re not allowed inside until we get baths! Ick! But, I think this time I really want one!


Reverse Skunk

June 22nd 2010 3:06 pm
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Reverse skunk doesn’t mean I smell really good. It means I have a dark stripe down my back!!! Ever since the ‘tick incident’ Mom and Dad have been wary of taking me anywhere near tall grass! I got that STUFF, that oily stuff they put on your spine? It’s supposed to repel parasites, but I swear it only makes me dirtier!

Frank is being Mr. Personable during our vacation. He’s just strutting up to everyone saying, “Hi! My name is Frank! What’s your name?” He’s such a suck up. I like people fine, especially when they tell me how pretty I am. How can I be pretty when I’m DIRTY? (sigh)

At least Frank has me. I’m keeping him from being eaten. I growl at all the doggies and tell them Frank is MY DINNER! Don’t even think about it! He can thank me later!!



June 21st 2010 9:51 pm
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We’re on vacation! We traveled a long way, over three hours! It was all highways, and anyone who knows me knows it was AWFUL! I can kinda stand interstates, but highways ALWAYS make me carsick! Lo and behold, after 3 hours I threw up in my designated throw up corner in the back seat. Ick! My tummy feels bad!

We’re camping! I’m DIRTY! When we got here I swear I was a white dog! Now I’m… brown? I prefer to call it champagne! I have been tolerant of this outdoors type stuff all day! It has been hot and not as comfortable as upholstered furniture, but it is kind of interesting!

We went on a 5 minute nature walk and when we got back to the camp site Mama exclaimed, “Joey is covered in ticks!!!!”. They went into disaster mode! They were picking little clumps of my hair out with urgency and Daddy was burning them elsewhere. Gosh! What’s the big deal?

Mom says we don’t have ticks in the desert! Who knew? We’re back in the real world! They got about 20 off of me they guess. Thanks guys! Mama says they’ll keep looking and will know about more when they get fat!

Dinner time and I didn’t want to eat. My tummy still feels kinda icky. Let’s go to bed. Can we? Please? Ahhh, the sun is setting, I think it’s bedtime! I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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